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  2. CCR PS4

    Castle crashers remastered could either be a ps now, or psn for late 2018 so PLEASE BEHEMOTH try to release it for late 2018 or early 2019
  3. CCR PS4

    I myself along with my younger brother loved playing Castle Crashers on PS3 when my brother and I were younger. I believe we were around 10 when we played and it was in all honesty, the best game we ever played. If there is a remastered version on Xbox One, why not on PS4? When you guys are done with Pit People please make a ps4 version so I can play my favorite game again.
  4. Last week
  5. We've updated the solo Furbottom's Feature in BattleBlock Theater & we've brought back Gerard for a limited time! Solo Feature The Holidays by VvBarracudavV (XBLA) The Block Mines by metz (Steam)
  6. We've updated the Arena Feature and unlock in BattleBlock Theater. Get Ms. Pump this week when you load up an online area in the game. Arena Feature: oh baby by Rested Hero (XBLA) SquaredCircelFun by Ten_Tacles (Steam)
  7. Inventory Upgrade

    Also, the whole inventory could be upgraded to unlimited as there won't be any problems with not being able to collect all of your rewards in the wild. And you wouldn't have to go back to where you previously were for that.
  8. Inventory Upgrade

    If there will be a new update following the full release of Pit People, there should be changes made to the inventory when out in the wild. I think that the healings, nitro boosters, resurrections, and recruit cages should be made unlimited so it won't be mixed in with the rewards we make doing missions out in the wild. It can be a hassle not being able to collect all of your rewards and having to go all the way back to where you were before just to collect the rest of your rewards. It would be very beneficial for all and it would really help a lot.
  9. CCR PS4

    Me and a lot of the community want castle crashers to come to ps4 I know your a small team but please show ps4 some love we just want castle crashers that's all please at least try to make it your next priority after your done with pit people please me and the community beg of you or at least give us a date you might just might work on it please I don't wanna sleep knowing I will never be able to play my favorite game ever again:( please.
  10. Castle crashers remastered

    Hi Eddie69, we already have a thread dedicated to CCR PS4 here: So I'm going to lock this one up as a duplicate. Feel free to go post in the thread linked above, though!
  11. Best Character+Weapon+Animal orb?

    Anyone wanna play it on ps3?
  12. Looking to play on ps3 2018

    I love this game no matter how old it is! Anyone who has a PSN reply with it and we can play together
  13. Nintendo Switch

    I understand that you are a small team (but WHAT a Team!). Considering the Switch huge success, I am sure that investing in it would be a good move. Especialy for Castle Crashers. PLEEEEASE!
  14. Yeah, I'm having the same exact issue and I just bought it to play with friends after it finished downloading, but when I joined the lobby, no one could see me.
  15. Castle crashers remastered

  16. Castle crashers remastered

    Castle xrashers remastered should be brought to ps4!! Would definitely buy
  17. Earlier
  18. Pit People Crossovers

    You get the Castle Crashers Knights' helmets and a Hatty helmet in pit people if you have castle crashers and battleblock theater in your library ( If you are playing on the Xbox One you'll have to purchase the remastered version of castle crashers,the Xbox 360 version won't give you the knights' helmets)
  19. We got Alien Hominid and Hatty Hattington as playable characters in Castle Crashers for owning both games abd having an achievement will we see Horatio and company in CCR? A simple yes or no from a developer would put this question to rest.
  20. Dragon Cave

    It sure has.
  21. It's been too long.

  22. Dragon Cave

    It's been a while, hasn't it?
  23. Soundtrack

    Hello together, I am very happy to tell you my contribution will be available next friday 9th of march. It will be released on my Bandcamp: But also on all other sources you might prefer, such as Itunes, Amazon and Streaming.. This is a link that puts it together more clearly: One thing I really want to mention, We all worked very hard on this for over two years (The Behemoth team even longer) .. As far as I am concerned it would be nice to give us enough time to put everything together properly and respect the piece as what it is. There is sooo much pirated youtubes and websites, that make it very hard for independent artists like me to present what we were working on for all this time. Some people say it is just to share the love, but you should consider if that means to make everything available for download on dubious (piracy) websites... This is not a game produced by a huge major company and neither the music artists nowadays can survive without having the music put properly on their channels. Hopefully we find honest people who find the music worth to buy and / or stream through the official channels. We put all efforts in to have this game rocking, spending days, nights, months to tweak everything for the biggest pleasure and make things available step by step since the early Access Release on Youtube (even for free). To re-upload content which is not yours and even make it available as downloads is causing big damage towards independent artists and it is simply not fair. I wish you all a lot of fun playing this astonishing, epic new game! As usual, The Behemoth has an amazing selection of music by a lot of different musicians, so I can only post here as myself. There is a plan that the whole soundtrack of all involved musicians will be released at some point, but I guess it will be not including all my bonus material.. All the best, Patric Catani
  24. Orange Knight Drawing

    Hi Dankee Mamme, copying the link above and pasting it into your browser will only find the image on your local harddrive, meaning it wont work for anyone else but yourself. To show it here on the forums, you can either use the "Drag files here to attach, or choose files..." button at the bottom of the posting window to upload your image directly, or you can upload your image to a hosting site such as Imgur or Photobucket and then paste that link here instead.
  25. Hello, I have found that it is not possible to complete the quest "The Botanikill Gardens" world quest if you have a team of only troll moms or if everyone dies except for your troll mom, before you can unlock the storage closet. since the troll moms movement hex in in the lower left it is not possible to move to the hex required in order to unlock the gate. also, since the troll mom occupies 3 hexes it is not possible to break in through the side wall, which is only accessible through a 1 hex passage. here is a link to the screenshot now before someone tells me that I could fail the quest and retry with a team of not only troll moms, I know this. the fact that it is possible to make a team that can not complete the quest is still no less of a bug. ~thanks
  26. Soundtrack

    You can see all the names of the composers in the game's credits
  27. Music *Spoilerish*

    Hello! I recently finished Pit People (amazing btw) and I was loving the music that comes after the everything makes sense now song (the one at the "The End" screen). And I was super happy that it keeps playing. But foolsohly I started playing the pink disc and now I have no idea how to (if it's even possible yet) play it again! I loved the music and would love to have it play in the game (even though the current music is also great). If someone could tell me if it's possible to play the music again (without going through the story again) and how to do it if it is possible.
  28. Best Knight In The Game?

    honestly i think fencer or industrialist i have every character at level 99 and have beat insane mode with them all and fencer and industrialist just rip through bosses so fast i think they are the best knights
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