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  2. I think Shovel knight should be in the game like in a update and i am sure yacht club games would not mine with permission.
  3. A magical map that reveals as you explore... it would reset with town reset/movement. This would be to help with longer exploration times, be better than poop trails.
  4. Hey all, First off, loving the game preview! Been collecting a lot of goodies. My question, is there a "default" weapon? All of the items have a numbers underneath them, indicating how many of that item you have. Certain items ("Bald" head, "Small Shield", etc.) do not have a number underneath them. These items can't be sold or traded, I call them default items. I've started a few saves and all have the same layout once I unlock the House: Heads Bald Horatiostache Pipstrella Style Yosef's Other Weapons Box Cutter the King's Scepter the Usual Shields Small Shield Farm Fence My gf started a new save (same Xbox, different profile) and had the same layout. "Bald" and "Small Shield" are the only two defaults. Yet I've talked to people (online) that have a "Pirates Papier" sword as a default weapon. Is this a thing? Should I have "Pirates Papier" in my inventory? If so, will this be fixed in the next update/full game? Thank you for reading. Love all your games
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  6. I've had an imported copy of Puyo Puyo Tetris for my Xbox One for maybe a year now and I can confirm that the game is baller.
  7. On the behemoth Page Says it is available in Chile, but there is no trace of it in the store. what do I do? Thanks.
  8. This game is amazing. Bought the early access, and I did a thing... Check it out. 😀
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  10. I've seen small increases in damage and health with levels. I'd reccomend couch co-op, it makes it a lot more fun! Co-op in general is also just a lot tougher. Other than that, messing with different team compositions in the arena versus real people can be pretty thrilling imo. I think in its current state it might be a little hit or miss for some people.
  11. I'd look for the recruiter quests. Sometimes he asks you to capture an Octoclops. If you are tasked with it, then you can see a cage over the head of anyone who has one in their party. Other than that, I would try the ocean/water biomes, I've seen them spawn on beaches and near water.
  12. will there be more customize options for thinks like the spider lady and robots and such tight now you can only change one or two things and there doesnt seem to be many unlockables for them. Also hoping there will be more creatures available for capture. This game is loads of fun.
  13. I love the humor in this game, but i had no doubt going in to the game that i'd love the humor in this game. The gameplay is really smooth and goes really well I enjoy the fights. Progress is where i develop an issue with this game so far. I feel like levels don't really accomplish or do anything beside "you went up a number". Equipment doesnt feel like it does anything either, its just cosmetic switches, maybe some element changes. Progress seems to like stagnate pretty quickly to be honest. I went to play more Pit People today and said "I'm going to play more Pit People, not that there's much of a purpose". I'm okay with grinding if it feels like i'm really getting something out of it with XP or something, but i dont really see the stats of characters increase with levels (if im just missing it and its all behind the scenes info i apologize for my ignorance) but right now i'd just be playing to farm gold and acquire cosmetic stuff from the market or just play mini Pokemon and try to catch all the enemy types. These are just my opinions, I really do enjoy the game and really want to keep enjoying it, I just wish it had a bit more to the RPG parts of it
  14. What I want from Pit People... Characters named Santa's Evil Twin Rainbow Horse horns as two space thrown projectiles More of your great humor
  15. Arent town teleporting with you? As you know town changes its location
  16. Not to give any spoilers away but I found and touched all the blue buttons in the map and got teleported to a secret area. after some dialog I did not go up to a certain character before touching some other mysterious switches and got teleported back. I hope there is a way to go back to these secret areas so I don't miss any special items.
  17. Which quest my dear friend; it would be helpful to say which quest it so makers of game can fiks the problem. Maybe you are young and that's perfectly cool! In internet eve r ything is pretty rad. And act like othe r people a r e really neat because they totally are! I dont know whe r e you live, we will neve r meet so I'm glad we were able to have a friendly interaction through this online forum! Have a nice day!
  18. I will not waste your time There must be tiny buffs and everything must have unique random points like pokemons so all Trolls will be %5 difference that randomly generated and difference will increase as they level up. Not moving buff: if you dont move you will have buff, buff will miserably increase each turn. Attacking to same guy buff: if your champion keeps fighting with same person, it will gain buff against that enemy. And buff will increase. random movespeed: Each turn all movespeeds will randomly change. It can be 0 or its value. So you move less or not move; its luck. More random damages: can be 0 damage.. Items will have random numbers. Delete old items: a button will delete 1 week old and never used items. Stab, Slash, Smash: there will be 3 melee elements and 3 type of armors for countering. Metal weak against stab, strong against slash. Naked weak smash, dodges easily from stab. Leather weak slash, strong smash. Monsters must have more weakness and resistance; Giants, Hairtrolls feels OP and some units are joke, some stuff very lame. Game doesnt feel like rock paper thing
  19. No need, we've already moved this thread, thanks! Whenever I run into a bug, I usually submit a ticket, but posting it here probably works too.
  20. that's more or less due to discord
  21. Thank you. I totally forgot that existed. I think I'll submit my problem there as well but leave this post in case anyone else has run into the same issue.
  22. Lol. I love how everyone said the forums would be alive again when the new game dropped. The forum is still dead.
  23. Sounds this would be better noticed in the Support section, so I'll move it over there for ya. There should be a way to report bugs in-game as well (maybe)...?
  24. The net is an equipable item you have to give one of your characters. It goes in the shield slot. Sofia came with one that you might have accidentally replaced.
  25. Hello behemoth! Sorry for posting this in the wrong forum, for some reason this is the only one I'm allowed to post in. I'm playing co-op with a friend and twice now a character he has captured for me and then traded to me upon returning home has disappeared and never been added to my fighters even though the mail thing shows me they've been sent. Both characters were unique characters he already had so we were thinking maybe he wasn't allowed to catch an additional one and that's why they disappeared? It was the Sultan of Shivers and Major McDynamo. Hunted for these characters for a while so it was really disappointing to catch them and still not get them.
  26. Yes, it helps. Thanks again!
  27. Hello everyone it's Dave Thought I'd finally give in a post something. The Behemoth is pretty cool I guess. Keep being awesome everyone and I'll see you around the forums. This was not a paid advertisement
  28. Add status for itens, not only aesthestic. Making diversification and progression
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