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      Update 5: Infinite Wisdom is here!   10/05/2017

        Hey everyone, We’re back with another update that really mixes some stuff up. An entirely new challenging mode, a rebalance of the entire game to go with the rework of the new leveling progression numbers, ability to do the co-op intro online, faster PVP rounds, language translations and more! With the rebalance you’ll find that your fighters are dealing even more damage as they gain experience. All balance changes are retro-active meaning you do not have to worry about starting over or starting new characters in order to experience that – they’re all dynamically applied to what you already have! Feel free to check out what we’ve changed in the list below, and as always – please leave us feedback about anything you find noteworthy. As always, the main Story (although not included in this update) is being developed alongside all these improvements we have been releasing. Check out our blog for the full changelist: http://blog.thebehemoth.com/2017/09/28/update-5-infinite-wisdom-is-here/
    • megan

      Pit People's Final Touches   11/21/2017

      It has been nearly a year since we launched Pit People on early access. This journey has been an incredible experience! We’ve built a better game thanks to all your feedback. So here’s a spicy little situation: We’ve decided that our next big drop will be the FULL version of the game! Yes, it shall be complete! You’ll be able to play through the story and find out what happens for everyone.  
        As we write this, we’re working on the last of the cinematics for the story campaign! This is the final push towards completing the game, alongside additional story quests and a new world map with bonus missions.
        Since there’s so much involved with these last steps (VO, animation, level creation, music licensing, QA testing, etc), we’re not exactly sure when everything will line up for a full release date, but we’re shooting to release within the first few months of 2018.
        Thank you again to all of the people who’ve been playing Pit People during early access and to everyone who has been sending us feedback. It has truly been invaluable and we can’t wait to share the conclusion of Pit People with you all!

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  3. CCR PS4

    PS4! Just look at how well Cat quest did and it's a small team, they boomed coming to console! We need castle crashes, with ad ons, I'll buy every freaking one, no joke. I did for steam but I can never stay connected to my friends. Friends who.. have PS4! 😍
  4. What does it Nose?! The Nose Knows! Available on BattleBlock Theater Steam for a limited time, along with this Arena Feature: "Variety Pack!" by westbrook. Our XBLA online services are down at this time. Once it's back up we'll change the unlock to this prisoner & update the Arena Feature to Hardcore Arena by QuitBig D
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  6. Custom Castle Crashers Stuff

    Oh my god, this was my 10 year old self attempting "custom characters". I had zero knowledge of Photoshop and had only ever spliced together Pokemon sprites in MS Paint. I don't know if it's good or bad, but the images seem to be long gone so I'll never be reminded of just how bad they were.
  7. What We Want In Pit People

    On the PC version can you add more controller options (ie Switch the or A and B buttons) different controller option for people that use PS4 controllers?(like pick the controller that you're using ie Xbox controller or PS4 controller) The reason I'm bringing this up is because when you use a PS4 controller the X button is B button and the O button is the A button and it just feels off then using it.
  8. Avatar Theme - First Vote

    ...so do we do this in the discord chat now? XD
  9. We've brought back the following solo playlists to Furbottom's Features since they were rotated out during the holidays. You can also get Boot when you finish all the levels! Super Heroes by edwinewe (XBLA) Hellish Hazards by SilentKnight96 (Steam)
  10. This just happend to me recently and, i try to go into settings.ini but in the settings there is nothing that says "width" and "length". This is every option: [Cinematics.1] ShowIntro = "0" [GPU.6] GPUDeviceID = "5121" GPUName = "NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960" GPUScaler = "11.000000" GPUVenderID = "4318" [Render.13] FullScreenRefresh = "60" FullscreenWindow = "0" FullscreenWindowEnabled = "1" HorizontalFOV = "100.00000" LastTDR = "1511034498" WindowedFullscreen = "1" WindowMode = "1"
  11. Alien homidid for pc

    Thanks for your interest in playing Alien Hominid! We'd love for all of our games to be on every platform, but we're a small team with limited resources so we can only focus on a couple projects at a time. Right now, those projects are Pit People for Xbox One and for Steam. Who knows what the future holds though? If we do bring Alien Hominid to PC then we'll let you guys know on our blog
  12. Strange. Could you send our support team a ticket if you're still not getting the unlocks? https://support.thebehemoth.com/hc/en-us/requests/new
  13. English (Translated by the Google Translator (Sorry if it is not translated well, do not speak English :v)) Today I bought the BattleBlock Theater and installed it and everything, but when I tried to open it, nothing happened, so I had it open as an administrator and then it came out to me: "The application was unable to start correctly (0xc000007b). Click OK to close the application" Do you know what the solution is? I already wanted to play :'v Español Hoy compre el BattleBlock Theater y lo instale y todo, pero cuando lo intente abrir no paso nada, asi que hice que se abriera como administrador y luego me salio esto: "The application was unable to start correctly (0xc000007b). Click OK to close the application" Saben cual es la solucion?, ya me dieron ganas de jugar :'v
  14. Happy 2018!

    I'm sure not much people will read this, but I just want to say Happy New Year for those that still stick around here.
  15. What We Want In Pit People

    1) the story complete 2) trading 3) be able to customize the cart where you travel 4) more secret areas
  16. Alien homidid for pc

    I am a pc gamer and I want to be able to play alien homidid hd
  17. It's ok that it changed,the problem is not even after finishing Furbottom grants the weekly unlock. And nope,no santa no unicorn for me. Sad.
  18. It happened again, this head doesn't unlock for me! What do I do?
  19. We've brought back the Final Unicorn to count down the last days of 2017! You can also play this playlist in Arena Features <3 We hope you enjoy some quality gaming this weekend and have a happy new year!
  20. We've brought back the Final Unicorn to count down the last days of 2017! You can also play this playlist in Arena Features <3 We hope you enjoy some quality gaming this weekend and have a happy new year!
  21. We've brought back the Final Unicorn to count down the last days of 2017! You can also play the Arena Features, which were lovingly made by our staff: FightForLove (XBLA) FightForOurLove (Steam) We hope you enjoy some quality gaming this weekend and have a happy new year!
  22. Ah, sorry the unlock changed today. So it would be "Final Unicorn" that gets unlocked. Did you get that one?
  23. Aw finally got the chance to go online. Still nothing! This problem occurs only after that fail-to-register gems situation,but fine afterwards except no prisoners.
  24. Battleblock Theater 2?

    If they do happen to make a sequel it would make a great breakthrough in sales if they release it for the Nintendo Switch! Especially with the fact that the switch has 2 Joycons so 2 players can play from the getgo. (Behemoth please read this)
  25. CCR PS4

    I made this account just to add that I wouokd love to see Castle Crashers come to the PS4 aswell. In fact, I used to play CC on a daily basis on the PS3, with many friends for years. I personally know of about 50 people who would buy this day one. If they were to do something truly epic, such as putting Castle Crashers and Alien Hominid Remastered on a physical disc copy for the PS4, I think it would sell like crazy. Get in touch with Limited Run Games, FanGamer, or iam8bit. I'm sure the would live to publish the physical media version.
  26. It wont launch

    If you are getting a white screen when you launch BattleBlock Theater (BBT) then it could be related to your graphics card. Please follow these steps very carefully: First Please update your Nvidia graphics drivers to the latest release and restart your computer. If your PC uses the Nvidia GeForce Experience you can update your driver there. Otherwise you can always download it from their site! http://www.geforce.com/drivers Now this may solve your problem immediately! Hurray! if not, please read on! Second You will need to temporarily disable your Nvidia graphics card so please follow these steps carefully! Open Device Manager. You can quickly find this by typing "Device Manager" in your Windows search bar. Expand "Display Adapters" Select your integrated display adapter and make sure it is set to "Enabled" (It will be whichever one is not your Nvidia Card and will probably say something like "Intel HD graphics". If you do not have an integrated graphics display adapter, stop right here and let us know so we can try something else.) Select your Nvidia display adapter and set it to "Disabled". Say yes to the warning that pops up. (Don't worry we will be turning it back on in a few steps!) Now start BattleBlock Theater. From Help & Options > Video Options set your Window Mode to Fullscreen and your Screen Resolution to whatever your monitor supports. Quit the game. Go back into Device Manager. First enable your Nvidia display adapter Then disable your Integrated display adapter. Start BBT again! If you're still having issues after that, or if you are not an Nvidia user but you are experiencing this white screen on boot, please let us know!
  27. Moving this to technical issues subforum. Support team, this was originally in the Castle Crashers subforum, so they need help for CC Steam.
  28. sound?

    From darkrai324 via email: hi thanks for helping me it fixed it i thought that it had something to do with the Microsoft direct x that the game uses
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