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  2. Nintendo Switch

    Any Behemoth game on Switch would be dope
  3. Cc XB1RM invisible lobby glitch

    Hi! We have a few suggestions that may help! First, please attempt a to power cycle your modem/router. To do this please follow the steps below. 1 .Switch off and unplug the power from your modem/router. 2. Leave both unplugged for 30 seconds. 3. Plug the power back into the modem/router and verify that you are again connected to the Internet. 4.Once you have internet go ahead and boot the game and verify if this has fixed the issue. If this does not fix the issue we have a work around that should fix this lobby issue. 1. Disconnect for your online partner and go into single player mode. 2. Make a bit of progress on a character that you have not gone through story mode with. 3. After a couple of levels save the game and attempt to connect online with your online partner. If you are still unable to clear up this issue please submit a ticket through our support site and we will troubleshoot the issue with you:
  4. What game are you playing ATM?

    Team Fortress 2, Garry's Mod, Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Castle Crashers, and PAYDAY 2 are probally the most played games in my library right now and still are.
  5. All Time Favorite Game?

    Team Fortress 2 and Garry's Mod.
  6. Castle Crasher Costumes

    The helmets were a little too big, but I like the rest.
  7. I've been a fan of the game ever since I was a kid and I am still a very big fan I have played the Xbox 360 version probably over 400 hours and now playing the Steam version If we do have an anniversary that's gonna be amazing and as a bonus I also share my birthday with castle crashers I love the game and it will always have a place in my heart Thank you for all your amazing work and also the music is great its so nostalgic
  8. Will there ever be a Castle Crashers 2?

    this is my wish ohh i play it when i am 6 years old and i play it ti now i wish the do castle crashers 2
  9. Cc XB1RM invisible lobby glitch

    There is a glitch where if I join any body else’s Cc game other players will not see me, and if we get into a game, it will infinitely say waiting for players until everyone else leaves or I leave. I’m really trying to help my friends on insane mode and this glitch is stopping me from doing so. I have tried restarting the game, restarting my console and even uninstalling and reinstalling the game.
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  11. How Many Times Have You Been Scammed In The Gift Shop?

    I only got scammed once in my life, it was way back when I was a newer player. I was having a trade and I wanted another dudes Steamroll Victim#1 head and offered my Gerar for it. We both agreed that he would give me 100 gems for my Gerar and I would give him 100 for his Steamroll Victim... Turns out he scammed me of my head and left the game That's why I never give anyone my Star Heads anymore.
  12. Anyone ever give gems, yarnballs, or heads to new or old players

    Yes, in fact for every person I meet in co-op I have to go to the gift shop and give them 100 gems just for being there and because I have way to many.
  13. For a limited time only, unlock Snail when you complete Furbottom's Features in BattleBlock Theater! This week, we've updated the Solo Feature: Dead Friend by IMPOSSABLANK (XBLA) Ambitious - Chapter 1 (Solo) by TheJArago (Steam)
  14. Not working at all

    thank you, it is finally working again
  15. Not working at all

    We may have just resolved it! Could you try again and let us know if it's working for you now?
  16. CCR PS4

    I used to play cc all the time with my best friend when i had a Xbox 360. We loved it and recently I asked one of my old friends what the name of the game was because I wanted to try to play it again. But I found out there wasnt one for the ps4. Honestly I would try to buy it right away if cc was here for ps4. I would really like it if this could happen. Thanks
  17. CCR PS4

    We actually have a topic on CCR Switch here if you wanna' go talk about it
  18. Not working at all

    I haven't had furbottoms features work on solo mode what-so-ever, the stupid thing is, is that it works on co-op, and I don't like doing co-op, is there anyway to fix this? yes I am connected to the internet, yes I am online
  19. We've updated the Arena Feature this week + we've brought back Meebs for a limited time. Just head to an online area of BattleBlock Theater to unlock this prisoner. Arena Feature: World Star Ball by thats not new (XBLA) Malice Massacre by FrozenFish37 (Steam)
  20. CCR PS4

    u guys are forgetting about switch
  21. Nintendo Switch

    Agree that your games should be on the Switch
  22. CCR PS4

    Now that pit people has been released isn’t there any chance that there will be a complete remaster for the PS4? I would be willing to buy the game day 1 and all the dlc as it comes out, please make this happen!!
  23. Battle Block On The switch

    I can't agree more. I want a switch game from Behemoth.
  24. Happy Friday! We've updated the Co-Op Feature in Furbottom's Features this week and you can unlock Hooshmand the Wise when you finish all the levels. Co-Op Feature: Cooperate by RAIDER H (XBLA) Season Theater by Syntaxxx (Steam)
  25. i think that adding castle crashers remastered to nintendo is a great idea behemoth please tell me your thoughts i really want castlecrashers remastered for nintendo
  26. Pit People Update 6b+c (Hotfix)

    A Pit People update went live on Xbox One today with a lot of improvements since the launch of the full release last month. These changes will be implemented on the Steam side in two separate parts as Update 6b (out now) & Update 6c (coming soon), so for the sake of consistency we will be calling this Update 6b+c for the Xbox One version. Note: The Xbox One update is close to 2GB. It’s a large download in part because of the changes, but mostly because we increased the resolution on all of our cinematics with this update. CHANGELIST: (Warning: last two bullet points contain *spoilers*) Update 6c changes (currently just out on Xbox One): Players with “maxed out” save slots (heavy load of recruited fighters and collectible items) had their online functionality affected. Other players were unable to see these affected players in the Pit modes and story mode. This has been fixed in this latest update. Update 6b changes: Updated finale narration with new VO Robot Judges in the Star Player mission are now correctly using electrobot voices any time they talk. Removed “Jerkimedes” name in one of the Quest Dialogue bubbles (when Horatio is speaking) Fixed Mr. Whispers Troll recruit quest – Mr. Whispers now actually wants a troll, not a cupcake. All world map Elites are now vulnerable to nitro. Fixed issue so that fighters purchased in the Marquette retain their tint color. Songs now change instantly when toggling Streamer-Friendly Music setting. Updated streamer friendly alternate tracks. *Spoiler* Fixed issue with the Mt. Olympus gate not opening. *Spoiler* Fixed a bug in Groomer Has It that prevented Hagatha from being captured.
  27. Community run game porting?

    Hi Megan and the crew at the behemoth. I understand you are a small hardworking crew, but you truely have a loyal fan base the size of a behemoth. Several threads have been answered about having your games (specifically in my case, castle crashes on Nintendo switch) being ported, and Megan usually answers with “we are a small crew”, and keeping your development focus on your next fantastic process. Totally understandable. My question is have you ever considered using the talent pool in the fan base to port existing games for you? (Under tight security of course) I can tell you right now we would jump at the chance. Myself, I am an ex animator and game producer ( is my OLD film animation demo reel, but I do 2d as well) I previously retired as a game producer after releasing “warhammer regicide” in 2016, using a tiny team of local and international coders, artists, etc. (retired due to health, not being ancient). I can schedule, manage artists, animate, find coders, deal with NDA’s, proprietary software, etc. I have even gotten tv animation pilots and projects done using volunteers at local gaming and 3D colleges where i have taught over the years.. i have about 5 hours a day at home on chemotherapy that I’m sitting around doing nothing, and have played through castle crashes AGAIN on steam. I would HAPPILY donate my time for free to get castle crashes ported professionally to the switch to play 4 players with my kids. I would only want a credit in the port. any thoughts on the matter, shoot me a message at, or post here. thanks for reading down this far!
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