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  2. Yooka Laylee.
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  4. I was trying to expand my portfolio so I decided to make an illustrated advertisement for the game. I had no intention of ever using it for anything, it was for practice/showing what i can make Didn't get any feedback on Twitter or Instagram so if you guys could give me some that would be amazing. Sorry for my giant watermark have had a lot of issues with people taking my work .
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  6. So I was wondering when we go into the arena to do our 1v1's and we go online to do it can we get a "Players Online"/"Players looking for opponents" So we know we are trying to connect to them. The screen looks kinda bland and nothing is really keeping my focus as I want to connect to people. I just want to see what other people are thinking about this idea.
  7. So I was wondering when we go into the arena to do our 1v1's and we go online to do it can we get a "Players Online"/"Players looking for opponents" So we know we are trying to connect to them. The screen looks kinda bland and nothing is really keeping my focus as I want to connect to people. I just want to see what other people are thinking about this idea.
  8. ps4

    No problem it says it in my name. I want to be a game developer too so I got to learn this stuff as soon as possible.
  9. Your XBLA features have not been updated in AGES. I'm talking about Steam, where Ampersand is the current solo feature.
  10. Are you playing on Steam or XBLA? Our XBLA features have not been updated recently due to technical issues.
  11. Does this forum still get updated? The news letter mentioned some issues with XBLA's features last time but didn't this time
  12. I re-ran a level of Ampersand (having done them all already), and did not get Hooshmand unlocked. Have you changed how that works?
  13. Puyo Puyo Tetris. That's all you need to know.
  14. We've updated the Co-Op Feature in BattleBlock Theater Steam! Play Vexing Vibrancy by Quady14 (Steam) in Furbottom's Features to unlock Hooshmand after the finale! Note: We're currently unable to update the XBLA Features at this time. Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused. We'll update as soon as we can.
  15. We've re-featured this playlist in BattleBlock Theater's Furbottom's Features! For a limited time only, unlock Hooshmand after the finale!
  16. Is any one in your party playing with a wireless connection? Are you able to play with other users?
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  18. Bought the game tonight and tried to play with friends online on Xbox One, everything was smooth while picking characters. Once we started on the map the lag was not very noticeable, but as soon as the levels started it was immediately clear that the game was practically unplayable because the lag would strike about every 3 seconds. I've done a little research and it seems like there was a similar issue with the Steam version. Is there anything that can help?
  19. Hello I'm MadBestKiller and I'm one of the top arena players for castle crashers. I truly love this game, it has a great story with excellent replay value and a decent competitive element. Im the type of player that loves fighting games and I believe the core concept castle crashers has the potential to create an epic unique fighting game respected by all. One that may be featured in Evolution aka EVO which is the biggest fighting game tournament in the world for various games. Castle crashers has an excellent base which I would like to see grow to its full potential. I can think of a few examples that would add a real competitive element to it. 1. Have each character have different juggles or combos like how the green knight has a different juggle. 2. Have in-game tutorials to show people how to combo and juggle so there's not a giant skill gap like there is in CC now. Since most people don't know how to juggle. 3. Make it so when you get knocked down, while getting up you can role up, down, left or right to try to escape your opponent. It's a bit broken that you can juggle someone for free after a knockdown if you have good timing. 4. Invincible wake up moves. These could be moved that allow you to hit your opponent while your getting up from a knocked but leave you vulnerable if the enemy blocks or avoids it. Much like a shoruken from street fighter. And you guys in behemoth can take inspiration from other fighting games but just make it your own. You guys made a great game but you should want to make that kind of game even better. You could always do that with BBT/Pit people as well. You guys don't have to make a different kind of game each time. Sequels aren't a bad thing, just down make 50 castles crashers like call of duty does. Thanks for reading.
  20. Sonic Boom Rise of Lyric. That game is a bugfest, and not a fun one either.
  21. tbh if I weren't already a fan of the series I don't think I'd be playing it right now. I miss the linear, well designed encounters and tactical depth of the previous games, but running and gunning in the multiplayer horde mode is more engaging this time. Andromeda does have a lot of good content, but to get to that you have to put up with a lot of glitches.
  22. If anyone is interested Galactic Civilization 1 is free.
  23. Im unable to access the furbottom features on my xbox 360 or xbox one (backwards compatibility). I do not have issues accessing this on steam.
  24. I'm still playing through Breath of the Wild on the Switch. Everything that needs to be said about that game has already been said, although I don't see enough praise for the environment design in it. I was totally blown away when I realized you can see just about every main objective in the game from the first tower you get to. I'm enjoying every minute I have with the game and I'm glad it's taking me so long to finish it. Yikes dude, I feel bad for ya I've been watching my roommate play it, I absolutely love the visual style and the gameplay looks really fun too. It might be the game that pushes me to buy a PS4.
  25. Mass Effect Andromeda. I don't think I've ever played a game so unpolished
  26. I am looking for 3 more knights to join me on an adventure. Here is what i have as of now: Level 15 Blue Knight with a FALCHION (even though im not supposed to have that yet) Character(s) im gunning for: Iceskimo and Cultist If you wanna join me here is my steam: donatello910 or tell me your steam name and i'll find you. Voice chat will be on.
  27. I had a dream Last knight about having castle crashers for the 3DS and then I searched it up. I would love it to be on the 3DS!
  28. After a random online 1v1 match in the pit, the game rewarded me with an absurd amount of 85 gold rewards for some reason. It added up to around 8000g. My team consisted of a human with a tiny shield and mace, a human with medium sword and heavy shield, a human with medium shield and heavy sword, a cyclops with fudgsicle (whatever the highest weapon category is called) and medium shield, and a human with baby sharks. The other player had 4 explosive ranged humans and two pairs of kobolds if that's useful.
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