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  2. Hey Shrowder, we already have a semi-active thread regarding CCR PS4 here: Going to lock this thread up as a duplicate for now.
  3. Ok, I am aware of all you guys are doing and its great, but if tou ever had enough time to make a ps4 castle crasher (doesn't have to be remastered, just for ps4) than I would seriously have many friends including myself get the game, I cherish my time in the ps3 one, but I can't play with all my other friends on ps4, even if I'd have to restart everything, I'd have one he'll of a time
  4. Does Behemoth give out details as to what may be in future updates? I have put about 60 hours in right now and am getting a little tapped out with the game if there is any information for a new patch as of July 20 2017 please let me know!
  5. I went to this page too late, I went to online and i saw all my characters were level 1 and I only had the first 4 characters. I guess I lost all of my progress when I went passed the character select page. When I check the leaderboards it still says that my industrialist is still level 54 so if I could get my progress back, that would be great. My ps3 account is WORLD_OF_DOOM_ I'm currently rank 126184.
  6. I am playing with a friend and when we go into the Bat Boss level we both somehow have different screens. We'll see the other person swinging at nothing but on our screen we see stuff. Sooooo help???
  7. I know there is a crossover with BattleBlock Theater and Castle Crashers in Pit People, but will there be ones in Castle Crashers and BattlbeBlock theater for Pit People?
  8. or is just a bonus the human gets?
  9. The sun sword those fire, a chance for aoe damage And 100% Penetration. That penetration is visible when a human holds it but not when a cyclops or gorgon holds it. I have no idea if its a bug but i did check if it was because the gorgon was overweight so that pen went away but the cyclops even when not overweight it doesn't show up. [Correct me if im wrong but i didnt see any info on effects on this type of thing] Bye :3
  10. I can definitely understand why its one of your favourites, the game is pretty damn great for a handheld title. Thanks for the heads-up about the ending, I'll definitely be keeping an eye out for anything that might alter it.
  11. Aria of Sorrow is one of my favorite games. Keep mind that there are multiple endings so if you get one that feels off you might want to look at a guide or something.
  12. I've recently gotten back into FFXIV a little. I try not to get too engrossed in MMORPGs though since I have gone a little overboard with them before. I tend to play it casually in the evenings to relax a little before bed. As for other games, I've been playing Castlevania Aria of Sorrow and Hatsune Miku Project Diva Future Tone. AoS is my first Castlevania since beating Super Castlevania IV a few years ago and I'm really enjoying it. Can't wait to beat it and try out SotN next. Project Diva FT is a pretty good rhythm game. Extreme difficulty is tough, but I'll get there eventually. Maybe I'll be able to clear this song one day...
  13. This is the only one in the series I've played, but I'm finally getting a 3DS when the New 2DS XL comes out. I'll definitely pick up 5 when it comes out and maybe a couple of others in the series.
  14. I just started playing Final Fantasy XIV. I wish I had more time for games these days, because I really love the world, and I want to get to the Stormblood stuff. I'm also playing Injustice 2, which is great. I really wish more games had the unlockable breadth that this one does. I suck at fighting games, so it gives me something to do other than be miserable online. I recently had to buy Overwatch for the second time. I had been on PS4, but for work reasons, I needed it for PC. It's a good game, but the community is getting too salty for my taste.
  15. We've updated the Arena Feature in Steam and we'll update it in XBLA as soon as we can (technical difficulties at the moment). You can also get Steamroll Victim #2 while you're in BattleBlock Theater! Arena Features: In The Air by Mr 5 Overlord (XBLA) Jump 'n Slam! by Pannox (Steam)
  16. These levels will be the Arena Feature this week (We're currently experiencing technical difficulties with updating the Arena Feature but we'll change it as soon as we can). You can also get Steamroll Victim #2 while you're in BattleBlock Theater!
  17. Play these levels in Arena Features this week. You can also get Steamroll Victim #2 while you're in BattleBlock Theater!
  18. I've been playing The End is Nigh and Nier Automata. I'm not very far in Nier yet (I spent way too much time figuring out how to even get it to run on PC); I just beat the desert area, but I'm very intrigued by the story. I'm at like 93% completion in The End is Nigh and it's been a ton of fun. Everyone compares it to Super Meat Boy, but I'd say that comparison only goes as far as the controls and general themes, the gameplay is actually structured very similarly to VVVVVV. Also both of these games (Nier and TEiN) have really great soundtracks. Nice, you played any of the other Etrian Odyssey games? I've only ever been able to play demos for a few of them but they were all super fun.
  19. nm my gloopglorp, hbu?
  20. whaddup my glipglops?
  21. This theory has been done by many people, but i thought i would join in on the fun as well. Basically this theory explains that all of Behemoth's game are in the same universe. Just in different timelines. First is Castle Crashers. It is in a medieval time where there are things such as magic and magical powers, medieval weapons, knight characters and etc exist. There a also a king and an evil wizard which the knights need to retrieve the stolen crystal the wizard has stolen. Next is Alien Hominid. This game is a lot more modern then Castle Crashers. Such as modernized vehicles, weapons and cities etc. Also there is the F.B.I and they modernized army. An alien lands on earth and have to survive the F.B.I etc. After that is Battleblock Theater. There is obstacle courses, humanized cats who can do human things, characters such as robots, human fish, unicorns and others. Hatty Hattington has been taken by the cats after a boat wreak. Then his best friends have to rescue him. At the end, Hatty's hat shoots at green laser which kills the space bear which can be seen in the "Buckle your Pants" song. Then we have Pit People. This is a sequal to Battleblock Theater. The biggest piece of evidence is that the bear from Battleblock is seen crashing into earth. Which causes major chaos on earth. A farmer has to save his son from another space bear. But runs in chaos along the way.
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  23. Just... half the music is good but the other half.... ugh. I LOVED the Castle Crashers soundtrack, still listen to it. But the here, battle music where the girl just repeats the word "time" (I think?) over and over, and the one where someone is just screaming into autotune... I literally have to mute it.
  24. The only video game I have touched in over a month is Mario Kart 8 Deluxe :/
  25. Hey there, we already have a topic about CCR on Switch here: Going to lock this thread up as a duplicate.
  26. You have to buy the Pink Knight Pack to unlock Pink Knight, he/she is not included in the Blacksmith Pack. Hatty Hattington is unlocked by also purchasing BattleBlock Theater on Steam (for the same account you own Castle Crashers on)
  27. Can't believe I didn't see these sooner, great job! I got pretty into Warframe about a year ago but dropped off after a few months. I still log back in every now and again for a few missions, though. Rhino 4 lyf.
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