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  3. The Behemoth Theory :o (Contains Spoilers)

    Ok the 4th game is out now and I’d like to share my theory. I think the timeline is actually in chronological order. I think it makes sense because even though castlecrashers appears to be in a much earlier or post apocalyptic timeline I think it can be explained simply by the fact that this is a fictional earth, and the behemoth can do whatever they want to it. In pit people we can clearly see the differences in cities as places like the Pip’s castle seams mideavel while the Jerkdome seams to be very technologically advanced. I think it’s entirley possible that this is how earth has been for quite some time now and after honey hug crashed into the earth these locations remained unharmed after all the bear only did damage to the buildings it landed on. So the bear only destroyed a few things and most of the apocalypse is the chaos from the creatures. So if we go by what I’ve previously stated the location of castle crashes could be in a completely separate part of earth maybe even a different continent. I think alien hominid faught the end boss and he didn’t die and instead was captured later on. Then the aliens came back to earth and captured the castle crashers. After the knights return the crystal someone else steals it and uses is magic to curse the hat and brought it off to battle block island. Years after this the war from catsle crashes has ended and four friends from a different location in the world sail off to battle block island and follow their best friend hatty into the theater. Hatty now is wearing the hat. I would like to point out that time travel is definitely possible as their is time travel in one of the bonus missions not to mention the speckled horse wishes. Either way after harry is thrown into the ocean and launches the laser into space. The laser hits alien hominid who’s flying to earth to check up on the aliens from castle crashers who’s mission had failed after they all died in the crash. It then hits honey hug who lands on earth causing chaos. I also think that battle block theater is a true story that happened when I said it did but the game is after the events of pit people. At the end of battle block theater the narrater rambles on about how he gets it. Almost as if he’s connecting the dots of what happened with the laser to why the bear crashed into to earth in that time period.
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  5. Nintendo Switch

    I’ve loved castle crashers ever since it came out and it would be AMAZING if it came out on the switch, and I really hope it does
  6. GT: IMPOSSABLANK Playlist Name: The Hat Trials So I've had some time to make a new solo playlist! Okay maybe 3 years was a bit long but look! Levels! This new playlist (for xbox players) is called "The Hat Trials" and took me about a month of mostly active build time to create. I consider it my best playlist. The playlist includes lots of interesting platforming (a lot of hard platforming if you aren't very experienced), a few tricky puzzles, and lots of originality (as far as I know). This is a playlist that I am very proud of and I hope you guys enjoy it. If you like it you could always check out my other playlists, such as my partially rushed solo adventure "Selgnirp" or my featured playlist "Dead Friend". if only they still featured levels ._.
  7. I’ve been inactive for the past few years, but I made a new BBT playlist!  “The Hat Trials” is the first playlist I’ve released in 2(?) years so go check it out :)

  8. CCR PS4

    Created an account just to say that my family and I LOVE CastleCrashers and I really think it should be put in PS4. I don’t even care if it’s remastered, just plop it on PS4 so we can play! We had it on 360, but we rarely play it and not all of our controllers for it work anymore. Not worth replacing. We would, however, like to play this particular game again.
  9. So, during the last fight scene (I believe) of Mt. Olympus, I attempted to bounce Pipistrella off of one of my gnomes onto a launch pad. In doing so, Pit People is attempting to load indefinitely. I, unfortunately, can't figure out how to convert the image from my camera roll into URL (I'm using my phone since I have the game on the Xbox One). Anyways, thanks for looking into this!
  10. XBOX 360 WHO HAS THE 2x4!?

    It’s the only weapon I need and I’m playing on a 360 and I don’t know how many people still play it who have it but it would help me out a lot of someone who has it could link up with me and trade let me know what your Gamer Tag is and we can crash the castle together and I can get the 2x4!
  11. CCR PS4

    Castle crashers remastered could either be a ps now, or psn for late 2018 so PLEASE BEHEMOTH try to release it for late 2018 or early 2019
  12. CCR PS4

    I myself along with my younger brother loved playing Castle Crashers on PS3 when my brother and I were younger. I believe we were around 10 when we played and it was in all honesty, the best game we ever played. If there is a remastered version on Xbox One, why not on PS4? When you guys are done with Pit People please make a ps4 version so I can play my favorite game again.
  13. We've updated the solo Furbottom's Feature in BattleBlock Theater & we've brought back Gerard for a limited time! Solo Feature The Holidays by VvBarracudavV (XBLA) The Block Mines by metz (Steam)
  14. We've updated the Arena Feature and unlock in BattleBlock Theater. Get Ms. Pump this week when you load up an online area in the game. Arena Feature: oh baby by Rested Hero (XBLA) SquaredCircelFun by Ten_Tacles (Steam)
  15. Inventory Upgrade

    Also, the whole inventory could be upgraded to unlimited as there won't be any problems with not being able to collect all of your rewards in the wild. And you wouldn't have to go back to where you previously were for that.
  16. Inventory Upgrade

    If there will be a new update following the full release of Pit People, there should be changes made to the inventory when out in the wild. I think that the healings, nitro boosters, resurrections, and recruit cages should be made unlimited so it won't be mixed in with the rewards we make doing missions out in the wild. It can be a hassle not being able to collect all of your rewards and having to go all the way back to where you were before just to collect the rest of your rewards. It would be very beneficial for all and it would really help a lot.
  17. CCR PS4

    Me and a lot of the community want castle crashers to come to ps4 I know your a small team but please show ps4 some love we just want castle crashers that's all please at least try to make it your next priority after your done with pit people please me and the community beg of you or at least give us a date you might just might work on it please I don't wanna sleep knowing I will never be able to play my favorite game ever again:( please.
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  19. Castle crashers remastered

    Hi Eddie69, we already have a thread dedicated to CCR PS4 here: So I'm going to lock this one up as a duplicate. Feel free to go post in the thread linked above, though!
  20. Best Character+Weapon+Animal orb?

    Anyone wanna play it on ps3?
  21. Looking to play on ps3 2018

    I love this game no matter how old it is! Anyone who has a PSN reply with it and we can play together
  22. Nintendo Switch

    I understand that you are a small team (but WHAT a Team!). Considering the Switch huge success, I am sure that investing in it would be a good move. Especialy for Castle Crashers. PLEEEEASE!
  23. Yeah, I'm having the same exact issue and I just bought it to play with friends after it finished downloading, but when I joined the lobby, no one could see me.
  24. Castle crashers remastered

  25. Castle crashers remastered

    Castle xrashers remastered should be brought to ps4!! Would definitely buy
  26. Pit People Crossovers

    You get the Castle Crashers Knights' helmets and a Hatty helmet in pit people if you have castle crashers and battleblock theater in your library ( If you are playing on the Xbox One you'll have to purchase the remastered version of castle crashers,the Xbox 360 version won't give you the knights' helmets)
  27. We got Alien Hominid and Hatty Hattington as playable characters in Castle Crashers for owning both games abd having an achievement will we see Horatio and company in CCR? A simple yes or no from a developer would put this question to rest.
  28. Dragon Cave

    It sure has.
  29. It's been too long.

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