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      Update 5: Infinite Wisdom is here!   10/05/2017

        Hey everyone, We’re back with another update that really mixes some stuff up. An entirely new challenging mode, a rebalance of the entire game to go with the rework of the new leveling progression numbers, ability to do the co-op intro online, faster PVP rounds, language translations and more! With the rebalance you’ll find that your fighters are dealing even more damage as they gain experience. All balance changes are retro-active meaning you do not have to worry about starting over or starting new characters in order to experience that – they’re all dynamically applied to what you already have! Feel free to check out what we’ve changed in the list below, and as always – please leave us feedback about anything you find noteworthy. As always, the main Story (although not included in this update) is being developed alongside all these improvements we have been releasing. Check out our blog for the full changelist: http://blog.thebehemoth.com/2017/09/28/update-5-infinite-wisdom-is-here/
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      Pit People's official release date: March 2, 2018   02/21/2018

        That’s right, Pit People has officially received its final touches and has a release date. On Friday, March 2nd, Pit people will be available for both Steam and Xbox One! You can pick it up early right now even, and watch it in your library, transforming before your very eyes!
      For those of you who already have the early access copy of Pit People, thank you for being part of our game development journey! Our Early Access period lasted a total of 409 days. That’s one of the fastest records in Early Access history (no need to fact check this, it’s probably right)! So what’s in the thing? The Story is completed, cinematics and all, along with a whole new World Map with 15 additional bonus missions. There’s been a lot of balancing, polish, and ‘quality of life’ features ‘n tweaks to go along with it! Definitely our largest changelist to date. If you want to see it in its official officialness, please check out our launch post on March 2nd!


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    Hey everyone, once I arrived at college I picked up a new hobby, chalk art. I wanted to share with you all some of my chalk "doodles". Also below is an article from my school paper that I was featured in for my chalk art, which was pretty cool! Article: http://www.dailyutahchronicle.com/2014/11/10/chalk-boy-feature/ Street Squid: The Boy and the Frog: Space Bear's Voyage: Happy Halloween: The Dance of the Bagel: Emotional Outburst: Mrs. Pac: Always Wear Your Shellmet: And finally, just me drawing:
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    Okay, so this is my third ever thread, and in this one I'm gonna do something a little different. Instead of dedicating huge portions of time (which I can no longer do with school coming up) I wanted to do a little side project that will help me regularly pump out images and help hone my artistic skills. Ask me to draw... anything. If it's a random thought, something you just saw, ANYTHING... and I will draw it as fast and as humerously as I can. This spontaneous drawing is really helping me with creativety, so the more suggestions, the better! Note that these drawings will most likely look awful and lack both colour and detail. Enjoy! You will see things like this:
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    Well I'm getting offline to make a sandwich, just thought I'd make a thread to let you guys know I won't be around for the next 5 minutes or so. Heck, I might even go to the bathroom while I'm up. It was nice knowing you guys, but this is what I need right now. Don't miss me too much! I'll be back before you know it!
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    Hello again, after much deliberation I have decided to do something more with my art, so I'm going to design a game. The purpose of this thread is to get your opinion during development to make it better. I'm looking to publish this on newgrounds, and it won't be perfect as it is my first game. I'll start with a level design sketch I did to start. The idea me and my pals have come up with is Jacob, a small boy, who stumbles upon a smoothie machine on a very hot day. The other kids are jealous however, and want a share in the delicious drink. It is your job to defend the mountain using a variety of weapons and upgrades. This sketch is of the mountain level.
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    Hello there, the name's Dan Been drawing for years now, and I'd like to share my stuff. My style has developed from admiring Dan Paladin's art from a young age, and I'm finally in the stage where I am creating original drawings Something I've never gotten into and would like to get into is taking request. Nonetheless I will share my own spontaneous creations with all you all Here are a few examples of my work
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    Welcome to... Star Head Progress: 64 of 64 COMPLETE! Star Heads Pluto Alien Hominid Fat Kid FBI Agent 1 FBI Agent 2 Thief The King Rammy Giraffey Castle Crasher Barbarian Swamp Bro Troll Toast Jonny Four Duck Shark Turkey Santa Cyber Monday Winston Ms. Pump Rose Groundhog Buckle Your Pants Furbottom Boot Toothbrush BLOCKeteer Siren Mr. Bobbins Snail Wheels Cat Control Hooshmand the Wise Snakeface The Final Unicorn Hatzilla BOOM! Mr. Peabody Lava Lamp Gerard I See You Manbirth Peeps Donuts Scuba Steve Paul Sausage 25% Off 50% Off The Nose Knows Moose Little Feets The Monster The Dad Meebs Stubby Steamroll Victim #1 Steamroll Victim #2 Cecil Triple Threat Tiny Monkey Behemoth Chicken Tiny Cyclops So do you like it? If you do, BUCKLE YOUR PANTS!
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    Was cleaning up my computer files and found this old project, then realised i never posted it here! So here are the official knights alongside my designs for 12 new knights. I did have a doc somewhere that listed details and info about each new knight. If I find it I will post it, otherwise for now their type/skills are open for interpretation
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    Pit People – by The Behemoth The Pit is the place where our story’s heroes get a fresh start in life! It’s basically what you and I know more commonly as an arena. As you may remember from our announcement trailer, the story starts off right as the giant bear from space shattered the planet… Through the chaos, Horatio, Pipistrella, Yosef, Sofia, and Gluten have found each other. They’ve formed a team to conquer each untimely obstacle. Pit People was the name written on the original concept sketch that started it all. Every interaction took place in an arena. Over time, adventuring became a big part of the game. However, a key moment in the story now occurs in the Pit, and so the name remained! In the end, we’re in the beginning!!!!!!!!!! Oh! Now that we have a name we can have a website!!!!! Look at it!!!!!!! Join us in the Pit!
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    Added by The Behemoth -- We're moving this AWESOME thread over from our Closed Beta Forums to our main Forums. Most of this information should still be accurate, but please be aware this was originally written for our Beta. We hope this helps our burgeoning level creators to get their feet wet!! Thanks to ElTipejoLoco and RJP! for putting this reference together. The Behemoth <3s you! - Lindsay @ The Behemoth ----------------- As is, the Level Editor's built-in manual isn't really comprehensive of what all each function of the editor does. So, for the sake of the game (and for peeps who don't want to experiment), here's a list of features and objects, sort of organized! BEFORE WE BEGIN Remember that uploading a playlist will delete it from your Storage! If you wish to be able to edit a level in the future, keep a spare copy in another playlist! I'll go over how to do this once we get to the actual editor's save option. BEFORE WE BEGIN Diagram: Super Informative Easy-to-Understand Jump and Throw Distances Astound your pals with surgical-precision jump puzzles and hurdles using these to guide your design process! courtesy of RJP! Main Menu Create Level Choosing Create Level will prompt you to pick a Storage option, followed by setting the maximum size of the level. The default size is 30x20, but you can make them as small as 15x10, or as large as 40x30. Load Level Choosing Load Level will prompt you to pick a Storage option, and then list any playlists contained therein. Choose one to bring up the 15 level slots it can contain, and then pick whatever level you wish to load. Press the Left Bumper at any step of this process to view the controls. Playlist Editor Choosing Playlist Editor will prompt you to pick a Storage option, and then list any playlists contained therein. Choose one to bring up the 15 level slots it can contain. Press the Left Bumper at any step of this process to view the controls. Pressing Y will Upload the playlist, removing it from your Storage in the process. You can Reorganize the levels if you have more than one in the selected playlist- select a level with A, and then use either the Directional Pad or the Left Stick to move it to a different slot. Lastly, you can Delete levels from your playlist by pressing the X button when the level is highlighted (not selected). Level Editor GUI How to Play: Level Editor Manual Press the Back button at any point on this screen to view the Manual- which can also be accessed from the Help & Options menu on the title screen. Navigate the pages via either the Right Trigger and Left Trigger, or simply by pressing A to view the Next Page. Pressing the Back button again, B, or A at the last Tip about Level Cloning will Close the manual. Block Palette Press and hold the Right Trigger to open up the Block Palette. Blocks and Decorations Block. Cloud. Can jump up through and stand on 'em. Some Weapon Tools and Objects fall right through. Burning. Harmless on its own. Bounces you off. Ice. Acceleration and momentum are silly on this. Sticky. Can't jump well or move fast on top o' them, but can slide down their sides and jump off a good ways horizontally. Shaggy Horse. Turns horizontally when it meets anything on its path that stops it. Floats left and right. Fake. Enemies and Weapon Tools treat it as real. Prisoners move right through, though. Arrow Sign. Bushes and Pine. Traps Water. Friends and Friend-sized cats die on it. Spikes. Ditto about water. Laser. Fires periodically. Ditto about water. Splodey. Harmless on its own, respawns. Teleporter. Randomly sends you to a different Teleporter on the map when jumped into. Regarding Teleporter Usage/Blockage. Click for details. Conveyor. Things on top o' these are moved to where their belts are facing. Enemies seem to ignore these. Movey. Moves in random, mostly unpredictable directions. Can crush prisoners. Spring Plank. Stand still on it to be launched. Triggered Blocks Monkey Bars. Press and hold RT to climb on 'em. Light Bridge. Creates a bridge of transparent blocks when pressed down. The blocks are harmless, but will be interrupted by obstacles. Moveabley Tube? Can be grabbed from the left or right sides by pressing and holding RT and moved around. When let go, it will remain floating in place. Have no idea if it does anything else. Switch. Activates Triggered Blocks with ! signs on 'em, making them vanish. Color coded. Use the Right Stick to match the color with the Triggered Blocks or Lifts you wish to activate. Triggered Block. Appears while Switch is pressed. Color coded. Use the Right Stick to match the color with the desired Switch. Rocket-powered Lift. Stand on to activate. Runs out of juice after a while. Triggered Lift. Takes off while Switch is pressed. Runs out of juice after a while. Color coded. Use the Right Stick to match the color with the desired Switch. Puzzle. Increases the count displayed on adjacent Puzzle blocks by one when touched. Disappears when all adjacent Puzzle blocks display the same count (represented by lit horizontal bars). A Puzzle block with no other Puzzle blocks adjacent to it will simply disappear when touched. Fan. Blows. Hard enough to lift or push a friend. Its color depends on its facing. When facing left, right, or downwards, the little switch on top of it toggles it on and off. The default setting is On. When facing upwards, has its switch on its underside. Cats Friend Sized. Attack prisoners on sight. Weapon Tool Equipped Friend Sized. Stand in place and attack periodically. Default to melee when prisoners are right next to 'em, though. Toaster. Indefinitely spawns aggressive Toast. Pairs of Toast will sandwich you. Cyclop Robot? Fires homing missiles on sight. Can be deactivated for a short time by explosions, such as those of homing missiles. Is mostly unaffected by block surfaces. Antlered Beast? Wakes up and gives chase when in proximity. Can only be killed by saws. Don't stay even a block adjacent from it! Is affected by the Burning block surfaces (will bounce off them) and can jump a little wider than a Horse can. Flying Patrol Ball? Gives chase when in proximity. Can be downed and destroyed by several airborne spike attacks from prisoners. Attacks with repulsing-energy-balls. Is mostly unaffected by block surfaces Saws. Travel horizontally on whatever surface they're stuck to. Are big enough to trigger Light Bridge, Switch, and Puzzle Block surfaces when placed near them. Turret. Needs to be placed on another block. Fires a slightly arcing horizontal shot from one side, then the other. Things Horse. Place this for Catch The Horse games, or to ride them in other modes. Horses can be called! Cry with LT to beckon your animal friends hither. Horses can be ridden and attack! Use X to attack with the forelegs, and B to attack with the hindlegs. Rock. Can be picked up with RT and thrown with B. You can stand on it, but can't jump while carrying it. Boat. Push and Pull with RT. Has seating for two. Duck. Can choose eggs or signs. Signs tell the duck to do things, like dying when facing right, or picking up prisoners (pretend it's a friend holding RT). Flight Back-attachments. Wings, Copters, and Rockets. Cyclop Birds. Cute, harmless. Warning Signs. Decorative. Block lasers. Essentials Strawberry/Gems. Strawberry/Gem toting Cat. Strawberry/Gem in Fake block. Pumpkin Pie/Yarn. Cage. If you don't place this, the starting position is random. Checkpoint Flag. The color of the block can't be changed from Block Color 1. Exit. Optionals Team Starting Points? Pre-colored Color The World blocks? King of the Hill. Ball Spawn. Basket. Horse Stable Base. Secret Level Block. These look like ordinary blocks in play. The color of the block can't be changed from Block Color 1. Any Prisoner standing on this will take them and all their Friends present to a playlist's Secret Level. Paint whatever type of block you've selected by pressing A. Keep A held down to paint multiple blocks as you move the cursor around with the Left Stick or Directional Pad. Some blocks will change from Block Color 1 and Block Color 2 when 'repainted' with the A button with the same type of block. Erase whatever block your cursor's hovering over by pressing B. Keep B held down to erase multiple blocks as you move the cursor around with the Left Stick or Directional Pad. Zoom In by pressing and holding the X button. Zoom Out by pressing and holding the Y button. Use the Right Stick to either Change A Block's Facing (i.e.- arrow signs, spike blocks, lasers...) or to Cycle Through Different Block Sub-types (i.e.- bushes and pines, switches, ducks...) of certain block types. Pressing and releasing the Right Trigger (without moving the Left Stick / Directional Pad) will 'Eyedropper Clone' whatever your cursor was highlighting so you can paint more of it, save for a few exceptions of the which only one should exist on the map, such as the Cage. If you have two or more controllers on and connected to your Xbox 360, you can have multiple 'block brushes'! Press the Start button on your additional controllers to spawn their cursors. Your additional block brushes can even be affected by their own Mirroring Modes from the Colors & Options Menu. Colors & Options Menu Press and hold the Left Trigger to open up the Colors & Options Menu. Select your mirroring mode. None. Horizontal. A block on the left will create one on the right, and vice-versa. Vertical. A block on the bottom will create one above, and vice-versa. Horizontal and Vertical. A block in one corner will create three more in the others. Set the block style. Smoothy. Bricky. Tetrady. Woodeny. Shaggy/Grassy. Stringy. Blocky. Pedestaly. Rocky. Royaly. Ignores colors. Dark Bricky. Ignores colors. Girdery. Ignores colors. Fancy. Ignores colors. Dark Blocky. Ignores colors. Crumbly. Ignores colors. Royal Fancy. Ignores colors. Maximum Security. Ignores colors. Set block color 1. Choose from 30 colors. Set block color 2. Choose from 30 colors. Set the water color Choose from 30 colors. Set the plant color. Choose from 30 colors. Set the sky color. Choose from 28 gradients. Set the background. Plus Signs over a City. Cumulus nimbus (Clouds). Stars over a Cloud-shaped Hill. Circles over a Bubble-Bath-shaped Hill. Happy Fruits over Cutlery. Plain 'dark rainbows'. Fish and Flowers over More Flowers. Planets, Satellites, and Stars over Whipped Clouds. Ice Cream and Bones over Skulls. Noxious Fums over Viney-Pillar Ruins. Theater Wall. Nada (Zilch, Zip, Nothing... other than the gradient). Set the level mode. Adventure. Color The World. Grab The Gold. Soul Snatcher. King of the Hill. Muckle. Capture The Horse. Challenge. Ball Game. Set the A++ time. (Only for adventure & challenge) 1:15 is the default, but you can choose from 0:15 seconds to 4:30 minutes. Start Menu Press the Start Button to open the Start Menu. You can Cancel out of every single option in 'ere, either via the Cancel option or by pressing the B button. Resume Editor Closes the Start Menu. You can press B or Start again on the menu to do the same. Test Level Lets you start up the level. If it's an Arena game, it will add a bot to help you in testing. Exit the level by either winning or opening up the Start Menu. Load Level The game will prompt you to Save or Discard your changes before it runs you through the loading process. Reset Level Pretend that this is a Create Level button, except it prompts you to Save or Discard your changes beforehand. Edit & Upload Playlist Same thing as outside the GUI. Y to upload playlist + delete from storage, X to delete a level, A to reorganize. Save Level If you have yet to create a playlist, the game will prompt you to create one. Name it, and then name your level. To create a copy of your level in another playlist, choose Create New Playlist or cycle left or right to a different playlist, and save your level. Remember: Keep a spare copy playlist somewhere 'fore you upload! If you want to just clone your level in a single playlist, you must change its name upon saving. Exit Level Editor Prompts you to Save or Discard changes, then boots you out of the Editor and into the title screen. Help & Options Brings up the Help & Options menu. Testing Your Level in Co-Op To test out a cooperative stage without uploading your playlist to the BBCT (BattleBlock Community Theater), just follow these steps, starting on the Title Screen: Choose Local Game if you're going to be playing with a BBT Beta friend who is within arm's reach, or if you have a second controller signed in as a Guest. They will become Prisoner 2, Prisoner 3, and/or Prisoner 4 if they're not signed in with a Gamertag.Juggling multiple controllers is hard. I'd recommend not really playing by yourself as two peeps at all. Kudos to you if you manage it, though. Choose Xbox LIVE Game if you're going to be playing with one or more friends who are far away, on their own Xbox 360s. They'll need to be in the BBT Beta, of course. Choose Host Player Match if you're starting an Xbox LIVE Game. Choose Furbottom's Features. Choose Community Theater. Choose either Normal or Insane Mode. Choose Playlists I Created (third option from left-to-right). Choose the Storage wherein your desired playlist is located. Choose said desired playlist. If you're starting an Xbox LIVE Game: The game will warn you that you can only play in a Private match since you haven't uploaded the playlist. This just means peeps can't Search for your game on their own. That's normal, accept. Customize your Performer(s). You're ready! Invite your friends if you're on Xbox LIVE Game (use the X button as a shortcut to bring up your dashboard's friend list, and then the X button as a shortcut to invite them) and ready up with the A button. Enter the level(s) you wish to test with Y!Your friends might choose to be ridiculous and try to enter other stages. Remember: They're living people! Use Xbox LIVE's party system or the like to communicate with 'em. Or Skype, or Mumble, or whatever floats your boat! It's perfectly possible (and sometimes hilariously fun) to attempt wordless communication and cooperation. Try it out! Peeps that play your Co-Op levels might not always be talkin' to their partners, after all. Creating an Adventure-type Playlist An Adventure-type Playlist consists of the following: 10 Adventure Mode Levels 5 Challenge Mode Levels Divided up as follows: Levels 1-9 constitute the three trios of doors that make up Acts 1 through 3. These should be Adventure Mode levels. Levels 10 and 11 function as the two-level Finale. These should be Challenge Mode levels. Levels 12-14 will make up the Encore levels. These should also be Challenge Mode levels. Level 15 becomes a Secret Level, accessed by players standing on a Secret Block in one (or more) of the previous 14 levels. This should be an Adventure Mode level. If you want your Adventure-type Playlist to have higher chances of becoming Featured in Furbottom's Features, thus turning all contained Strawberries and Pumpkin Pie into Gems and Yarn, follow these suggestions: Make sure to place at least three (3) Strawberries and one (1) Pumpkin Pie in your each level. Neglecting to do so makes it so players cannot obtain an A++ rank. Similarly, test your levels temporarily as Challenge Mode stages (or pay close attention to checkpoints) to adjust the A++ rank time slider accordingly.If your level is prone to randomness, consider increasing the time above the 1:15 default. If your level is very simple, consider lowering the time to keep it challenging. Make sure your Adventure/Challenge level is winnable. If you can't beat the level without dying (as if you were playing on Insane Mode), it might not be Feature-worthy. When uploading your Adventure Playlist, you will be prompted to choose whether it is intended for Solo performances or for multiple performers:If your Playlist is intended for Solo Players, it will only be found under Local Game>Furbottom Features>Community Theater. If your playlist is intended for Co-Op, it can be found in either Local Game or Xbox LIVE Game>Furbottom Features>Community Theater. Hope this helps peeps.
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    Happy Friday, everyone! We're starting the weekend off swimmingly with new forum moderators! But first, thank you to all of the community members who took the time to apply. We only had a need for two new mods, but we really value everyone in the forums. If we have another search, we encourage you to apply again! After going through all the applicants, we narrowed it down to two qualified individuals who have shown us their ability to be well-spoken, level-headed, mature, positive & friendly, and just all-around great guys in the forums. As of today, we knight Vinchenzo and GoldenGhost. We dub thee Mod Level 1! Please join me in congratulating them <3 May your moderating be just, fair, and swift.
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    Oh! It seems you've guided your little cursor to a realm full of sovereign- *cough* I mean.. Art. Click the little pictures below as I curate your time on my thread. December 17, 2014 Bill Murray: WIP
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    So, if any of you remember (or saw) my last post, you know that I've been working almost constantly on a stained glass window for my school. Well I'm excited to show you all what I have finished. The first half is up in the school and I'm currently making my way towards finishing the second half, below are some pictures of what I have done! Enjoy! The first half is 4 feet wide by 4 feet tall and 241 pieces of glass, overall it was about 100 hours of work.
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    I would spend my time on an island with this amazing character that makes me laugh. I Dedicate this to the behemoth.
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    The Forgotten Knight's Insane Mode Guide The most accurate guide on the internet. Guaranteed For all those Gold Skull Collectors Forward After playing with many skilled and not so skilled players in Castle Crashers I’ve decided to comprise this guide to help beginners and veterans alike in completing the challenge of insane mode. Beating this difficulty is signified by a gold skull in place of the white one earned for beating normal mode on the selection screen. Legitimate gold skulls are few and far in between. Many of us beg the question, Why settle for simply beating the game when you can prove you’re great at it? How to know when you’re ready. Insane mode is always done best with friends and just because you’ve beaten the game doesn’t mean you or your valient circle of knights are anywhere near ready to handle the grueling challenge about to be faced. My general rule of thumb is to never use a character for insane mode until they are either level 40 or have a full defense bar. Defense is the most important stat to have because it is the only thing that will allow you to stand toe to toe with enemies dealing anywhere between 200-300+ points of damage per hit. The reason I consider level 40 to be the best level to start insane mode with is because even if you lack a full defense bar your other stats should be high enough to compensate for this weakness. It also means that by the time you reach the end of the map your character should be well into 60s or 70s by then. Strategies The best thing you can bring to insane mode is a friend. Why let the enemy hit you when they can hit someone else? Remember it is important to note in your strategy that the number of enemies will increase when you have 3 or more players and the health of Bosses will increase per player in the party i.e. Bosses will have more health against four players than they would against one, two, or thee. There are two main methods of combat used for getting through insane mode; Arrow Spamming and Melee Comboing. Both have strengths and weaknesses. Magic should not be relied on as a primary attack method but instead as a support role to prevent players from being overwhelmed in battle. The enemies on insane mode require too many hits for the magic bar to sustain consistently. “Mage” characters will always be the first to die on insane. 1.) Arrow Spamming A maxed out agility bar will allow your arrows to fly straight and true as you send out a suppressive field of fire down the line. This is good for keeping scores of enemies at bay while preventing them from hitting you. It is particularily useful against enemies with Tornado Magic and the Corn Boss. This strategy is most effective with more people doing it. There are some downsides to arrow spamming as well. If you are shooting down the line of a melee fighter on your team it will often do him more harm than good. Arrows will always cancel out a melee attack and this can prevent melee fighters from being able to perform combos or finish their moves, it will also stop them dead in their tracks since they are no longer hitting anything. Often the result will be an enemy coming from behind and hitting your ally. This can also end up with your teammate surrounded by a group of enemies since he is not pushing them away or your arrows are knocking them behind him. Arrow spamming will also take the longer to kill an enemy than melee fighting will. The reason being because you can only hit the closest enemy directly in front of you, leaving those behind him free to move around and change positions. This alternates who gets hit and who doesn’t and results in each enemy only receiving a little amount of damage before switching out with someone else. The biggest downfall for arrow spamming is the fact that it only works on half the bosses. Many of the bosses in this game move erratically and don’t stay along the same line long enough for this tactic to be of any help and there are others who have resistance against projectile attacks. Arrow spamming is also weak against enemies who perform magic or other unorthodox attacks. Archers will find difficulty fighting Periwinkles, Fire Demons, Royal Guards, Dark Minions, Scarabs…ECT…ECT. 2.) Melee Comboing It is my preferred method of fighting on insane mode. I’ve tried both and I’ve found this one to be the most effective all around for standard enemies and bosses. Comboing with full strength does more damage per hit than arrow spamming and it also allows you to hit the same enemy more often as well as hit multiple enemies at once. The downside to comboing is that it will put you in the thick of battle and result in you being hit more often. For those of you who don’t know how to combo simply hit X and A at the same time, push forward into your enemy and hit X,X,Y. This works for all characters except the Green Knight, who has a unique Y attack. For more advanced comboing techniques please view Fenix's Definitive Guide to Everything Melee. Equipment It is important to be very selective of the weapon you are bringing to insane mode; often it will make the difference between life and death. Choosing a weapon to aid one of your weaker stats is good but one that will keep you alive is even better. The more damage you do the greater chance you have of surviving but it is important to remember what type of enemy you will be fighting in each level and adapt accordingly. Enemies such as Fire Demons will use magic heavily and require you to move faster in order to dodge these attacks. The following are all weapons I use myself. 1.) Wooden Club: It provides +5 Strength and +5 Defense as well as a Critical Hit bonus. It takes away -5 Agility but agility is only needed on certain levels. The Wooden Club offers a long reach that is good for juggling enemies in the air and is the best weapon in the game for overall. Many people mistake the Golden Sword in the King Pack DLC as the best weapon for strength but it will only provide +2 damage to attacks over the Wooden Club. The Critical Hit and Defense bonus are what make the Wooden Club a superior weapon. For decreasing the effects of the negative agility stats Scratchpaw or Meowburt are recommended. 2.) Black Katana: Aka the Necromancer/Evil Sword. This weapon is often thought to be the best weapon in the game for Defense and technically it is. Thanks to Awwner 5 we've found that the Black Katana with its +7 Defense only provides 50 extra HP points over the Wooden Club's +5 Defense. What this means is that you will only be able to take one extra hit of damage in combat. On insane mode this will not make a difference. The benefits of the Wooden Club far out weigh those of the Black Katana and I will recommend it every single time over this weapon. In terms of Defense they are practically the same. 3.) Sai and Black Mace: If your main method of attack is arrow spamming then these two weapons are what you want. Both provide +6 Agility which will increase the amout of damage you do with each arrow. It is up to you which weapon to use as each comes with their own bonus. Combined with Meowburt the Black Mace and Sai are the best ways to maximize your arrow spam efficency. The Black Mace aka Skeletor Mace does +6 Agility as well as -2 Strength and +3 Defense. The Sai will give you +6 Agility, -2 Defense and a Critical Hit bonus. Although it is rare, you can still preform a critical hit with an arrow. 4.) Bombs are also useful to take. They deal a good amount of damage to bosses and provide an escape when you are being overwhelmed by large groups of enemies. 5.) Sandwiches are also useful when surrounded by regular enemies but are weak against projectile attacks and other Beefys. They can also be used effectively against certain bosses to prevent players from being knocked down; the Corn Boss, Medusa, ECT...ECT... Use what the situation calls for. Animal Orbs Overall the best animal orbs to take are ones that will keep you alive or boost your stats. It is up to you to decide which one you will benefit the most from. I will often pick one that allows me to deal extra damage or help increase some of my weaker stats that I need to stay alive. The ones I list below are some of the ones that provide notable assistance beyond their in game description. Rammy- frequently knocks down multiple enemies when you are in a fixed position. This is very useful when you are surrounded, however he will also knock enemies out of the air which will prevent you from combo juggling them. He also has the bad habit of knocking over enemies who have JUST been frozen, setting them free to attack again. He is a useful partner for Hawkster. Hawkster- frequently attacks downed enemies and doubles the amount of food dropped in game. His retrieval of the food also allows you to focus more on the battle at hand and can be used to help struggling teammates. Two Hawksters on the team will assure a constant flow of health throughout the level. He is a useful parter for Rammy and Piggy. Piggy- increases the amount of health gained by food. How much extra health depends on the item. Meat gives more health than fruit. A single bite of fruit can fill half a players health bar with Piggy. This allows the player he is following to need less which can be used by the rest of the team. Please note he only provides the health increase for the player he is equiped to. He is a useful partner for Hawkster and low defense players. Meowburt- provides +3 Agility and combined with the Black Mace or Sai a player can do 37 damage per hit with each arrow. Meowburt is ideal for arrow spamers seeking to do the maximum amount of damage or players needing an agility boost in combat. Sherbert- excellent for players without magic jump who are fighting the Final Boss. For more info on Animal Orbs check out Drunken Feedle's Orb Categories or Castlepedia for all Animal Orb secrets. The Saving System Unlike most of regular mode, insane mode will not save after every level. Instead, some save points will only occur by completing a level further ahead. This system also means that not all levels will need to be played in order for the game to be considered complete. REMEMBER THE GAME ONLY SAVES WHEN YOU GO TO THE WORLD MAP Level Saves The levels highlighted in blue are the ones necessary in order for a save to occur and the final game to be considered complete. Home Castle Castle Keep Barbarian War Barbarian Boss Forest Entrance Thieves’ Forest Abandoned Mill Rapids Ride Catfish Tall Grass Field Pipistrello’s Cave Flowery Field Wedding Crash Parade Cyclops’ Cave Cyclops’ Gate Cyclops’ Fortress Lava World Industrial Castle Dock Pirate Ship Desert Alien Ship Desert Chase Sand Castle Interior IMPORTANT NOTE: You can skip fighting the enemies on this level by going in and out of the exit via Sand Castle Roof. Sand Castle Roof Marsh Corn Boss IMPORTANT NOTE: You do NOT need the Horn in your inventory for the game to be considered complete. Flooded Temple Medusa’s Lair Full Moon Snow World Ice Castle Wizard Castle Takeoff Wizard Castle Interior Final Battle IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are level skipping then the Final Boss must be beaten TWICE for the Gold Skull to show up. Wait for credits, exit to map, exit game, start new game, defeat Final Boss once more. All the Mandatory Levels must be cleared for this to work.
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    I have played Castle Crashers for over 6 years and have finally gotten every single gold skull in the game, in addition to every character being max level. For proof,
  17. 12 points
    I prefer to have a dead body under the couch when I play.
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  19. 12 points
    I would totally choose the pooping deer! I dedicate this to 8Bitten because poop.
  20. 12 points
    The Golden Whale, of course! If I were stuck on an island with this mammal, I'm almost positive that his sunny disposition would keep me sane. Dedicated to everyone here, because I can.
  21. 12 points
    I, uh... did a thing. I mean, I'd totally hang out with Cat Guard! Just... I guess it's a matter of... Will Cat Guard hang out with me? As long as I had yarn, I suppose everything would work out.
  22. 12 points
    Stuck on an island? From a survival perspective the Orange Knight of fire is the most rational choice… I also feel like he would be the kind of bro to provide plenty of quality conversation.
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    So, as some people around here may know, I do a lot of buying of bundles of games and whatnot, especially Humble Bundles. I usually have at least a few of the games in these bundles, and often have some to give away. Instead of the hassle of asking individual people if they want whatever, I decided to make a thread to appeal to the entire community. This thread is going to be dedicated to giveaways of games I have extras of from whatever source. I will bump this thread every time I have games to give away from this point into the foreseeable future. The rules of this thread are as follows: 1. Don't be mean. If you own the game, don't take it to sell it or whatever else. Only ask if you intend to have it in your library. 2. Limits. I will limit games one per person, under certain circumstances (such keys not being claimed and someone wants it) I will give out keys to people who have already received one. This rule only applies per batch of games. Each new batch is another chance for anyone to get one game. 3. Be polite. If things get out of hand, I will end up just locking this thread and not doing anymore giveaways, so please be polite to both me and your fellow community members. 4. Don't request in thread. Please, please, PLEASE don't ask for a game in the thread. If you do, I WILL ignore you. I will ONLY give games via PM, not in the thread itself. "But Pocket, how do I get these free games?!" Good question person I just made up! The way you get a free game is I will post a list of keys I have available. First person to PM me gets the key and I'll cross it out on the list of games. I will not respond to every person who PMs me, only the one who gets the key. Keep in mind, I am an adult and I do work. So don't expect an immediate answer. If I have not replied to your PM, check the thread to see if your game is still available. If it is, then just send me another message, I do make mistakes sometimes. If the game was taken, then that's probably why I didn't respond. On the off chance I have a second code in a batch (I have friends who buy bundles as I do, and sometimes get spares from them, or if I'm feeling generous, I'll buy a second bundle) then the normal rules still apply, except instead of the first person, the first two people to PM me will get a code. Simple as that. Now that all the rules are over, time for the fun! ---------- Batch of 6/10/15 ALL GONE! Batch of 7/28/15 ALL GONE! Batch of 9/10/15 ALL GONE! Batch of 9/27/15 ALL GONE! Batch of 9/30/15 BETA EDITION ALL GONE! Batch of 10/7/15 ALL GONE! Batch of 10/15/15 Batch of 11/25/15
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    It was a beautiful day outside and I wanted to draw something. So I decided to illustrate two things that shouldn't be together, dinosaurs and glow-sticks. Below is the result. Also sorry, no time-lapse yet, I don't have a camera for it currently! Party Til' You're Extinct:
  25. 11 points
    Now that Utah has finally warmed back up a bit I'll be able to get back out and draw more! Stay Weird:
  26. 11 points
    Some pixel art: A space angel: A giant mouth monster: A dangerous-looking plant: Some viruses contained inside of bubbles: A cityscape: A glittery cave with crystals: A treasure room filled with gold coins: A giant scary-looking tank (WIP):
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    I've been trying to start a YouTube channel of me doing speed art for a while now, and I have finally finished a video. I think it's neat. <a> What do you guys think? Is this something people are interested in watching, or is there Anything I should do differently?
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    Fight, Fight, Fight, Fight!
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    hey duxide i found ur name on the side of a dumpster nd it sed u smell. so i changed it 4u
  30. 11 points
    I...think I had to much fun...but I think I'm gonna call him Quarter from now on. Hah. Get it? Quarter...
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    Since no one is going to speak up about this, I feel like I have to make it public. There have been two particular users on these forums who's actions have been deplorable. I feel that they should have been banned long ago, but if they are banned today it will make up for the lack of discipline over the years. Here are some examples of these users being terrible: I wanna punch him in the face. That garb is completely unacceptable and does not match his eyes. WOW. All I wanted to do was talk about superheroes, and this is how he reacts? I can't imagine what he would say if I wanted to talk about Syria or something. Talk about volatile .Jeez, I didn't know you were the theme song police. Thanks for trying to live my life, man. becus u r here. dexide mor elike dexsuk am i rite? Being mean to me is unacceptable. This must not be tolerated.Because of these reasons and many others (they constantly harass me on Steam and spam mean things to me,) I feel that Da Milk Man and Bloob should be permabanned immediately. Thank you for your time. #BanDaMilkMan2014 #BanBloob2014 edit: the "and" should not be capitalized, but I can't edit thread titles for some reason. Pretend it is capitalized for extra urgency about this issue.
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    Sorry, everyone, but I'm going to stick around here. What more can a 10 year old do? Of course, I'll still occasionally leave, when I'm busy with school and such, but for the most part, I'll be here. There may come a day when I decide to stop not leaving, but that's not today. I have a lot of fond memories here and I hope this sudden announcement won't break the bonds we've formed.
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    Cute and deadly? I picked the Pink Knight! My boyfriend is the pug holding on because that's what he uses in BBT I dedicate this to my boyfriend Darkened Night here on the forums
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    The Behemoth have released a video showing the first 20 minutes of gametime/play. What do you think? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YfnociuoqBo
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    *shuffles in* I guess it's about time I got around making one of these threads. So, I draw lots of fanart. Like, copious, COPIOUS amounts of fanart. Enough to make a small island in the middle of a lake. I won't post all of them here, just the ones that aren't so poopy. First up, some Castle Crashers arts: Drew a Necromancer thing for Halloween The full pic from my signature One day I got really bored during Bio lecture so lots of knights happened. And then Valentine's Day stuff And BattleBlock Theater things: Drew this thingy a couple months back Made a comic for the start of the beta. KWW wrote the text for that! I... just... don't... ask. And a gif I made when the release date was announced Raccalopes. RACCALOPES.
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    I made this: Feel like I could have done better with the chicken itself but at least I made an attempt.
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    Hey guys! This thread's about to get upgraded because it's not just an art thread anymore! This thread shall also serve to share games I've made! Space Stars, a.k.a. How to Waste Time (2013) (Click here to download!) This game was made in a single evening after I got really pissed off at Cookie Clicker and decided the best way to show those pesky kids was to make my own boring version of it. This game (and really, every game I've made except one) was made in GameMaker Studio. I did all of the programming in GML, designed the UI, and I even made all of the art for it... except for a picture of some ugly kid that somehow found its way into my game. Feel free to download it by clicking the link above, or if you'd like to watch some gameplay of it so that you don't have to suffer through it yourself, here's our very own DroppedYourPocket playing it! Unnamed Number-Guessing Game (2013) This game is the only one I've made so far that wasn't created in GameMaker Studio. This game was created using Java for a community college class I took in high school. The game is very simple: a random number between 1 and 10 is selected, and the player (that's you!) must guess the number in three tries. Luckily the game helps you out by giving you three hints, but watch out! One of the hints is lying to you! Use simple math logic to figure out which hint is false and then guess the number based on the information you have! Even though it's a really small command prompt game, I would love to be able to share it, but unfortunately it's much more complicated than GameMaker projects since you have to install certain things to run Java programs on your computer. If I figure out a way to distribute it, I'll be sure to do so. Pon's Adventure (2014 - ???) Embark on an epic adventure as Pon, the servant of a dark king who's been tasked with collecting Four Sacred Fruits that grant extraordinary powers. Your duty is to return to the dark king's castle and allow him to conquer the world using the power from the Sacred Fruits, but fate chooses another path! You will betray the evil king, eat the fruits yourself, and use their special powers to overthrow the king and return peace to the kingdom! It is a tale of justice, glory, and Mega Man-inspired gameplay! On your journey you will explore 6 different levels, face several bosses including the Four Guardians of the Sacred Fruits, cross paths with rival character on his own quest for glory, utilize fantastic powers such as throwing fire and generating an explosive plasma shield, and ultimately restore the balance of the world by defeating your corrupt ruler! This game started as a project for my Electronic Music class in high school. The task was to create music for a video game concept and then create a powerpoint slide pitching your idea to the class. I decided to build a prototype for my game, drawing art and designing the UI and programming enemy AI and creating a level on top of composing the music (and adding sound effects). After completing the project, I decided I wanted to make it into a much larger game. Since my close friend was really interested in the game and my music composition skills were far inferior to his, I enlisted my friend to compose the soundtrack for the game while I did everything else. Currently the project is in limbo because my partner and I both entered college before the game was finished. It is still my largest game, but a cool game isn't worth anything if it isn't finished. Perhaps it'll be picked up again someday. Here are some screenshots you can check out though! (Please note: these screenshots do not accurately reflect the final product) Grey Matter (2015?) This game also started as a school project, although this was the final project for my Design for Media 1 class in college. The task was to create a monochrome (black and white) animation that displayed examples of design elements and principles. Once again, I decided to make a game. Grey Matter is a 2D platformer where you play as a nameless protagonist who must find his way through a confusing black and white maze. The design elements are illustrated through the gameplay mechanics: each level introduces a new mechanic based around a certain design element. For example, the first level focuses on patterns, and the player must be able to identify patterns to locate invisible platforms and progress. So there might be a row of 3 evenly spaced platforms followed by a large gap; the player has to be able to realize where the pattern of platforms would continue and jump across the gaps using these invisible platforms. Other design elements include symmetry, contrast, rhythm, and value/opacity. This game met the same fate as Pon's Adventure, unfortunately; after submitting a demo build, I tried to continue the project and make it something greater, but ultimately I don't think I have the motivation to finish it. I really want to be able to, but my recent work on it has felt uninspired and I don't want to make something that I don't feel happy about. I don't want this to die completely though, so feel free to check out this gameplay trailer of the demo version I sent to my professor. It doesn't include everything I was able to make, but it demonstrates a lot of the different ideas I put into the game. Let me know if you like it and maybe I'll be inspired to finish it someday! Note: I do not take credit for the music used in the trailer! The music is "Intro" by Slime Girls, for the artist's Vacation Wasteland album. You can download it for $5 here (it's some really good music) Space Stars Ultra (2015?) This logo was made by Morg! Thanks Morg! At last, the long-awaited sequel to the classic best-seller Space Stars! Yeah! Space Stars Ultra takes the exciting clicking action of Space Stars and adds an entire quest to it! Whoa! Now you can explore the cosmos and take down massive baddies while you rack up that Star Power! Radical! And now there are special stars that give you amazing powers to gather even more Stars! Gnarly! And guess what?! It'll be free! Acceptable! Can you collect all of the Space Stars? Can you defeat all of the evil enemies in the galaxy? Are you a bad enough dude to rescue Ronnie click the mouse button over and over without getting carpal tunnel syndrome? Note: This game isn't finished yet, but I'm working on it in my spare time (time that isn't being spent on /v/ or getting tossed around like a chew toy in Dark Souls). I can't say for sure when it'll be finished, but I'll post updates here when I make significant progress on it! Here's a teaser screenshot! Somewhat tolerable! (Again, please note that this screenshot does not accurately reflect the final product) So those are the major games I've worked on so far. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them in this thread or in a PM! Any feedback you wanna offer about what you see here is very much appreciated and it greatly motivates me to continue making games! (Yeah, even negative feedback! Go ahead and berate the crap out of me!) And if right now you're thinking "GoldenGhost I don't give a damn about these computer games, I wanna see some art," then screw you and here's another community anime pic:
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    I don't really know what to say, so I guess I'll just say thanks Megan for letting Vin and I join the crew! I'm really excited to help keep the forums clean and pleasant to be around Quick, someone make a thread for me to lock! (Just kidding, don't do that)
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    So, I've finally gotten to making an "I create this" thread. I'd really appreciate some notes on how to improve, other than getting a tablet/tools/etc. . Also, please note that I am fine with requests, as long as they're not like those super-deets or megarad3Dmovieposter arts that everybody wishes they could make. Although 3D can be scary. Copper: Chowder: A thing I should not draw anymore: NSFW: No Children are Allowed: Petunia/s: maro brothers: I'm trying out Pixel F)Art again. Tech-
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    Incoming Halloween Doodle Extravaganza! So today I stayed up until 5AM drawing stuff after the Halloween Smash Bros. tourney. There were a few more drawings than there are below, but I didn't think they were good enough to post. I also took some requests and stuff. Steamroll Victim #2: 'Morgachu' requested by MorgLikesGames. It looked funnier in my head: Cat Guard asked for a 'Spooky Cat'. So here's a Cat-Witch-Guard-Ghost. I couldn't think of anything spookier: SaltOnToast asked for a dancing crab. I couldn't resist: GoldenGhost asked for the Duck Hunt Duo wearing costumes of each other. I was going to draw them both, but Duck Hunt Dog looked real creepy, so here's Duck Hunt Duck wearing a Duck Hunt Dog hat: Then came 3AM, and somebody asked for some Ridley x Mewtwo fanart. This is as far as I got: Aaand at 4:30, GoldenGhost asked for Reggie and Captain Falcon fighting: Hope you enjoyed! Goodnight!
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    So after I finished my big window project I wanted to do some small charms with glass I had left over for fun. One of the charms I ended up making is in tribute to Hatty Hattington. About 7.5 hours of work overall. Enjoy! I think it turned out pretty good!
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    I colored a little figurine to look like Hatty! It now sits on my desk. I think it turned out pretty well.
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    Not to rain on this parade, but I think this kinda stuff is pretty horse****, the whole "I'm unpopular, so I'm gonna steal Mr. Hatty's post" thing. It's just not worth it really, if you were smart and cool like me you wouldn't have to steal my freaking posts that I'm known for, but you did because you aren't, so just leave, if you were as popular as me than maybe someday someone will be like "Quick, ________, go say the thing again!." It's silly to be such a blatant jerk and thief... I've seen some quality posts in my day, never once did I say I was going to steal their originality, because that post will always be there, thriving with humor and originality, and I think it's short-sighted to copy my content and then go and act like you're smart and came up with it, you know everyone will know I'm the only funny ne..... but eh, regardless I've reported you to the other moderators because, hey, you're jerk and I hate you, and as of right now I am officially disbanding Chuckola Commentaries and all affiliated content providers, so let that sink in, as tired as I am of your bull ish, I want you to know that we could've done something great, but you messed it all up. (Let me just clarify that I'm not attempting to criticize Memor at all here, just stating my opinion about these types of ***holes) But anyway, yeah, it is always sad when someone steals, every time it feels like a part of good in the world is slipping into mere nothingingness, paving way for the a future where James goes around stealing everyone's ideas because he can't think of any himself. I hate you Dropped Your Pocket, I'm sure others do too (whether or not they admit it), and you also did it wrong by not bolding the name of the user in red.
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    This is what you mean, right?
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    I would want to be stuck on an island with the toast character in BBT. I was thinking about survival while drawing this and it just seemed like it would work. I dedicate this piece to forum member SpoonArtist. I don't know this person personally but they seem really nice and have been following this thread with a positive supportive attitude and I like that! So here you go Spoon this ones for YOU!
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    Omg guys, look at this super secret boss that I found on Google while looking up super secret bosses in battleblock theater. It took me a lot of time to find but I think it is legit. But I forgot the page that I found it on so sorry. Oh and I can't find it in my history either.
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