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  1. If you dont have $2 you need to seriously reconsider having bought an xbox and castle crashers. Average lunch at my school is more than $2 (not including something to drink) and that tastes like poop.
  2. Fix Iceskimo's Air RTY in the next TU.

    They should also make it so the bear's RT + Y is the windball like the enemy's use. The RT + Y tornado is good for the ground but there should be a projectile like every other class. this also applies to the saracen and royal guard
  3. Weapon balance

    not really. the fishing rod is hard to find and it is undeniably the worst weapon you could use. as ruckus brought up, the crystal sword is hard to find and all it has is chance to freeze. your logic is very true in most games, just not CC.
  4. Ultimate Knowledge Base + DLC info

    for beating pipistrello you get the bitey bat animal orb
  5. WHO IS Commoner??

    what are you asking?
  6. Compare Characters

    sai is the starting weapon of the ninjer. +6 agility
  7. Possible DLC? Check out this pic.

    icekimo unlocks brute. grey knight unlocks stove face
  8. Possible DLC? Check out this pic.

    39 is the wizard's minion not the wizard
  9. Who is your favorite character?

    i was liking the bear but his RT + Y magic midair is useless. what's the point of having the enemy bears being able to shoot wind balls midair like most other characters but all you can do is do the tornado. maybe a glitch? i dunno but it's useless.
  10. Possible DLC? Check out this pic.

    that's stoveface
  11. Possible DLC? Check out this pic.

    ghost = seal demon = dragon
  12. What are you doing tonight.

    go to bed at 10 wake up at 5 a.m. play all day cause i dont have work tomorrow.

    im from clifton NJ

    tofu may i ask a question? Since you have tf2 for PC, how do you change weapons from your regular ones to the new unlockable ones?
  15. Central Time Zone release