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  1. Custom Heads!

    Love it!
  2. Custom Heads!

    Won't happen for a head. Almost impossible, because The Behemoth will get sued by Nitnendo if they add this. COPYRIGHT KNOWLEDGE YEAH Thankyou for stateing the obvious
  3. Custom Heads!

    I like it, behemoth could totally use this if they stylized it to there genre
  4. The Trader's Plaza

    i want to get my friend the star dog, but it glitch for us so now we are trying to find someone to trade for it, so i'm offering alot of gems, and other heads
  5. Custom Heads!

    it wouldn't make it because of copyright laws sorry i know, i just wanted to make t.
  6. Custom Heads!

    awesome thanks for helping
  7. Didnt Know Were To Put This Topic (Glitch)

    I have all Parental settings off, but thanks anyway.
  8. Controllers!

    Dude Dan P, and the rest of the behemoth that would be awesome... I'd love to get one.... good idea super gamer
  9. Recently I tried to download the feature from the feature section in local, to try and get the donut head. But then i realized it had said " A signed in user is not allowed to download user created levels" so then i loged out of XBL and I tried and it said " A signed in XBL member is required to download user...." Anyone have this problem or a way to fix it?
  10. Decoration

    I alos noticed in the story they're are fans without the little clicky things at the bottem, i' like to see them add this to the level ed
  11. Custom Heads!

    Hi fellow prisoners, I'm making this topic in the forum hoping others will join in. List your custom heads in this topic by attaching a file in your message If anyone else could maybe put a basic head layout up so people can copy it and draw over it? Here is mine, obviously a mudkip, fell free to leave a 1-5 star rating on everyone and why.
  12. Comic Con Exclusives?

    im aware of your ps, and i did it for the lolz, and i do agree with you err thoughts on exclusives
  13. Furbottom Friday Head Co-Op

    sounds good after u do it on normal with sig u wanna go insane with me?
  14. Furbottom Friday Head Co-Op

    I'd also like to play, but if you got plans then nvm add me ( Good Mudkip )
  15. Customizable Outfits?

    Patch the game! patch the game! more updates! Wooohhh!