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      Update 5: Infinite Wisdom is here!   10/05/2017

        Hey everyone, We’re back with another update that really mixes some stuff up. An entirely new challenging mode, a rebalance of the entire game to go with the rework of the new leveling progression numbers, ability to do the co-op intro online, faster PVP rounds, language translations and more! With the rebalance you’ll find that your fighters are dealing even more damage as they gain experience. All balance changes are retro-active meaning you do not have to worry about starting over or starting new characters in order to experience that – they’re all dynamically applied to what you already have! Feel free to check out what we’ve changed in the list below, and as always – please leave us feedback about anything you find noteworthy. As always, the main Story (although not included in this update) is being developed alongside all these improvements we have been releasing. Check out our blog for the full changelist: http://blog.thebehemoth.com/2017/09/28/update-5-infinite-wisdom-is-here/
    • megan

      Pit People's Final Touches   11/21/2017

      It has been nearly a year since we launched Pit People on early access. This journey has been an incredible experience! We’ve built a better game thanks to all your feedback. So here’s a spicy little situation: We’ve decided that our next big drop will be the FULL version of the game! Yes, it shall be complete! You’ll be able to play through the story and find out what happens for everyone.  
        As we write this, we’re working on the last of the cinematics for the story campaign! This is the final push towards completing the game, alongside additional story quests and a new world map with bonus missions.
        Since there’s so much involved with these last steps (VO, animation, level creation, music licensing, QA testing, etc), we’re not exactly sure when everything will line up for a full release date, but we’re shooting to release within the first few months of 2018.
        Thank you again to all of the people who’ve been playing Pit People during early access and to everyone who has been sending us feedback. It has truly been invaluable and we can’t wait to share the conclusion of Pit People with you all!


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