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  1. Memoirs From A Certain Skype Group

    You guys have a skype group, and you didn't even invite me?! Do that thing. Invite me..
  2. Lets Share Our Youtube Channels!

    Hey guys, I'm back! aaaand I did a review on a game we all know and love BattleBlock Theater
  3. Lets Share Our Youtube Channels!

    Wow this was amazing Definitely subbing, your effort shone through this video and it was hilarious, reminded me of PeanutButterGamer You're the best, man.
  4. Lets Share Our Youtube Channels!

    I finally did a thing on YouTube after a month of work, here it is!:
  5. Lets Share Our Youtube Channels!

  6. Not Leaving

    Bloob's the equivalent of an internet terrorist. Let's the make the comparison. guerrilla team of e-ruffians large, scruffy beard years of knuckle-busting experience cold, glassy eyes Yeah, that seems about right. Love me~
  7. Embarressing Stories

    Jesus, this is a greentext story from hell if I've ever seen one.
  8. Random Post Forum - Bloob's Children Are Lost

    888 posts. Don't go around like you think we remember you newcomer. Still as quasi-present as usual. Keep up the good work, man.
  9. Random Post Forum - Bloob's Children Are Lost

    Remember that time that I posted on this website? Me neither.
  10. Biggest Gaming Let Downs!

    You can't pretend that you don't love this game.
  11. Game Groomps!

    I watch Ninjasexparty pretty regularly now due to Game Grumps.
  12. Rumbling Return...

    Probably won't... At this juncture there's no point. The capital didn't quite come in as I expected and also there were other things to be dealt with. Sorry fox, for now the only promise I can grant is that your song will continue to rise in the american charts... And I can't say that I'm happy that it is.
  13. Am I On This Site Too Much?

    I've never seen you around, so no. You don't. You're fine.
  14. Swag

    These threads attract fresh meat. We desperately need fresh meat. You still have a choice of what quality meat that is.
  15. Swag

    It honestly upsets me that more and more of these threads are slithering into existence.