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  1. whaddup my glipglops?
  2. hello people, hows it going? somehow got back to this forums, i should be way more active in here .
  3. so this forum is still up, eh? where the heck are all my posts in my post history D:?
  4. hi guys! used to post here a while (3 years?) ago. did i miss anything :> ?
  5. Sup mates, this is it, the thread were you can talk all about the awesome games of the Serious-Sam - Series. I spent amount of hours playing "First Encounter" in Coop-Mode with friends. Awesome, double the gun, double the fun. So, andy why this thread ? Because such an legendary game deserves it And cause CroTeam is currently developing Serious Sam: First Encounter HD for the Xbox360! This is gonna be kickass and chew bubblegum,....and Sam has a lot of it! Some impressions: Video: Oh yeah. According to the Wikipedia-Site, it supports 4 player Coop \o/ discuss!
  6. yep, i did. trine is an excellent game, dont know about the others though.
  7. good to know, thanks. can i pm a mod or should i just keep hoping ?
  8. hm, it seems that my avatar is still "here" but just doesnt load ? download/file.php?avatar=8020_1250774691.png why D: ?
  9. i also feel kinda alone here.
  10. banned for only being a chicken lover lvl 1, n00b
  11. dammit, i cant remember my old avatar i used here, i dont even know when/why i removed it D:
  12. wow, i just found back to this forum. and i bet nobody can remember me anyways . so, how are u doin ? whats up with game #3 ? still guys out there who play catle crashers ?
  13. hi guys. long time ago since my last visit here...(and i bet nobody can remember me anyways!)
  14. Hello Final-Fantasy-Nerds, welcome to Midgar, Balamb Garden, Zanarkand, whatever! Personally, my favorite FF-Game were: VII - best story, awesome charas VIII - similar to VII, very good story X - of course "newer" graphics, cool charas and pretty hard if u want to beat everything ("judge" at the end for example) FFs i dont like.....there is just FF IX, it doesnt fit into the FF-series, there charas are toooo young, too kiddielike. a pity, the story have a lot of potential IMHO. my favorite chara of all the ffs i ever played is squall/cloud. i like the "im not interested to anything" art favorite bestia ? bahamuth....oder odin in FFVIII there are many things to discuss, the series is sooooo big, so: discuss !
  15. hey guys. i was quite active here a few months ago....and now im back (and i bet nobody can remember me ) \o\ whats up ?
  16. hey, whats up! havent been here for few months....
  17. meatboy \o/
  18. Final fantasy VII, VIII
  19. yay, im back. whats up ?
  20. gnaah i want serious sam HD now :\
  21. Ahoi. Im looking for items out of the Trang Ouls Set. Anyone ? (of course this is a general trading thread )
  22. hehe...your so damn right
  23. banned for funny avatar.