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  1. Guess the release date?

    wasn't it supposed to come out last year?
  2. What are you guys doing to pass the time?

    No, not dragon age, That takes like 2-3 days max to beat. Go play Red Baron on newgrounds for a 1,000 plus hours? never gets boring.
  3. I have an urgent question

    Yes it does. All the weapons, the shield, the stands. All of it comes with the bundle.
  4. CC Hero clan

    That would be helpful. Because all the games I get in either they never start, everyone else is lvl 256 with all characters, and so on. Got only one good game today. >.
  5. Bothering Question

    It's obviously a conspiracy. O.o The king's really dead but the government wants you to think hes alive.
  6. Squishy Chicken! Cellphone Charms! Keychains!

    I want these so bad!! I might be going to PAX, they'll be there right?!!?
  7. Castle Crashers for PC

    Why for the PC? If it ever comes out for the PC, it better come out for a handheld system (COUGH COUGH COUGH, PSP, COUGH COUGH) first. It would fit perfectly for a PSP, so I think they would make a PSP version before a PC version, if they ever do, that is.
  8. volleyball for 360 plz?

    I totally agree you. I love playing volleyball on that sand roof level, but I find it a annoying grind to cut through the enemies and then finally play volleyball, which I always do 1 v 4 and kick those terrorist asses!!!
  9. Bosses?

    Err....None of that really made any sense whatsoever.
  10. Tricky the clown!?

    Tricky will probably ninja it's way into the game somehow. And when the heck did newgrounds have a wiki page?!?!
  11. BBT Devblog Pictures

    Yeah that would be kick balloon. And some videos of Dan working, like the Frost King, Necromancer, etc. on Vimeo.
  12. Number of Achievements???

    Does it matter about achievements? Sure, some of them are cool and fun, like borderlands "I'm on a boat" but most are just grinds. Either way, if it has 12, 20, or so on, I'm sure it'll have lots of replay-ability.
  13. battleBlock theater release date!!

    So, are we going to bludgeon this guy to death yet or what???
  14. Bosses?

    No worries guys, I'm sure the lads and Dan will think of creative bosses, as they always have, and will continue to do so. I'm sure there'll be some badass fight where you have to escape from the whole "prison thing" with the guards and being forced into plays and what not and then blow up the prison with some badass bomb that looks like a potato. No. Worries. ^-^
  15. battleBlock theater release date!!

    April Fools...Ho ho ho. Not funny. Quite depressing, even. I think he should be tarred and feathered for spreading such blasphemy.