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  1. Is the Green Knight good?

    yea the green knight is awsome idc what anybody says lol i pwn any chracter i beat a lvl 82 necro and a lvl 86 blue knight
  2. Is the Green Knight good?

    yea me to but im trying to practice on juggling and combos
  3. Why is the green knight unique with YYY move

    Juggling is repeatedly hitting enemies in the air so you can stay in the air while still damaging enemies. Also, I think this is a dup. It was a while ago though, so I don't think anyone cares. It might have had some information though. you have a link??
  4. Is the Green Knight good?

    well at least someone agrees with me and other ppl to
  5. Is the Green Knight good?

    umm to the dude who got offended by what i said about the blue knight and put green as meh b/c of that sry if i offended u blue is very good except that his magic waste very quickly i didnt say hes bad i said hes good which is better then meh
  6. Is the Green Knight good?

    Watch what you're saying.... Anyway, I like the green knight, but his YY makes him a poor juggler. His magic on the other hand is impressive so I have to go with "meh". well maybe i wnt a little out of hand im sry
  7. Is the Green Knight good?

    lol only one person only voted no
  8. I rrly need information on this if anybody knows pls tell me
  9. Is the Green Knight good?

    but WHY is the green knight the only one with a different YYY ?? its so freakin confusing lol
  10. Is the Green Knight good?

    Let me stop you there.Orange Knight is the best Arena character in the entire game. No character's RTY has more range than Orange's. Not Green, not Red, not Blue, not anybody. As for the other characters? Red is good for Insane, but in Arena his lightning won't work against pros (the people who will juggle you to death). Blue is a solid character all-around. Everyone knows why. Green? I don't know why beginners flock to him, but there is honestly nothing there. Once you learn how to play the game at the highest level, he's just not worth using. This isn't a taste issue. It's simple mechanics. Green Knight is worthless. well umm yea im all out \ but... were talkin arena and campaign the green has to be unique for some reason and a good one and the green is way better then the orange it does more damage but has less range u culd just easily magic jupm put of the way of a orange RTY so orange sux blue can only use two icsicles for evry full bar so he isnt good unless ur pure str and lightning as u said u can easily juggle him so green knights best hes a pro character he needs parcatice btw were talkin about the four knights not any other chracters but its ok
  11. Is the Green Knight good?

    I have spent enough time with both Green Knight and this game to tell you that everything Green has is simply not worth the effort. As i said ppl have different taste like the orange knight sux dick red is good blue is meh and green is AWSOME
  12. Find people to play CC with here!

    my gamertag is r2moons send me a freind request if you wanna play ok?? i wont be replying on these kind of topics so yea just send me a freind reqest
  13. im bored anybody wanna play castle crashers

    please lock
  14. Is the Green Knight good?

    ROFL as much as i love the green knight its funny as hell nice vid lol
  15. Is the Green Knight good?

    maybe because u gotta train with him he is entirely unique with magic and strength but different ppl have different taste but im also convincing ppl that he is good