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  1. MOUTH MOODS by Neil Cicierega. go check it out it's way too good. Look up the other "mouth" albums by him if you can. I swear on my left foot you will not regret it.
  2. Won't load
  3. The nutshack is a horrible mess and what little I have seen of it did not leave me craving more. What's the weather like in Russia these days?
  4. Merry yearaween
  5. More like Dang it, Ron Paul

  7. Spook me daddy
  8. Wish me a miserable birthday

  9. Guess whom jn the heck just woke up, doe #staywoke
  10. Wow that's rude. Dude was allied with pirates. PIRATES. That's awesome! There might have been a few cases of him coming off as as a bigoted, despicable human being, but come on, pirates? Way radical. You gotta give credit to the man for sticking it to the man of the man's mandem or whatever. Go Andrew Jackson I guess. Okay I guess Jackson was a wreck, now what though
  11. IIRC the US has not had a good president since Andrew Jackson anyways.
  12. Universal remote but powered by nails instead of batteries
  13. I'll take a nap here do you mind no-thank-you-very-much-for-asking though good night
  14. I like the name. I have never owned a nintendo home console before. If they get a good enough third party library I'll consider getting one. I like what I've seen of the next 3d mario game so far.
  15. Hey megan


    Wanna hang out in ~cyberspace~ sometime?