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  1. What's your favorite specialization?

    Strength and Defence. I'm a "Brute" force kinda guy, but agility is great if you are struggling with campain (fast arrows help).
  2. Characters

    Leonidus: Magic would be his cry (THIS! IS! SPARTAAAAAA!!!!!!!)
  3. DLC Ideas Thread

    I do get the point, and no, there isn't
  4. DLC Ideas Thread

    Brute Pack! Characters: 1. Spartan Brute 2. Demonic Brute 3. Anjelic Brute 4. Fel Brute Weapons: 1. Spear (Spartan Brute would come with a spartan shield) 2. Flame-Blade Sword 3. Holy Sword 4. Idk... Fel sword?
  5. Say one good thing about the avatar or signature above yours

    The funny thing is, that avi is so true
  6. free spartan sig

    Re-sized. will fit in sig.
  7. i made a brute into a spartan

    Very nice I'm getting a Brute recolored to look more demonic
  8. Art Request.

    Yeah Tyndras has already offered to recolor it
  9. Art Request.

    I've tried MS paint... I can't use the fill tool so i'm pretty much usless
  10. Art Request.

    if ur lookin for more demonic, i can broken pieces and more scrape marks on his armor that sounds like a good Idea
  11. Design a character!

    wow... umm.... this topic has nothing but arguing in it...
  12. Lvl 256 hack lookout

    Good idea. Hey, people, we should post the gamertags or whatever of the people who have 256s here so others can avoid them. I don't think the Mods would look kindly on posting other people's Gamertags on here. Besides there are thousands of them. No matter how many you block, more will just take their place. yes I agree ,I have ran into so many I am lead to believe that half of the people that play CC are 256...
  13. Lvl 256 hack lookout

    Don't play on xbox live with two people on you xbox. The glitch is one of you profiles quit and the other stays and plays. when you are finished you have 25. this ma happen on accident, and I myself have experienced (as a result I had to reset all of my characters and get them back to 99...
  14. Art Request.

    I am a fan of the Brute character (this is not obious at all...), and I was wondering if someone could recolor him to look demonc... or sketch him out to look more realistic... I'm not too fond of the scetches i found searching google...
  15. Necromancer FAQ

    they should have a necromatc brute (Black and red Brute)