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  1. Finally! Level 99 Iceskimo!

    I just want to point out that exp does not equal skill. I only have 1 level 99 but I tend to fare better than most of the players I play with/against. (I don't even play my 99) While I do agree with Babbity, the more exp you have, the less the probability that you suck.
  2. Castle Crashers crashes into PSN Aug. 31st!

    Its amazing back when I joined in December, CC on the PS3 was just a thought, and now its becoming a reality. It DOES suck that I joined on 7:11, though.
  3. Castle Crashers crashes into PSN Aug. 31st!

    HOW DARE YOU! EVERYONE knows that you have NINE evil faces instead of TEN.
  4. Yeah, people sure are ready for Castle Crashers PSN

    Yay, my epicly awesome name is in there, lol.
  5. Castle Crashers crashes into PSN Aug. 31st!

    Luckily, I have a brand new $20 PSN Card chillin right next to me.
  6. Castle Crashers crashes into PSN Aug. 31st!

    Maybe it will only be half an hour or something, like they're running late.
  7. It's not there!

    1. Be Patient 2. Almost Positive a mod will lock this
  8. did anyone else bring their psp to work?

    Lol, ALL new people before me. Its funny how people join forums right when they know a game is coming out Not that I'm critisizing (Can't Spell ) them or anything.
  9. Castle Crashers for PC

    Lets not try to bring bad language into the forums, please.
  10. Castle Crashers crashes into PSN Aug. 31st!

    =YES!! Just 10 minutes left, if you're right
  11. Castle crashers for psn countdown!

    ... Until it becomes midnight of the 31st in your time zone. You've still probably got like a full 24 hours to wait after that. ........ Houses? I believe he meant "Hours"
  12. Castle Crashers for PSN :)

    That double post better have not been a witty joke. I WAS GONNA DO THAT!
  13. Castle Crashers Birthday

    My guess is the announcement of the PS3 version made us forget.
  14. Battle of the best animal orb: Round TWO!!!!!

    Me and BiPolar bear will win! Unless he mauls me to death.