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  1. red knight

    Red is the best out of the original 4
  2. Create your very own CASTLE CRASHER AVATAR right now!!

    Ehhhh it doesn't look like it worth around 10 bucks too me, TBH it didn't really look like a CC avatar anyways.
  3. Call of duty: BLACK OPS

    AS long as it has zombies in it than I will gladly fork over my 60 bucks
  4. Fable 3

    I way prefer Fable 1 to Fable 2, you can't even die in the game and the co-op has way too many problems. I hope Fable 3 is better.
  5. Pocket God

    I got it but its so boring, there's nothing you can really do I much prefer other games.
  6. Fat Princess

    I only play this game like once a week, its pretty fun but get boring.
  7. why behemoth

    It wasn't me... I swear.
  8. We beat insane! :D

    I will beat insane with necro... just need a lot of help
  9. Gold Skull Count

    Im in boston right now so I won't get to play CC til the 18th
  10. SSBM Master Hand glitch!

    Two people? You have to be on player 3 for it to work, and its pretty hard to do on accident, yuo need to be exact with your timing.
  11. The Elder Scrolls series

    I hated Morrowind's combat, glad they fixed it with oblivion.
  12. Street Fighter vs Tekken

    Ive had more fun with Tekken but it seems like street fighter is the number one fighting franchise.
  13. Dishwasher 2 is coming to xbox live!

    I almost bought it once, but decided against, might have to go back and play the demo.
  14. Who wants to obtain a gold skull?? Anyone?

    we shall play again hopefully i can recruit orangepinkman back or one of my old friends back for help Otto was pretty amazing in game, we owned.
  15. Is the King Pack Worth it?

    I was using it yesterday without the king pack, it stuck with me even after the match ended. (: