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  1. Chipmunk's Question Of The Day.

  2. Jerry's Fan Art Page

    Posting new art tommorow
  3. Super Smexy Free Avatars.

    K, I'll work on it soon, it wont be very good though :C
  4. Super Smexy Free Avatars.

    can i have one Sorry it took so long for me to reply, what do you want for a head?
  5. Jerry the one and only Catman and the only one to be the Batman because cats purr

    1. Cat Guard

      Cat Guard

      Meow! I am a cat see?

  6. Decoration

    Those are only for the time trials (or boss stages) in campaign mode, and some are specific to the levels, in all honesty, I don't see them coming to the level editor.
  7. Super Smexy Free Avatars.

    Herpa derpa derp.
  8. Super Smexy Free Avatars.

    Want an avatar, tell me and I'll make it. You can have an ugly ms paint one or a goodish flash vector one. U DISIDE BROH.
  9. Some Concept Art For Something I Am Working On

    Hm, Any game I could kill a Muppet in I would buy in an instant. Also your a great artist, but everybody has already said that do lets say something original. You are the best beard drawer in the known universe. Sounds good.
  10. Bbt Soundtrack

  11. Speculating How To Get Hatty In Bbt

    I imagine that it's Hatty's brother, because, well, just because.
  12. Ideas For Multiplayer Dlc?

    I agree. P.S. Every time I look at your avatar I think it's a horse, then I look again and it's a hamster. Actually its a wee widdle bunneh Oh, lol.
  13. Speculating How To Get Hatty In Bbt

    It would think they might add him as an unlock in a dlc, for beating it on insane.