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  1. What game are you playing ATM?

    Animal Crossing New Leaf.
  2. Delete Account?

    That's what I did. For some reason I got sent an email notifying me that you made this thread. Cheerio.
  3. I feel pretty stupid for knowing nothing about Pit People. I want to play it, but then again, it's me buying a new console just for Pit People. Crossing my fingers for a Steam Release.
  4. Hi y'all. How are you Kitty Kickers doing these days? I just decided to check in on the whole community thing. It seems... Dead... Maybe when Pit People comes out, people will make at least one post a day. Who knows.
  5. So Whats Everybody Excited About In Game 4?

    I can't figure the game out for the life of me. I guess we just have to wait for closed Beta.
  6. It's funny because I actually think Minecraft is retarded.

  7. I still prefer XBLA. Less gimmicks, more fun. Plus I get to use a controller.
  8. Can Someone Draw Me Something

    Good Luck. People don't just go out of their way to draw a stranger a picture. At least not for free...
  9. Mario Kart General Dicussion

    Luigi's Death Stare is a thing
  10. [5-15-2014] We Love You!

    Woohoo! Got my Chicken Prisoner! :bbtcat:
  11. About The Livestream At May 12Nd.

    The beauty of Twitch is chatting together and asking questions. That feeling of talking to someone playing a cool game, asking how they can beat Mario in less than 12 minutes, etc. Twitch is best enjoyed when watched live. I feel Dean's pain