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  1. Giving Away All My Starheads For Free

    dont have my xbox right now so ill get back to you soon. which head do you want?
  2. Hey guys. I haven't played BBT in about a year and I feel bad of whoring all of my starheads. So, heres the deal. I am giving away the following heads (the only star heads i have) If you want it, put your GT and message me on xbox MY GT IS JayBlitz Winston - Heart Shaped Head - Rose - Furbottem - Upside Down Boot - Toothbrush - Spinning Light head (idk what it is xD) - Apple - Snail - Truck - Cat in a UFO - Derpy Cat - Guy wearing Snake hat - Bomb - Underwear with Pee-Stain - Guy eating a Guy - Donut - Guy pulling on another guy's eyelids - Weenie - 75% off - 50% off - Nose - Mosse - Yeti - Dinosaur - Flat guy #1 - Flat guy #2 - Tiny Monkey - Chicken - Backwards orange hat kid - Agent (Cube) - Agent (Cylinder) King - Goat - Giraffe - Castle Crashers guy - Castle crashers Barbarian - Toast - Duck/Shark - Turkey - Santa - Present - Thats about it! Good luck get the rare ones fast p.s this account is old and idk why theres a troll face lmao
  3. Just Making sure. Is there ANY WAY POSSIBLE to transfer what i have on xbl to my steam? Plz ;_;
  4. Buzz Saw Race

    uncle grandpa is overated...oh sorry i meant i liked it and rated it
  5. Looking For A Partner

    i would be in if you had not lied to me about your account shuting down
  6. Looking For Tiny Monkey

    ill give you the monkey for any star head i dont have...owait! i have all the star heads :3
  7. Siren

    ill give it to you my gt:bluelimiter EDIT : crap i gave it to my friend sorry *wink wink*
  8. [06-Sept-13] Mo' Gems, Mo' Problems

    whats your next playlist? *wink* *wink*
  9. The Grimporeum

    Rating:5 stars and looking forward to playing the grandporeum
  10. Solo Adventure: Journey

    Rating:4 stars
  11. The *blank* goes..... The microwave goes
  12. The Awkward Game

    Bluh blah,bluhblabalajakj THE END
  13. You're banned!

    Banned for having a grim reaper as a pic