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  1. Oh hey it's another one of these threads
  2. I had the same first impressions of Central Fiction, I'm gonna give it another shot now that I've got a new joystick for my arcade stick
  3. It's Overwatch because that's the only one I've played
  4. You looking for a random post? Well, here's one: [REDACTED]
  5. I got N++ and Crimzon Clover in the Steam sale so I've been playing those. Crimzon Clover is a pretty solid bullet hell game, especially considering it's going for $2 right now. It's no Cave shooter but definitely worth the money. N++ is a nearly perfect game so go buy that.
  6. are you including andrew jackson as a good president because that's also a bad president
  7. We'll be alright
  8. If they put games on it, I'll be tempted to get one.
  9. Playing Castle Crashers for the first time was probably the most excited I've ever been from a game. Just downloading it the morning it came out, opening it up, and playing through the first level before school made me so happy. Eight years later I never get games at release and I hate fun
  10. someone please change the title, my children are lost
  11. who is this nerd with a castle crashers icon and how do we ban him!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. I thought I was posting in the RPF but I wasn't posting in the RPF at all. Anyway I hope Sombra can help mix up the game, it hasn't been nearly as fun for me as of late.
  13. Instead of "post count" it says "content count" on profile pages. I've been producing content all this time
  14. it does appear to be some kind of cover photo/header space but as far as I know you can't edit it yet