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  1. Castle Crashers Pc Lan?

    can you play with your friends through lan?
  2. Blacksmith and Pink Knight PSN

    and purple knight for PSN Europe
  3. DLC Ideas Thread

    Gold Knight with Mixed Magic from all Four Knights
  4. The Behemoth Collection

    How about a The Behemoth Collection with Alien Hominid, Castle Crashers and Battleblock Theater and all DLC in one Disc
  5. DLC Ideas Thread

    Super Meat Boy Fancy Pants Man Dad N Me Kid
  6. Is Battleblock Theater coming to PSN?
  7. DLC

    Can you make a All You Can Quaff DLC for PS3 And a Volleyball DLC for XBOX?
  8. Blacksmith and Pink Knight PSN

    Is Blacksmith coming to Europe?
  9. Insane Mode Horn

    Im on the PSN
  10. Insane Mode Horn

    I alredy tried 3 times and it didnt worked
  11. Insane Mode Horn

    I Defeated The Corn Boss but I didnt got The Horn
  12. Insane Mode

    PS3:Can someone help me to get through the Insane Mode My PSN ID is Gotenksvegotega
  13. Blacksmith and Pink Knight PSN

    When will Blacksmith and Pink Knight come to the PSN?
  14. PSN ID

    What is the PSN ID of the Behemoth
  15. Blacksmith

    Yes Im sure