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  1. Only Puyo, master of all puzzle games, could stop Tetris. But when the world needed him most; he vanished. 13 years passed and we discovered a new game; Puyo Tetris, and only he can save the Switch.
  2. Banned for that impostor avatar, she can't imitate Nico to save her life, what a doofus.
  3. Explicit lyrics
  4. I think there should be a way to customize the profile page a bit more. Right now there's a big empty field where the user's avatar is that could really use a fancy image or so, like a banner of sorts. It would make the profile pages very unique and fun to look at!
  5. Butt Jr. will be waiting
  6. These are all pretty great, as usual! Keep it up, dude.
  7. Yeah. Also, get Pirate's Curse. God I love Pirate's Curse.
  8. My personal favorites this year: FE Fates Metal Gear Rising (it wasn't on Steam before, it should count, shut up) Pokemon Sun and Moon Jackbox Party Pack 2/3 VA-11 HALL-A
  9. It was good for the memes.
  10. Finishing the Pokedex in Moon and playing Metal Gear Rising again for fun. Good stuff.
  11. I swear you made this thread just for me Unfortunately I can't post my favorites that aren't board safe but I'll give it a shot
  12. Banned for being late to the GRAND DAD meme
  13. Ah, right. My mistake. 1