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  1. Nier automata t shirt Nier automata t shirt Nier automata t shirt S___ Square Enix! -Vin
  2. Goodbye, Moonman

  3. oh no
  4. Most of the regulars migrated to Discord, but some new members still come over once in a blue moon. I also like pizza but this isn't news to anyone
  5. Interesting idea, but it would probably be more fitting to talk about it in one of the Castle Crashers categories. I never really thought the final boss was hard, exactly. I just thought it was pretty tedious.
  6. First problem is that you posted this in the incorrect category. The second problem is talking about pirating the game on the developer's official forums.
  7. I think its an improvement, the replies and such being condensed and not as wide is nice. That's just my opinion though
  8. If we're stuck with this one, then can there be an option to have a different color scheme? The forum pages being 90% white kind of hurts to look at. Maybe make a dark variant with blue and black so it's less strenuous on the eyes?
  9. When the forum got the new 2017 theme, there was an option at the bottom of the page to switch themes back to the old one. But now I can't find that tab anywhere and I'm back to the new theme. Where did it go?
  10. Give me likes so I can be the leaderboard representative that you all need, I can give enough brownbricks and roundfaces to satisfy even the pickiest of funny man screams
  11. Very cool!
  12. Remember to stop at Chrono.GG/AdamBRT for great games with low prices! Brought to you by Audible!
  13. Maid Dragon is pretty alright guys I want an electrically charged dragon toddler
  14. One is a game The other is a memory card for a dead system that has maybe two or three games on it