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  1. What is going on here Wrench
  2. OMG I GOT AN EMAIL!!!(I wish) Are you trollng...read the WHOLE post
  3. OMG I GOT AN EMAIL!!!(I wish)
  4. 50. I became the max lvl within the first 5 hours by power-leveling on Jaredman89. Figures... I barely had any health left and I had a feeling it was you. I would get you back but that would be kind of pointless considering I am also max level.it's also kinda pointless considering I have About 600 health.
  5. 50. I became the max lvl within the first 5 hours by power-leveling on Jaredman89.
  6. scroll? (Btw I haz 982 snowballz)
  7. I gotz the legendary trio!
  8. It's my only holly and I have 2 brines already. dang it. Well, I nearly laughed to death when getting my two because it was soooooo easy. I went into the jungle, expecting tons of people, and...... There was only one other person. I grabbed both eggs immediately.
  9. Got both of my drags. Can I have your holly in trade for a brine, Ultanoka?
  10. so are we even in unbreedables or are you one ahead of me?
  11. Does anyone have more than one holly? If so, could you trade it to me for a gold shimmer, gold wyvern, and brine? I don't care if the holly's linage is messy, I just want one since it is really hard with bad interweb connect.
  12. not to brag, but my fort was the first max level here AND I have 532 health, with no empty space on my land.
  13. they have wifi at my hotel, it's just really crappy and slow. Also;
  14. me toooooooo #noschool Also, I got a Holly and all of the other christmas ones. Now I just got to wait for them to hatch. Gratz on getting a Holly. I mean, it's not perfect lineage like MY Holly *brag* but still, it's nice to have one. By the way, here's the Holly I got to keep. Yay for perfect breeding. I got one to C: Dat lineage tho I know xD. But a Holly is a Holly, am I right?You're never right.
  15. They'll do like they did with Halloween I think, so you'll be able to grab them in the caves. Unless you mean you won't get to get on. no, I mean my Internet is too slow to get one before someone else.