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  1. How Much Do You Play Castle Crashers?

    man when i got it all day everyday but now with dc universe now free minecraft and black ops not in a month
  2. Gem sword

    well i got gem sword from a random guy but is the gem sword green?
  3. Mario games

    well i do i played all the new ones since im quite young
  4. Mario games

    Anyone play Mario games?
  5. How to know if your ready for insane mode

    i like 4 dont care how hard dont care how bad they are i just want to fight
  6. DLC Ideas Thread

    how bout they release a dlc called fan pack which includes all chars from brown skelaton to white night and the forgotten knight
  7. Ryhme Post Game!

    with a gun called spitty
  8. What Enemy Do You Hate Most?

    hardest no but i hate those 2 beefy bears no matter what they hit me never anyone else
  9. PELTERS REVENGE xbox 360

    did you accept superluigi74 on PELTERS REVENGE
  10. Add Kurosaki Ichigo to castle crashers

    man i dont think any crossover chars would work plus why so many adventure time bleach im gettin anoyed of these
  11. character of choice

    red knight lv 99 he owns or gets pwned not in the middle
  12. Arena Team Matches

    im in i think
  13. "The Beat-This" Game!

    a cake that is poisoned but no resistance
  14. Corrupt a wish!

    granted but you get in a full body cast i wish that school didnt start
  15. DLC Ideas Thread

    why do people want so many crossover chars?