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  1. Random Post Forum - Bloob's Children Are Lost

    Odyssey has perfect reviews. Also I come back to find out we have a Discord now. Man I am terribly up-to-date.
  2. The Anime & Manga Club~

    I started Kekkai Sensen (Blood Blockade Battlefront) it's really good. A second season is coming out in Fall. This was animated by Bones so I'm sure after My Hero Academia S2 it will air.
  3. Random Post Forum - Bloob's Children Are Lost

    It's joke
  4. Random Post Forum - Bloob's Children Are Lost

    Discord? Oh yeah the new revolutionary thing that basically turned Skype into a dog on a leash. If there is a Behemoth Discord I would be happy to join. Also, I am wondering, should I get Pit People or a Vita memory card? It's just your opinion that I will take into thought.
  5. Random Post Forum - Bloob's Children Are Lost

    This is actually my tablet wallpaper right now.
  6. Random Post Forum - Bloob's Children Are Lost

    Funniest thing about 2016: People thought 2016 was a great year.
  7. Frog Fractions 2 has been found

    Why release it on Steam when you can play it on "Free Games For Adolescent Girls" dot com.
  8. 2016 Game of the Year Discussion

    I agree with the addition of VA-11 HALL-A to the list because well I didn't get to play it, but I watched a Let's Play and loved the characters and all of that. It's kind of unique to a game where the gameplay is focused on getting others intoxicated for your income, while learning about their great life stories. About Overwatch, it's a great game, but people take the characters a bit too serious *cough*Tracer.
  9. Random Post Forum - Bloob's Children Are Lost

    "Hey Gaben, we should use more income for server related ---" "Nah, it'll be fine. Unleash the Beast! RELEASE THE SALES!"
  10. What Games Have Just Finished?

    You mad man your pun doomed us all.
  11. The Meme Machine: Sharing is Caring

    It's been a while since I made a topic worthy of not being taken down for spam reasons. Ohhh yeah this is happening. ------------------------------------------ There is this thing called a "meme". A "meme" doesn't have to be funny, provocative or even make sense. Most memes fall into one of three categories:- 'Quirky' stuff that isn't funny. - Pathetic stuff that fills you with vicarious despair. - Revolting pictures that could be presented to some alien jury as evidence that humanity is cancer.----------------------------------------------------------------All that is required for a meme to succeed is for a critical mass of basement dwellers to get in on it. This being done, it will be spread over bulletin boards everywhere like the pox . The catch is, you can't steal 'em cuz that's a felony and memes are veeeery expensive. You gotta make your own. Yup; Microsoft Paint, Paint dot net, Adobe Photoshop, Paper, Microsoft Office Publisher, I don't care. The quality of the meme doesn't matter. It's the thought that matters. EDIT DECEMBER 22ND: You are allowed to double post if you think your meme wasn't good enough. This rule can be taken down by moderators who feel more superior. ------------------------------------------ Godspeed.
  12. The Meme Machine: Sharing is Caring

    I ADDED ANOTHER RULE. Also, I felt the other meme wasn't spicy enough, so i'll post another.
  13. What Games Have Just Finished?

    I did a 100% on this game.
  14. The Meme Machine: Sharing is Caring

    Hey what's up guys it's Scarce Yamada here.
  15. Castle Crashers: 3 Word Story

    a great contractor
  16. What Tv Shows And Movies Are You Watching Atm?

    Rick and Morty. You know that show. The one that got it's own couch gag on The Simpsons. Yeah that's the one. Iz gud.
  17. Lets Share Our Youtube Channels! here is my YouTube channel (i look sucky by the way) I Had Like 83 videos, but my mom privated all of them but i'm starting to unprivate my videos hope you like my gaming videos! ~superBRADY777
  18. My warning points are a sign that I used to be the most immature being alive.

  19. Random Youtube Videos

    don't worry it's another bee movie meme
  20. Users Vs Mods 2.0

    6 months later... 32.
  21. My Pit People Theory.

  22. Random Post Forum - Bloob's Children Are Lost

    A new trailer came out today. I think it'll be an interesting ride.
  23. Random Post Forum - Bloob's Children Are Lost

    Danganronpa V3 was just announced for Western release. The Limited Edition comes with the game, OST, backpack, hat, and headphones. It's like $100 I think. It'll come out next year. My guess is around Q2 or Q3.
  24. Random Post Forum - Bloob's Children Are Lost

    3 or 2 years I think.... 1 year I was dormant.