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  1. --Official Insane Mode Thread --

    Wish I could re title this tread would have preferred to have put "Official Co-Op Insane Thread"
  2. Need Hooshmand [ Any Heads In Return ]

    If the first doesn't trade follow through, I wouldn't mind trading for a Cat Control if you have a spare
  3. Your Favourite Star Heads...

    Hands down Snakeface is my fave :3
  4. Regarding Multiples Of Star Heads

    Basically I have about 7 offline accounts I trade the the star heads to. The ones that can only be obtain via FF you can trade the head, and as long you have already completed the playlist you can beat any lvl (in the playlist excluding encores) and that will let you acquire that head again. I usually just find out where a secret lvl is at and just go there for rinse and repeat. Hope that helps
  5. --Official Insane Mode Thread --

    My god that ad is convenient. um I know how to get on it but this I in gift shop section I mainly made this for a "Meet and Play Insane mode Co-Op" - considering as Memor pointed out it listed "Gift Shop" as a Play/Trade/Etc. section I will probably in my spare time link Youtube videos as well as give credit to the specific Youtube user/users.
  6. Hello, Welcome to the new, official Insane Mode Thread!!! Here you can: -Discuss what lvls you need completed -Ask if for walkthrough/tips on specific lvls -Post username and when you will be available -Whether it's for Solo/Co-op -ETC. simply making this for the sake of randoms being very awful and dying every time at the same place of same lvls, world 8 ins't that bad people \(Q_Q)/ But for the most part I say Have fun! Enjoy yourself ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- GT: Sgt Chalupa22 Co-op lvls 8-7 to end 11am today until 4pm-ish
  7. Spell It!

  8. The "opposite Game"

    What did I not hit again?
  9. Ask a stupid question. Get a stupid answer.

    Because Jennifer has no bones Why does my toothbrush not kill me in my sleep?
  10. Name That Song!

    Sorry, it has to be 5/25 words long. "We put our hands up, like the ceiling cant hold us" just cause he never really answered daft punk - television rules the nation and most recent post is Cant Hold Us - Mackelmore Be a very happy camper if someone gets this "Running in the nineties, is a new way I like to be"
  11. Ask a stupid question. Get a stupid answer.

    Why not :/ How are video game economys' started?
  12. Say one good thing about the avatar or signature above yours

    I like that Sonic is teaching counting? make me think of my nostalgic childhood game called "Sonic's Schoolhouse"
  13. You're banned!

    Banned for being a Yankee
  14. The Useless Quote Game

    You aren't exactly helping by bumping it again. neither are youA four minute bump isn't exactly harming anything compared to a four DAY bump. Wait, what did I miss?
  15. The Useless Quote Game

    Wait, what did I miss?