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  1. Lets Talk About What We Have On Battleblock Theater

    Can somebody help me with gems I need them for friends. GT:absorbbumblebee Send me a frind request. Thanks B-)
  2. This club looks like a purple bar club but this is for people who has got every single head. I have them all.
  3. Quiz For Gems!

    In total it's 480 solo+insane solo+co-op+insane co-op=120+120+120+120=480
  4. 1 More Head?

    I have all released heads, but I didn't get the last head. :-( :-(
  5. My Recent Vacation - Butter Island

    Awesome levels. Can somebody help me in creating a adventure levels and encores. Send me friend request. GT:Absorbbumblebee
  6. Last Star Head

    Everybody wants to know what will happen to 6th head but nobody knows it.
  7. Users Vs Mods 2.0

  8. Looking For Insane Coop Partner :d A++

  9. Need Testers

    GT:Absorbbumblebee :-D :-D :-P :-P
  10. Chicken Toucher!

    Me too. :-P
  11. Looking For Someone To Do Coop Insane ?

    I need help too I am on 3rd chapter. GT:absorbbumblebee
  12. A Hacker With Secret Heads?

    I didn't saw a hacker so I want to see him and trade with him. I won't get banned because I trade it and I didn't hacked it.
  13. Looking For Insane Coop Partner :d A++

    I am on 3rd chapter of insane can you help me I need a partner
  14. Last Star Head

    I think that 6th head the mith will be hatty or big chin.