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  1. Gold Skull Count

    Just got my 5th gold skull as green knight!
  2. Who Wants To Do Insane Mode With Me[Xbox 360]

    Little correction on my GT: XBOX Dawid2001
  3. Who Wants To Do Insane Mode With Me[Xbox 360]

    Shoot, forgot. I have got 4 gold skulls, trying to get one as green knight, so sorry for double posting.
  4. Who Wants To Do Insane Mode With Me[Xbox 360]

    I can help, just got gold for month, GT: XBOXDawid2001
  5. Any Tips For Juggling?

    Use XXYY for lighweight enemies and XYY for mediumweight.
  6. DLC Ideas Thread

    epic idea yea it sounds great Yeah lets make Civilian with buzzaws, bombs n' fire jump :3
  7. Gold Skull Count

    Sry, nope. Deal with it.
  8. Steam Winter Sale 2014

    I've got Castle crashers, that's my only loot
  9. Can Someone Help

    Ahh, nevermind.
  10. Plants vs Zombies (Fun Game)

    (Bump somehow) Yeah, I play this game, today beaten 39 waves in endless survival. Frikin' zombonis :L
  11. What We Want In Pit People

    Yeah allusions are good!I also want game 4 on xbox360.
  12. Gold Skull Count

    Marsh, 2, as stove face AND desert, 2 , as stove face
  13. Gold Skull Count

    4th skull with alien, thanks otto! (Btw otto got his final gold skull, gz)
  14. Gold Skull Count

    Np! Btw yesterday third gold skull on stove face.
  15. True Leaderboard Rankings For Castle Crashers

    Yeah its very confusing.