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  1. Nice "User of 2013" award.
  2. Kingdeathmore, you're banned for leaving out the "e" in "You're"!
  3. ARGH! I'm trying to get all the achievements in Alien Hominid HD and I have all of them except Head Chomper! I try in 2-1 but I still can't do it, any tips?
  4. Playlist: Trouble Gamer tag Progamers45 Super hard hope you don't cry. No really some people rate it bad and report it because it's so hard. Coop adventure
  5. Uhh... Scary?
  6. Put that thing in a spoiler man EDIT: Double quote? Forums y u du dis to me, now there's three pics! And now there's 5!
  7. potato farm thanks 4 the new pic btw <------------------------
  8. On Sunday my father called for us at noon.
  9. Nice of you for inviting me to your friend list.
  10. Focus on the topic, people.
  11. Didn't really poop
  12. Beefy Behemoth Chicken!
  13. But the award is for doing nothing for 1 second which practically everyone has. I wish I had some bubble gum right now. And its NOT poisoned.
  14. How about some shine, eh?