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  1. I (Kind Of) Make Art.

    Can you make it rainbow?
  2. I (Kind Of) Make Art.

    Unicorn with a shotgun (im trying to find the best one for my profile pic)
  3. [28-Nov-2014] Solo Feature: Cecil B. Great!

    I wish i had the steam version, I need this in my life.
  4. Who Is Sera?

    Sera is probably a wonderful individual In our community who likes to water the flowers. Don't ask who she is, only wonder, "what is unicornwithashotgun saying?"
  5. Anyone Want To Play With Me?

    Cause ill play
  6. Anyone Want To Play With Me?

    You online right now?
  7. An Idea For Battleblock Theater 2

    Yes i need this in my life. Battleblock Theater 2 is the true meaning of life
  8. Play Destiny With Me :d *ps4 Only*

  9. Battleblock Theater Plush Hats - Now Up In Our Online Store

    I need one of these SOOOO BAD!
  10. I Can Make Anything Into A Castle Crashers Style Character.

    If you can can you make a unicorn with a shotgun for me? That would be awesome! Thank you