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  1. Furrbottem

    Thank u man.
  2. Furrbottem

    Hello everyone I want to ask if its still possible to get the first prisoner the furr weekend. I want him realy bad but coulden't get him becouse my parents are spit up. So if someone can help me plz say it. Il be verry tankfull. :3
  3. The round pac man dude with headphone
  4. Yes

    Hello people I don't know if you know me but my account was hacked. And I could not make a new one because there was something wrong with the billing information. Good news I tryed again and it works. So now I can buy the game when it comes out. I'm so happy now And I can't wait.
  5. Alien Hominid On Steam

    THe full game not the flash BUT the flash is AWSOME
  6. Favourite Animal Orb?

    PAZZO couz he is so cute
  7. Battleblock Theater Pc

    I know I have patiance but thanks
  8. Behemoth's New Slogan:

    Its almost 2013 now no rush but the exitement
  9. If it is meat make it super meatboy ish
  10. Hello evryone, Is battleblock theater coming out on pc, I know it's realy hard but I have a problem. I used to play castle crashers on the xbox until my account got hacked. So I dicided to make a new account. Now the problem is I can't make a new account cous it always says my postal code is wrong, I tryd to fix it but nothing worked. Now I play castle crashers on the PC and thats why I hope Battleblock theater and alien hominid come out on pc I hope for the best.
  11. Alien Hominid Figures

    I don't know but person who trades services there alien hominid figures before? I don't know but maybe we sould sell them again. You can make some prototypes and let the people see if it gonna be a succes.
  12. Cutscene!!

    It was amazing