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  1. Weapon Ideas

    The grenade is definetly my favorite, sure it can bounce back, but most people will not have time to react
  2. Hey guys! One question?

    I heard in a interview that it will come out before the end of the year! No specific date though.
  3. Developement Blog Post?

    I heard in a interview that It will come out before the end of this year, but no set date.
  4. Developement Blog Post?

    I really want it to come out this year but they still have not set a release date!
  5. Developement Blog Post?

    That was funny and clever to put that video up!
  6. Battle block theater

  7. Developement Blog Post?

    No thank you!
  8. Developement Blog Post?

    That exactly wats going on
  9. Developement Blog Post?

    when do you guys think the next dev blog post is? it has not changed since April.
  10. Official NEW MEMBERS thread!

    I also like chicken as my animal orb
  11. Official NEW MEMBERS thread!

    Magic bananas here and I love women. My favorite castle crasher is the fencer because of his magic
  12. DLC Ideas Thread

    Why not a banana sword?
  13. Guess the release date?

    I hope so
  14. Price & Dlc Info

    Probably between 400 hundred and 800 hundred Microsoft points