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  1. the fourms is still dieing so
  2. i'm glad atleast you still stick around o v o
  3. hm.. seems like this fourm has died - ^ - i guess i'll head on to tvpaint fourms
  4. Recently i've been doing a lot of music and even more recently i've gotten into the dubstep world Here are some of my favorite tracks! (From newest to oldest) https://soundcloud.com/cyrus-the-animator/mixed-emotion-doses https://soundcloud.com/cyrus-the-animator/light-years https://soundcloud.com/cyrus-the-animator/vacation-tunes-cleaning https://soundcloud.com/cyrus-the-animator/evolve Anyway, tell me what you think! and how i should improve on it ^ v ^
  5. This is truely impressive, you have this certain oldish behemoth art style which really makes it cham i'm afraid you should have learned coding as a major without going into the animation and visual design first it takes a lot of time but coding is the major part of the game, a game can have the best visual design in the world but with really cheap and broken mechanics it's the worst game no matter what i'd advice you to take a month or 2 to learn coding as a whole then come back to visual design and planning out your game
  6. It's kinda still dead 0 ^ 0
  7. i kinda liked the recent posts thing, a lot of us did it was super helpful and kept the fourm looking alive =/ The "View New Content" button has the same general functionality so I don't see this as a huge issue tbh Oh, that changes views Thanks for letting me and a lot of other people know about this function even if i'm late to the party
  8. i kinda liked the recent posts thing, a lot of us did it was super helpful and kept the fourm looking alive =/
  9. I know right?? I was just about to say how this isn't confusing at all to new or old members. I thought I was the only one who thought it was good! I wonder how easy it will be to navigate the forums now. The recent posts thing was super clunky and useless. I'm glad Behemoth fixed it. Maybe it was meant to be like that in the first place. The Behemoth really informed their users about this change in advance hehehe *Fixed Where's the fun in that? it's still missing for me
  10. I know right?? something werid is going down =/
  11. New word: Great!
  12. Yeah i did! ^ v ^ thanks!
  13. Don't we all TT v TT
  14. Hello my fellow behemoth frwends It is i The squeaker who animates > . > anyway here's how much i've completed 0 v 0
  15. Older fnaf fans are now calling the fans of the sister location "Filkers" But the newer fnaf fans call them anti something (i can't remember X3) Fanbases aside, atleast toby fox isn't like scott.