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  1. Error Uploading Castle Crashers Saves From 360 To X1

    For anyone who was having issues uploading their save data: can you please try again and let us know if it is working for you now? Thanks!
  2. Castle Crashers "error Uploading Save Data" From 360 To X1

    For anyone who was having issues uploading their save data: can you please try again and let us know if it is working for you now? Thanks!
  3. Bbt Save Not Saving When It Should

    Hi hi! If you could answer a couple questions for me, that would be super helpful in starting the troubleshooting process: - What system are you playing BBT on? Steam, Xbox One, Xbox 360... - Are you getting any error messages? Thanks!
  4. Castle Crashers Remastered Xb1 Locks On Startup

    Hey hey! Normally, the fix for this is just a hard power down of the Xbox One. So, hold the power button for ~5 seconds until it turns all the way off, then unplug the Xbox One from the wall for just a few seconds. Then plug everything back in, turn the Xbox One back on, and see if you can boot Castle Crashers
  5. Castle Crashers "error Uploading Save Data" From 360 To X1

    Hey CheshireDelusion! Are you still encountering the problem this week?
  6. (Mac) Battleblock Theater Won't Run

    Hey Banzaiya! We have released patch 1.4 which should address the Flash Sprite error people were seeing on OSX 10.11. You can read the update notes here:
  7. Castle Crashers Remastered Isn't Free For Me

    If you're having any issues either seeing the $5 promo, or have any questions about the free period, please submit a support ticket so we can take a more thorough look Thanks!
  8. How To Transfer Data From The Xbox 360 To The Xbox One

    Just to clarify, it combines the highest stats/furthest progress between the two saves. For example: Xbox 360 save: Level 1 Orange Knight, Level 30 Blue Knight Xbox One (before transfer): Level 10 Orange Knight, Level 1 Blue Knight Xbox One (after transfer): Level 10 Orange Knight, Level 30 Blue Knight I hope that makes sense! From the original announcement:
  9. Castle Crashers Remastered Isn't Free For Me

    The free promotion went live today at Noon PDT - before that time, you would not have been seeing it for free. Here are a couple of things you can look at. First, make sure that you're signed in with the same Xbox Live Gold account that owns Castle Crashers on the Xbox 360. You may also need to reboot the Xbox One (just in case). Finally, you can sign in to the Xbox One website and see if it shows as free for you there. Some people were seeing it OK on the site before their Xbox One had updated: Let me know if you're still having any issues!
  10. Btt Service Down?

    Hey U-Knighted, Sorry for the delayed response. I was out for PAX Prime and wasn't able to hop on here during that time. However, looking through our support tickets, I don't see that anyone else was reporting this issue. Are you still having problems connecting?
  11. Icymi: We're Going To Pax Prime Again!

    Had a great time meeting our fans, both old and new, and telling everyone about Pit People! I was posted up at the "exit" for most of the show, so if I saw you, HI AGAIN! Hope you had a blast! Exclamation points! Very excite! Wow!
  12. Battleblock Theater Glitches

    Hey Hectic_Puppy, can you tell me what platform you're playing on?
  13. Screen Resoulution Issues

    Since you've already verified the cache and checked your DirectX version (great job getting those first steps done!) the next thing you need to do is make sure your video card drivers are up to date. We recommend that you uninstall the drivers for your video card completely, then go to your video card manufacturer's website and manually download the latest drivers. If you are overclocking your monitor's refresh rate, note that monitor overclocking is not supported by most video card manufacturers, and may cause issues with game or computer performance. We've heard many reports that an overclocked refresh rate >60 Hz will cause flickering, crashes, and blue screens. So , just double check your monitor resolution and make sure it isn't overclocked. Let me know if either of those steps works for you!
  14. Icymi: We're Going To Pax Prime Again!

    Looking forward to meeting our fans there, for the first tiiiiiiiiiiime!! <("<) (>")>
  15. Castle Crashers Golden Whale Pet Gone After Data Loss? (Xbox)

    You've done all the troubleshooting steps I would have started with, so we're going to have to go deeper. ----- 1. Delete Battleblock Theater and Castle Crashers from your Xbox 360's harddrive.(You will not have to repurchase these titles, you will just have to redownload) 2. Delete your profile from the Xbox 360. Make sure you choose the option DELETE PROFILE ONLY. (You will not have to make a new profile, you will just have to recover it). 3. Redownload your profile by selecting download profile from the Xbox Guide. 4. Once your profile has been recovered, redownload Battleblock Theater. 5. Once Battleblock Theater has been downloaded, redownload Castle Crashers. 6. If possible, earn an achievement in Battleblock Theater. If not, simply boot BBT and complete a stage, then exit to main menu. 7. Launch Castle Crashers, select Hatty, and proceed to the animal ark. ----- Then try to get the Golden Whale and let me know what happens! (And I agree - you absolutely need the whale. Whale is love. Whale is life.)