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  1. You're banned!

    banned edit: because ban
  2. Photoshop(Not Really)

    no magic happening edit: I swear, if this gets reported for sexuality or something, I am going to impersonate myself, and go inactive for a couple of years
  3. What game are you playing ATM?

    ori and the blind forest
  4. You're banned!

    banned because its been awhile and I got abducted by aliens, brainwashed, and now I've forgot how to play the game
  5. hey everybody, joyes world tour here, im baaaaaack

  6. Users Vs Mods 2.0

    mmmmmmmm, Spanish now? 44
  7. Never-Ending Post

    but i win (how are you even sopposed to win?)
  8. Cyrus's Supa Ultra Aamze Art Requests! (Super Fast Delivery)

    wow, thanks! (a little late, but it works(meaning i was late, not u(keep doing gud works)))
  9. Actual cannibal Shai lebouf
  10. Cyrus's Supa Ultra Aamze Art Requests! (Super Fast Delivery)

    ill get it done tommrow =DPS: i really like that idea i cant wait to draw it ^ - ^ PSS:its also my favorite Request so far! =D I like that you like that I like shovel knight
  11. Users Vs Mods 2.0

  12. I swear I'm gonna be the first to update
  13. Halloween Contest 2015 (New Form Link Included)

    I'm not joking, I was originally going to be the behemoth or a chicken