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  1. Could Game 4 Also Be On Nintendo Platforms?

    Maybe, we did get alien hominid for gamecube, THE MOST AMAZING CONSOLE EVER.
  2. The Amiibro Club

    I wish the villager amiibo wasn't so rare... Hes my favorite character to play as in smash. Also, is 200 a good price for a shulk amiibo? My friend has one unopened, but the top is bended. I'm pretty sure 200 is too much, but...
  3. Do You Think Popular Youtubers Are Getting Worse?

    I never watched Tobuscus, But youtubers like him Aren't getting many views now a days either, Like Onison, the angry video game nerd, and quite a few others...

  5. Do You Think Popular Youtubers Are Getting Worse?

    Any popular youtuber is better then what I remember on youtube 9 years ago...
  6. Cyrus's Supa Ultra Aamze Art Requests! (Super Fast Delivery)

    Can you make alien hominid and invader zim fighting?