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  1. Hello I'm MadBestKiller and I'm one of the top arena players for castle crashers. I truly love this game, it has a great story with excellent replay value and a decent competitive element. Im the type of player that loves fighting games and I believe the core concept castle crashers has the potential to create an epic unique fighting game respected by all. One that may be featured in Evolution aka EVO which is the biggest fighting game tournament in the world for various games. Castle crashers has an excellent base which I would like to see grow to its full potential. I can think of a few examples that would add a real competitive element to it. 1. Have each character have different juggles or combos like how the green knight has a different juggle. 2. Have in-game tutorials to show people how to combo and juggle so there's not a giant skill gap like there is in CC now. Since most people don't know how to juggle. 3. Make it so when you get knocked down, while getting up you can role up, down, left or right to try to escape your opponent. It's a bit broken that you can juggle someone for free after a knockdown if you have good timing. 4. Invincible wake up moves. These could be moved that allow you to hit your opponent while your getting up from a knocked but leave you vulnerable if the enemy blocks or avoids it. Much like a shoruken from street fighter. And you guys in behemoth can take inspiration from other fighting games but just make it your own. You guys made a great game but you should want to make that kind of game even better. You could always do that with BBT/Pit people as well. You guys don't have to make a different kind of game each time. Sequels aren't a bad thing, just down make 50 castles crashers like call of duty does. Thanks for reading.
  2. Banned for being close to the name Hugo
  3. Yo as the best castle crasher player on earth I should be a mod
  4. I love fighting games and have tried several times to get into SF4, but I just can't. I don't know what it is about SF games, but I can't just sit down and enjoy them like most fighters. SF5 is looking freaking sweet though.Also I've been playing more Monster Hunter, FF9 (£4 on the PSStore) & I just started Helldivers (free with PSPlus). Helldivers is fun...but the servers are broken as hell right now with the influx of PSPlus players, so I can only play it solo. It was not designed to be played solo... Street fighter 4 is a hard game to get into. From the moment you start everyone online is freaken amazing compared to a new player. You gotta get good fast. I was able to get good enough to compete with the online population quickly thanks to my past fighting game experiences. But yeah man sf5 looks beast. When I'm able to get a ps4 I'm getting that.
  5. I'm mostly playing ultra street fighter 4
  6. Banned because I really have a lot my posts than that on these forums .
  7. I can't wait for the next fallout game from you guys.
  8. Banned for not being apathetic.
  9. This made me burst out laughing lol. Who would buy this.
  10. I am MBK there for I win. And yes that logic completely follows. There's not a major hole in that at all.
  11. I'm posting this so I can see the last page. I can't skip to the last one from my phone. So delete this one and my next post will be a legit one so accept that one.
  12. Your banned for making a forum where you can't skip to the last page on a huge topic on a mobile phone.
  13. Serious town doesn't really go with a gaming forum anyway.