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  1. So things change while I was gone...

  2. Alien Hominid Cave Storyish

    So I got bored and decided to make Alien Hominid look sorta look like the protagonist form Cave Story. I added the little black outlines that the original Cave Story sprite because it looks weird when it's not there.
  3. School Is On Monday. Kill Me Pls

  4. I just beat Battleblock Theater! Have to say, it's my new favorite game!!

  5. I'll Draw Something For You

    I'm bored so if you want I'll draw something for you. I'll draw in my art style. Since I'm not big I'll put 2 Deviantart links of drawings with the art style.
  6. I'll Draw Something For You

    Here: Sorry it's not all that great. I had limited colors and I'm not all that good at drawing animals Sorry!
  7. Nobody ever uses paper to draw anymore :(

  8. What game are you playing ATM?

    League of Legends and Gmod.
  9. I'll Draw Something For You

    Here: I had to draw the arms like 50 times.
  10. What Are Your Favorite Soundtracks From Games?

    I really like the Fast Like A Fox OST. I can't find a video that has any of the songs from the game, so your gonna have to play it for yourself.
  11. Castle Crashers Green Knight

    Here's a little something I drew about an hour ago.
  12. Custom Heads!

    I have some heads. Gigan, Jason Voorhees, Heavy, and a Xenomorph.
  13. Anyone Have tips for drawing like Dan?

    Try drawing with a picture for reference.
  14. Alien Hominid Drawing

    I just drew this because I was bored. No color because I'm lazy.
  15. About a month ago I made this dumb picture of Red Knight.
  16. Best Knight In The Game?

    It has to be a tie between The Blacksmith, Hatty, and Alien Hominid.
  17. Don't Forget Your Keys


    Well since I couldn't get it I guess I could find them on ebay. *Checks ebay* Why are they not there? *Checks everywhere online* The only thing I could find was a pin, and some dumb shirt that said "This Guy/Gal Plays Alien Hominid" Well time to pull out the Legos...
  19. Alien Hominid On Steam

    This would be a great idea because the only way we can Alien Hominid on PC is with emulators and the original flash game.
  20. 12 New Castle Crashers Knights

    These should be in Castle Crashers 2.
  21. Green Knight

    Pretty Gud