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  1. Can you re-enter secret areas?

    Arent town teleporting with you? As you know town changes its location
  2. Capturing a kill target

    Which quest my dear friend; it would be helpful to say which quest it so makers of game can fiks the problem. Maybe you are young and that's perfectly cool! In internet eve r ything is pretty rad. And act like othe r people a r e really neat because they totally are! I dont know whe r e you live, we will neve r meet so I'm glad we were able to have a friendly interaction through this online forum! Have a nice day!
  3. Game Could be Better

    I will not waste your time There must be tiny buffs and everything must have unique random points like pokemons so all Trolls will be %5 difference that randomly generated and difference will increase as they level up. Not moving buff: if you dont move you will have buff, buff will miserably increase each turn. Attacking to same guy buff: if your champion keeps fighting with same person, it will gain buff against that enemy. And buff will increase. random movespeed: Each turn all movespeeds will randomly change. It can be 0 or its value. So you move less or not move; its luck. More random damages: can be 0 damage.. Items will have random numbers. Delete old items: a button will delete 1 week old and never used items. Stab, Slash, Smash: there will be 3 melee elements and 3 type of armors for countering. Metal weak against stab, strong against slash. Naked weak smash, dodges easily from stab. Leather weak slash, strong smash. Monsters must have more weakness and resistance; Giants, Hairtrolls feels OP and some units are joke, some stuff very lame. Game doesnt feel like rock paper thing
  4. questions upon questions

    No but all units a r e same, you will lea r n. Play mo r e. r anged attacks can miss o r hit walls. Ente r to town, leave the town; it must be saved. 3 side quests, 1 main sto r y. You will dest r oy that castle. Dont ask questions; lea r n things by you r self. Game not complete, it is test.
  5. What We Want In Pit People

    Buffs and debuffs %10. That will effect st r ategy