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  1. I can see how the unicorn has rainbow explosives now...
  2. Here is my submission. I am still new to the pixelart style but yeaah.... All well I hope you guys like it
  3. Hi everyone, My name is Helpinghand97 on twitter. I was one of the winners of the Behemoth Retweet Giveaway for their new Strategy shirt which you can find if you look at my twitter :D. I currently only own Castle Crashers but I really enjoy it and really want Pit People. I am also participating in the Valentines Contest so check that out for my art work. I am also an inspiring developer and I look up to behemoth for their quality of work. You guys do a great job keep up the good work
  4. I guess I have to post something here a few times to actually be able to post something for the valentines competition?
  5. Well this is the first step of many. Thought you guys would like to get some inspiration from this. I know what I want to make and its going to take a while but I think this will turn out at least decent.