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  1. Most players don't seem to know or just plain don't use the other demi-clops besides Yosef. They are much more rare and by the time you find any you already have a large amount of humans much stronger. Really there doesn't seem to be much difference, which is a shame waste of a race. The answer is already in the game though when you have to recruit a cyclops to end an argument and the cyclops tells the group "he can focus better because he has one eye" ding-ding-ding! If a fully grown cyclops is a hulking brute who cant use a bow, the smaller version should capitalize on their ability to focus with weapons. I mean bows and rapiers. I rarely see more then 1 bow or rapier in a group in a serious team because they are a liability. If you made demi-clops stronger with bows and gave em more dodge they would be able to breathe more life into builds as a swift frontliner or a powerful backliner. Humans with rapiers is good but not ideal. So why not just make humans awful with rapiers and more defense and demi-clops more dodge. Just a thought, really does seem like a waste of a race and there are no difference between them and humans as far as i've seen and tested.
  2. I'm sure there's alot more "Story" and stuff coming which I'm excited to see. I've ran through the sub quest several times collecting "quest fighters" only found that way, and also been hunting colored named fighters on Insanity. One thing I noticed is the world map is a little stale. Once you know how to drive and have enough coins to spend on nitro it's very simple to get around. Not the good kind of simple, the unchallengeing kind. Don't get me wrong I love how easy it is to hunt for my roster, but it's not "fun." I know one thing I'd enjoy, if the world map monsters did more then chase me. I mean what if I was driving by a mushroom and he released a spore cloud? I'd have to add more maneuvering or drive through and my fighters would slowly lose health while in the cloud! I'd like the monsters to "attack" the wagon, not just chase. Have some ideas on how each race can effect the wagon causing an effect. Monster Improvements Human/Cyclops - Varies depending on Defense gear described below. Bows are on there too as they can not use shields. Net - Snares the wagon if it connects, movement stopped for 2 seconds. Large Shield - High chance to Block wagon's cannon like the Elites on Worldmap. Medium Shield - Moderate chance to block. Small Shield - Little chance to block Small Bow - Fires 4 times at wagon inaccurately, hits hurt one fighter slightly Medium Bow - Fires twice at wagon accurately, hits hurt one fighter moderately Mortar - Fires once at the wagon where it lands is an explosion. Direct hits deal slight to moderate damage to all fighters. Splash damage only slightly hurts a few fighters. Harpoon - Fires once at wagon. A hit heavily hurts one fighters. Not like kill him but make you consider using a camp if say your net guy was hurt badly and you need him to recruit. Melee & Thrown - NO IDEAS Mushroom - Releases Poison Cloud over 3 tiles surrounding it that slowly lowers fighters health in wagon. This would make even weak packs a threat because they could use the cloud as a retreat tactic. Pixie - Does an explosive attack on a tile. Tile flashes briefly before exploding. After which it is on fire and if the wagon is on it fighters rapidly lose health. Pretty much the upgraded damage version on a mushroom over a lesser area. Mascot - When defeated it self destructs already, add a second before the explosion and have it deal massive damage to wagon fighters if caught in blast This would catch lazy players off guard if they dont drive away fast after battle summary. Could also cause a player to accidentally bump into another fighter without healing in areas crammed with monsters like candyland. Also could help a player because you could make it so the blast kills any pursuers, making fighting them a possible option for you if your being chased or effected by other map effects. Electrobot - Randomly teleports around map, when the wagon is noticed the frequency increases. This would make avoiding them alot harder, especially if it jumped in a path cutting you off while being chased already. Gnome - When it comes into contact with another monster pack it will flip it away in the direction its moving. Gnomes are never a front man, so they wouldn't "attack" the wagon. Instead increase their speed slightly more then the wagon. This forces you to have to hit them with the cannon rather then dodge. If you do increase speed this can cause them to chuck monsters ahead of them, ahead of you! Now you have to pick a fight! Kobolds - Unaffected by cannon blasts radius. They are small, resistant to fire, and meant to hunt archers, makes sense they dont get hurt by blast damage and harder to hit. You would need a direct hit to stun them with wagon cannons Zombie - If hit by a direct cannon blast it dies. If a player touches a zombie tombstone it triggers a battle. Tombstone will be flashing if a battle is possible. Let's face it, there are numerous ways to get zombies, if you ever tried to catch the Necroduke, or Sid you know there are plently of zombies. This helps players stop annoying battles with this monster group. Subsequently this still makes them dangerous creating a landmine style battle. Spidaur - Like the "Net" described above, only if it misses it remains on the ground temporarily. Makes backtracking a bad idea. Octoclops - Fires a projectile that causes the players controls to be inverted temporarily. Like its battle attack, the octoclops can confuse a players movements cause them to collide with enemies. Wraith - Will fly over terrain the wagon cant. Wraiths are like reaper so if it wants to fight you it should just gun straight for you. If it doesn't want to fight you then that can make catching up to it without shooting it hard to do. Gorgon - Shoots a fast moving acid ball which slows down the wagon The near-unavoidable version of the net Does not "stop" the wagon only slows it down. Vampiress - If a fighter is dead in your wagon or critcal health, the blood it attracts Vampiress which spread wings and chase you at great speed. Adds more importance to Resurrection potions. If your low on health and no potions you might want to find a way around or target the vampiress Hair Troll - Recovers much faster from stun Trolls recover quickly from damage in battle, makes sense they wouldn't be dazed as long Troll Mom - when stunned will spit out a mini troll to chase the wagon that lives for a few seconds. Like in battle just cause mom's stunned doesn't mean there isn't a kid or two to fight her battle for her. Unicorn - Fires a blast that launches the wagon in a random direction. Know one knows what a unicorn is actually thinking, or why it enjoys tossing wagons into the sky... Cupcake - Scared ones drop splotches of health that slightly heal one fighter. Finally in this new hell I call a World Map an ally! Yes, if you are strong enough to bully around living baked goods you deserve to exploit it, Chase the cupcake around to heal your fighters... Oh btw should the heals attract monsters to the sweet healing too? Ok now that the world is so much deadlier how's about we arm are wagon up in the same fashion. Let use our "Hero." I won't go into as much detail cause you can probably guess how this will help you Human/Cyclops - Varies depending on Defense gear described below. Bows are on there too as they can not use shields. Net - Toggle a monster type to "hunt" for. If its in a pack an icon is shown "like mr. whispers'" quests Large Shield - High chance to Block incoming damage attacks Medium Shield - Moderate chance to block. Small Shield - Little chance to block Small Bow - Wagon fires alot faster but inaccuratly Medium Bow - Wagon fires slightly faster accurately Mortar - Fires a massive shell, long reload time Harpoon - Cannon's projectile travels much faster increasing accuracy Melee & Thrown - NO IDEAS Mushroom - Immune to mushrooms poison on world map Pixie - Immune to fire on world map Mascot - Damage Resistance from world map attacks Electrobot - Invisible to robots Gnome - Wagon moves slightly faster. Kobolds - Archers flee in terror Zombie - Vampiress ignores the stench Spidaur - pass over webbing without being stuck, direct hits only slow wagon down not stop it Octoclops - Immune to disorientation Wraith - Gnomes flee in terror Gorgon - Immune to acid's slow effects Vampiress - Weak enemy packs that will flee are highlighted red. Hair Troll - Slightly more monsters are less likely to chase you. Troll Mom - Hair Trolls avoid you. Unicorn - Adds a rainbow effect to your cannon projectile and direct hits not only stun but send the monster flying. Cupcake - Stronger healing after battle Think that about covers them all. Looks a little more vicious then it seems but definitely an improvement. I remember when I learned about the hidden "lever" loot I was excited. Then 30 minutes later I was right back where i was cause it was so easy to avoid monsters I rounded em all up back to back in less then an hour. This would actually add alot more to "exploring the world" cause as it is I can knock out all the current world has to offer one after another. I can just go straight for subquests like a checklist. Now if the world were more hostile I'd be more worried about traveling farther from town for that sub quest in the ice area when I'm in candyland at the bottom. Not to mention alot more overall excitement of being chased and higher need for co-op for a 2nd gunner to actually aim & get a 2nd wagon perk, instead of a man and his wagon vs the world. Not to mention I'm sure developers could do alot story wise and mission wise with these included in the game. Such as "Spidaur Nests" where going in without a spider hero driving your wagon probably wouldnt be such a hot idea whole ground could just be splattered in webbing. How about a toxic mushroom forest by toliet town caused by it's wastes? Really do think this would increase the overall replay value about going out into the world for some fun hunting.
  3. So I noticed the Bespeckled Horse (the hint giraffe) mentions-oh hold on one sec... *puts up an Impenetrable Cereal Box Fort to protect from hate* ...Mentions that "This game needs microtransactions..." and I *looks around* have to agree. Don't get the wrong idea I'm only trying to help the game with funding without doing straight charity lol. Personally Yes they are lots of ad-ons and flair for your humans to use. However they all look the same. I know we got bonus Castle Crasher helms (which no offense look awful on anything not a cyclops.) Not too mention their stats arent -ahem- "useful" So lets fix that and make you a buck... Literally, one dollar. Let me buy "Red Knight" give him a Red Font Name and make his shirt red at least if you want go the extra mile and make him a human shape that matches the Helmet we have to use currently. I would do it especially if I could get the Necromancer. Now here's where I'm gonna expand into Achievements, Legendary Items, and a unique feature. Lets start legendary item. Now you have the helm, and a colored shirt. What else does a good crasher need... a weapon. Make All the crashers, pink knight, and necromancer main weapons in-game for everyone. I was thinking 1 would be randomly hidden randomly in a hidden cash trove on the world map everytime the Bear moves the city. so in order to find it you have to feel for the rumbles and hope your lucky, unlike buttons/levers which are fixed position. Now what do these weapons do? NOTHING!!! Yup nothing... on their own. However combine the weapon, with the helm, and the proper knight you get a Unique feature. Like Voltron, now that the Red Knight is Whole he now has use of his full power... "Chain Lightning" like robots. Yeah its nothing too fantastic I mean but I had some ideas: Red Knight - Robot's Chain Lightning Orange Knight - Hits can cause an Fiery Knockback Green Knight - When connected to 3 or more enemies does a Mushrooms Poison Attack that always poisons enemies Blue Knight - When 1 space is between him and an enemy he will use an Ice Spear like a thrown axe that can freeze Pink Knight - Double Healing from Cupcakes Necromancer - When he kills a non-zombie enemy they resurrect immediately as a zombie for your side. Basically its just your normal human with a perk I mean I guess you couldnt make the weapons a little buffed elemental wise also. I mean have to make worth something for the non-paying people right. Red-lightning, Orange - fire, Green-poison, Blue-ice, Pink-Rainbow (we need anti ghost weapons!), Necromancer-def plus. Last but not least, Achievements. I was thinking that for assembling all 4 crashes into 1 build set you unlock the achievement "Pit Crashing! - Assemble all 4 Castle Crashers in Pit People (thanx!)" and then if you add the Pink Knight & Necromancer to that same build to fill the last two slots of the set you unlock "Can we come too! - Assemble a full team of 6 crashers." Ya know what lets just put one more achievement in, for the non-paying players. "These look strangly familiar - Find all 6 Epic Weapons on the world map" Now that I've explained it let's recap. You have the castle crashers helmets in game which arent much use, we need new human/demi-clops "bodies." My idea gets you that new body, finds a use for those bad helms by giving you a perk, and gets you some gamerscore. How much does this cost you tho? $1, one dollar, uno dinero... that's it. (per character, taxes and fees may apply as per your country or ctate). I mainly say this cause I love Castle Crashers, The Behemoth, Newgrounds was probably the first website I ever lurked like 20 years ago. I'd gladly give you $1 to help your game and get some more collaboration stuff in Pit People. Not to mention this is viable for your other game. Perhaps a hidden helmet for a vampire that turns him into alien hominid instead with a blaster pistol and a bite melee that heals like the vampire your using, wings are changed to a teleport so he still a vampire but with a gun attack, ringing any bells, anyone like it, anyone? Anyways you can all flame me for trying to help them fund the game your playing now, but please do also provide some input on the ideas themself
  4. Eh I kinda agree with giggi Kobolds are good at killing archer but most smart serious people use thrown projectiles or a single mortar. So your kobolds wont be much use after they kill that single mortar or archer. Zombies have a bit of bite to back them up. I love kobolds I have a themed army for em (kinda half troll half serious, 1 human 1 spidaur 1 cyclops 2 kobold pairs) like OP says they really cant be effective in 90% of fights because 1 vs 1 they really cant beat anything but an archer and maybe a gnome. Really I just think they need a dodge increase in general or stun resistance. Their description says they are supposed to be good at avoiding arrows but i see maybe 17/20 arrows hitting everytime. Archers are pretty good at handling kobolds on their own they usually just need a sword push or two to deal the killing blow to a kobold. I know throwing axes are DEATH to a lone kobold which in my opinion is what a kobold should be able specialize in. They should be as elusive as fairies to thrown axes and any projectile which would force an axe thrower to fight up close like he would 1 vs 1 a fairy.instead of how it is now where the axe thrower backs up 1 space and stuns the kobold, attacks again, now the kobold is near death and cant fight. 1 vs 1 kobold vs axe thrower should go as so; if the axe thrower uses range he's at disadvatage. If the axe thrower has higher health and fights melee then he can outlast a lone kobold. That 1 vs 1 but kobold come in twos. 1 vs 2 kobolds an axe thrower can do as i say just back up and stun em out usually but at more lost health. Kobolds will win but only if they have a lvl advantage or they dont get stunned. This is what I think giggi is refering too. They cant fight anything with a melee weapon and axe throwers are death to them which should be opposite. 2 kobolds vs 1 axe thrower should be a given kobold win forcing the axe thrower to retreat completely, not back peddle fight a kobold pack and come out on top. So in conclusion kobolds need a buff in the dodge category or immunity to stun. I say immunity because these are comparable in lore to a goblin and a raptor combined. In my eyes that mean they are bloodthirsty pack hunters with a one track mind, kill. They shouldn't be stunned by being hurt, they should get pissed off and leap at their attacker clawing at the eyes in rage! Heck thats not a bad passive idea actually (gives it thought) Rage - When a Kobold loses its partner it gets an extra stab in its attack sequence and a +2 attack bonus. I can see this making sense. "Mr. Whispers" says himself how amazing a kobold's bond is. Having their other half die should infuriate them! This would make things definitely more fair in the kobold vs axe thrower struggle. Now the axe thrower cant single one out. He has to kill them at once or risk the wrath of a very pissed off kobold. This would also make them more viable in non-archer fights. You could purposely use one as a meat shield and then when it dies use the other to make a quick push and finish off a target. Them be my thoughts on this topic.
  5. I know that it takes awhile to add stuff to a game so I'm gonna pitch this now. I love how Mascots self destruct but in all the missions they never really have a main role other then a defence target or a quest target like the Musician Teacher quest. So I got a quest idea that should be fun. "Survive, I mean start the festival" There's a Demi-Clops (cause we need more non-humans, and so far these are the least I see.) named "Uncle Spam, Fireworks Man" and he needs you to end the festivities by starting the fireworks show (you see where I'm going with this) with as many casualties as possible because the festival last year ended with them beating up Uncle Spam as a mob after a "miss-fire" caused all the Mascots to explode in the storage Pen all at once resulting in a no show. So this year Uncle Spam wants his revenge! Use the Mascots to kill the bystanders and give them the best & last fireworks show they'll ever see. -World Map encounter- Uncle Spam: HEY!! You there, with the axes. I need your help with something important! Yosef: Something important, what you mean? Uncle Spam: I'm in charge of the fireworks at the end of the "blah blah blah festival" and I need an assistant to help me blow the charges. Gotta have good aim & stay back, you don't want to caught in the crowd when it goes off! Pipistrella: To be clear. Did you say you want them to explode IN the crowd? Uncle Spam: Yeah of course I do. Last year they nearly killed me because all my fireworks went off backstage at once and they demanded I do this year out of my own pocket! I only agreed to save my life! So this year's show will be their last! Yosef: All right, count me in! Horatio: You want to do this? Yosef: Well yeah, be a real bummer if they got no show two years in a row and I definitely don't wan't to miss it either! Then you go into a map where there is 6-9 Blue allies on the field. One is Uncle Spam the rest is mixed races of Festival Partiers, and then there's 8 enemy Mascots far from everyone. The idea is to get the mascots to travel to the festival partier allies and blow them up so they are killed in the explosion. After 2 of the festival people die they realize Spam's Scam and decided to finish what they started last year. You have to keep Spam alive and kill all the partiers & fireworks before they kill him. The amounts of enemies will need to be tweaked after testing to make it challenging and fair. Here's more Dialog ideas for battle. -at start- Uncle Spam: All right I placed the fireworks already, so once I spray this attractant on myself they'll start coming. Wait for them to get in the crowds before blowing them. -after 1st turn- Partier 1: Hey what gives, aren't they supposed to be on the other side?! Partier 2: Yeah I sat here all afternoon for the best spot!!! Uncle Spam: No worries friends, extra precautions were made to make sure this year is a success! -after 1st partier death- Partier 3: Hey Spam whats going on!? Uncle Spam: WHAT!? You wanted a better FREE show. It gets better! You'll get what you deserve I promise! -after 2nd pariter death- Partier 4: The fireworks are out of control! Partier 5: This is all Uncle Spams fault! GET HIM!!! Uncle Spam: Hurry up and start the finale!! -Mission Success- Uncle Spam: Wow what a show! Pipistrella: I have to say I feel bad for the Mascots more then the people. Uncle Spam: Don't worry they're covered under "Uncle Spam's Family Plan." Their families are well looked after and enlisted in next years show! Yosef: Hey let me know when that is, I think I have a talent for this. Uncle Spam: Yeah! I do birthday parties too if your interested? Horatio: We'll pass. -Mission Failure- Yosef: Whoa! Uncle Spam went ka-blam! Pipistrella: What did he expect covering himself in Napalm as a Mascot Lure... Unique Reward Ideas 1. "Sparkler" Light Sword - causes fire damage and accuracy loss 2. "Bottle Rockets" Light Bow - Explosive Damage 3. "Roman Candle" throw/gun - Range Like the "Cyber Gun" but weaker and causes accuracy loss Basically things that cause explosive, fire, and accuracy debuffs because good fireworks tend to be loud and blinding. Love the game. Wish I could do more really hahaha. Can't wait for more to be added. P.S. I know theyre are special color names but idk if they are bound to one name or if i can find same name in a different color, Reason I ask is I'm on a mission to catch a human or demi-clops named "Sleepy" hopefully in Purple Font to use as a main character cause my gamertag is "SleepySRH" I hope its possible and if not you should make it so for me haha.