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  1. Thinking of names for the characters

    I vote Count Montemotionsen for the Mad Man. Think about it.
  2. Castle Crashers Boss contest!!

    is there gonna be another contest any time soon?
  3. Castle Crashers Machinima

    I don't see how you don't understand, he's making a machinima, and has certain requirements for joining.
  4. D3X's CC Machinima Actor List...... PLEASE DON'T LOCK!

    woo! I made thief AND grey knight! quick idea, i also have the demon if you need him as a character, and the homonid.
  5. Castle Crashers Machinima: NEED ACTORS!

    when do we start filming?
  6. nobody plays this anyways.

    I'm up for some left 4 dead playthroughs, sign me up! GT: elite gunner258
  7. FT's small sized hand-drawn art!

    I'm back, with new art! a super soldier, a frogglet thief, a behemoth version of me, and a cyclops' lament!
  8. Castle Crashers Machinima: NEED ACTORS!

    I'm up for thief! and writing if you need, I've got some jokes that could be used at any time. I'm also up for a generic grey knight and any filler characters ya may be needin'. GT: elite gunner258
  9. Castle Crashers Machinima

    Hey, I'll help out, I've been in a few machinimas and written a bit for my friends. XBL: elite gunner258 AIM: rabidrabbit923 If ya need some help I'd be happy to do a whole series.
  10. Castle Crashers comics!

    From boredom comes great things, so here's some Castle Crashers comics! You can submit your own aswell.
  11. A Green Knight Theory (not to be racist)

    Well after the comments, here's the red knight:
  12. Story ideas

    That's assuming that they don't ask for your idea, and possibly pay you legal tender, though I wouldn't ask for it. They'd also have to trust you not to say anything about it. But it's nice to think of these ideas, only a handful of people could guess what it's going to be, if anyone at all. But it's fun to try, or show your ideas to other people and have them commenting on what's good and bad about the idea, not whether it's made or not. This is about what we'd like to see, not what's going to happen.
  13. FT's small sized hand-drawn art!

    New art!
  14. I can't wait for the characters to be made. Obviously, my choices would be the frogglet and the thief, and i'd make the back ground probably the home castle, where the intro and ending are.
  15. Playing CC from lvl 1 for video.

    Hey, I'll join up when ya need me. Not too many high level characters at all, but I'll be free for a video most any time ya need. GT: elitegunner 258