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  1. Sometimes I like it when a sub-boss is tougher/more memorable than the final boss. Not that I didn't enjoy either fight in CC, but I do like the final bits of the game the way they are. Maybe Necro knows he's strong enough to be at the top, but follows the Wizard anyway, because his abilities put him in a greater position to take over the kingdom than Necro's? Who knows? I like the idea of an extended Necro fight, though. That would be rad. Also I'm moving this thread over to the Castle Crashers section, because it makes more sense over there.
  2. Yeah, you can type [spoiler][/spoiler] to enter spoiler tags
  3. Hey friend, I see you're trying to submit a piece of art to The Behemoth's Valentine's Day Contest. You should be able to enter the contest by clicking the 'Reply to this topic' button found at the top right of the following topic page: If you're uploading from your PC, just click the 'Drag files here to attach, or choose files' button at the bottom of the reply window to post your image.
  4. I have yet to try VR because I don't know anyone who's shelled out for a headset yet, but I'm hoping I get to try it soon. Resident Evil 7 sounds like a great game but I'm really bad at first person horror games, even without VR. I'm fine going back to old RE and Silent Hill games (although I've only really played the first SH), but when it comes to first person I'm a total wuss. I only got about half way through Amneisa before I had to call it quits. If I had to play VR horror I think I'd end up having a heart attack or something.
  5. Not sure how long Super will run for but I've been enjoying the show since they finally finished re-capping the movies. I understand the writers wanted to expand on the movie content a little more, but the Battle of Gods and Golden Freiza arcs were unnecessarily long in comparison to their movie counterparts. Overal I think some episodes are hit and miss (same goes for the animation), but when Super gets everything right its fun to watch imo.
  6. I mean, you can get a bunch of PS1 classics and the old Monster Hunter games on Vita, which is how I got the most value out of mine... But you're right, the only Vita games I have that are Vita-specific software (not PS1/PSP classics) are DOA5 & Garou:MoW, both of which I own better versions of on PS4. This doesn't mean I don't love my Vita though; I still play it pretty often. Its a decent console, even if it is almost dead in the west.
  7. JJBA is a lot of fun to watch. Its crazy mix of serious battles and comedy moments is just what I look for in anime these days.
  8. Guys I'm so happy Gintama is back I didn't even know it was coming back so soon so that makes it even better
  9. It happens for me too. Youtube videos are huuge.
  10. Yessss. I have a ton of Pendulum tracks in my Spoofy gaming playlist. Saw them live when they were at their biggest years ago. Great stuff.
  11. Hot damn that's some funky beats. Bookmarked for some rad tunes later.
  12. MGR was easily my GOTY 2013 behind Pokemon Y. Is gooood This year my favourites have been Titanfall 2, Street Fighter V & Monster Hunter Generations. I highly recommend all 3
  13. Titanfall 2 is awesome here's an alien doggo jumping off of a building
  14. I finished up my first playthrough of Aragami (stealth action game, think Tenchu but with a shadow teleport gimmick) yesterday without killing a single enemy (rip PS4 framerate). It was tough but worth it in the end. Or it would have been, if my save file didn't mess up. After finishing my no kill run yesterday afternoon and spending a bit of time in multiplayer yesterday evening, I spent a couple hours this morning beating the first 3 chapters killing all enemies without detection (because its kind of tough doing both at once). But I just started the game back up this afternoon and the game has reverted my progress back to the second to last chapter of my no-kill run. I still have the trophies as proof of completion, but my cool skins and hard work just got thrown out the window. Now I'm scared to go back and finish up my all kills no detections run in case it messes up my save again.
  15. Technically Vin didn't post the number 1 so you guys wouldn't have had to restart. You have to now, though.
  16. (We've known you for like 5 years now here on the forums. Wow, half a decade is a long time)
  17. The beta is happening right now, but people seem to be using the Discord server and Steam forums for the Steam beta instead
  18. Hi Luke, nice to see another new face around here. This thread kind of overlaps with the "What game are you playing ATM?" thread though, so I'm going to lock it up as a duplicate. You're totally free to go post about what games you're playing over in the other thread as well though. If you have any questions about this feel free to drop me a message!
  19. -Faster transitions between page numbers -Faster instant updates to threads you're viewing -Nicer looking profile designs and UI Don't just focus on the negatives lol. This is day #1 I'm sure stuff can be changed eventually. Also, let's face it, the old forums were technically outdated and needed this upgrade. Compared to a lot of other forums out there we were trailing.
  20. Okay seriously I went to bed with hiccups and I just woke up and I still have the hiccups and what the heck its driving me nuts please stop.
  21. I wouldn't call myself a hardcore Digimon fan, but I nearly 100%ed Cyber Sleuth (besides grinding out the last few medals) because I enjoyed it so much. It was just a fun, well made, classic style JRPG. Since I had such a great time with CS I'll probably end up picking up Next Order, too. I managed to find CS pretty cheap on release so if I can do the same for Next Order I'll be happy to get it asap. Also I was awful at it and never got very far, but I loved Digimon World on PS1 as a kid. If Next Order can refine the gameplay and tweak the difficulty of that game I'm sure it'll be a hit.
  22. This CE is awesome, no doubt about that. And for $70 it's pretty good deal, too. It's a big shame there's no plans for an EU release, but I guess the nostalgia factor of the figure won't be as high for EU users, which might hurt sales a bit. They'd have to remake the figure so Sonic is standing on an EU Mega Drive instead of an NA Genesis or something: