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  1. Just got my shiny charm last week, so that's pretty good.
  2. Sure, I'll help sometime over this next week. Have it all off, @dransk<3
  3. As an admin on the wiki, I will be sure to delegate that to someone else As for your question, all I can remember is that it is in one of the insane mode stores.
  4. Not sure how I feel about this new UI.. Gonna give it a chance though
  5. Most likely just my childhood nostalgia, but check out Fossil Fighters (the original). Played it for 500+ hours on my DS as a kid.
  6. Sombra's upload rate is downright pitiful, I hope they add her before season 2 just to make comp as balanced as possible going in.
  7. Practice XXYY juggling, do not touch the ground.
  8. Just got my E-mail for the beta
  9. Banned for insinuating that California has the best anthem
  10. Banned for being in Ogikubo.
  11. Messaged.
  12. I have a gut feeling that Minior is the evolutionary chain for this region's pseudo-legendary. Also, I hope that the callable pokemon replaces HMs.
  13. Definitely not pre-ordering, I've gotten screwed by too many bad Sonic games in a row. However, I will get it if it turns out to be good.
  14. I made a secondary playlist for moobot requests, and realized too late that they only run off of OBS. Not letting my playlist go to waste though https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLd6lzUOr1NANjkbOz_zSlq0Hl7RCGzp9D