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      RTX 2017 - Booth 401   06/02/2017

      We’re headed back to Austin, Texas for our 5th time exhibiting at Rooster Teeth Expo (RTX)! You’ll be able to find us at RTX 2017 Booth 401 (next to our friends, Supergiant Games) from July 7 to July 9 and we’re going to have lots of new stuff this year.   See our Blog Post for all the details, including the new merch we're bringing with us! 

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  1. Hey Guys! I'm trying to collect all the bbt heads! (Isn't everybody lol)- but I'm looking for 3 heads inparticular: Tiny Cyclops, Buckle your pants, and thief. I will pay for these heads 100-200 gems for each if anyone is willing (no scam). Or if you want to "donate to charity" (me lol) then I'll accept the head for free Thx Guys!! Xbox 360 GT: OkieDokieCat