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Found 10 results

  1. It's time to inject some life back into the Creationism section my dudes This is the Weekly Creation Challenge thread. This thread is meant for anyone who wants to exercise their creativity on a regular basis, no matter what your skill level is. Each week we're gonna have a subject matter, and you have to make something related to it. It can be a pencil doodle, a digital drawing, a song, a story, a game, or anything you want to make. Feel free to spend 5 minutes or 5 days on it, but post it here so everyone can check it out! I'll pick a new theme every Sunday at 10:00pm PST, and feel free to PM me with subject ideas if you have 'em. Make some cool stuff, give feedback and tips for other people if you want to, and have fun! (Forum rules apply!) The current subject is: --- Previous Subjects: October 10th, 2016: Robot Cat October 17th, 2016: Animal Wizards/Witches October 24th 2016: Your Favorite Pokemon October 31st 2016: Something you're afraid of November 7th 2016: Random Line November 14th 2016: Favorite Music ---BREAK--- December 11th 2016: ???
  2. Welcome! to the Battleblock Theater One Block Challenge This is the Ultimate Battleblock challenge, this challenge will push you to your max and probably drive you insane and down right nuts, but i believe that we can achieve this challenge and make the impossible possible, what can you say are you up for this challenge? If yes, continue to read below... Requirements: A copy of the game A chean gamesave A lot of time Experience Luck How to reset: 1. turn off steamcloud via Steam-> Settings-> Cloud 2. quit steam and delete ur playerstats here: Program Files/Steam/userdata/"your steamid"/238460 3. start Steam and then start BBT 4. quit BBT, turn your Cloud back on and then start BBT again 5. Steam should now ask you if you would like to upload your local data Note: PLEASE make a backup file [Copy & Paste] Challenge Rules: You MUST start at the very beginning of the game [intro] You MUST play from beginning to end without quitting the game [one complete playthrough] You MUST watch all Cutscenes and credits You MUST restart your whole game if you die You MUST collect all gems, yarn, etc. [100% Complete] You CAN'T use any of your weapons You CAN'T pause in the middle of a level You CAN suicide outside of a level You CAN pause outside of a level You CAN'T take a break in he middle of a level [leaving your computer/console] You CAN take a break outside of a level [basic human needs] You CAN'T change your look [breaks immersion] Note: Any rules broken, you MUST restart your whole game! Good Luck! Change Log: 11/27/2014 12:22 PM - Added a note to the challenge rule's 11/27/2014 12:23 PM - Update the steps on resetting your game
  3. Hi friends (Update: Playlist is called "Brendle Blitz", and not "Brendlefest" like the title suggests, as that is an older version that has since been updated to it's final version. Thanks!) Just made a new Solo Adventure Playlist, and it's now uploaded for everyone to download It's called Brendle Blitz and it's quite a challenge I was aiming to create a fun yet challenging yet FAIR playlist, that could be enjoyed by everyone. The skill variance in BBT, from what I've noticed, varies greatly, and it seems like no matter what skill level the playlist aims to set, many players get left out of the fun, whether it's too easy or too hard. I believe this would be classified as "Intermediate" skill level overall: Being an avid BBT player I'm the type who really likes a good challenge, the harder the better :3 My original versions of these maps were much harder, but I realize not everyone plays all the time and many people want to be able to complete the levels and Finale to get the head. I tried my hardest to reduce all luck induced deaths (or as many as I could), giving each puzzle/segment maximum satisfaction for those who complete them As said, the goal is to make a playlist that could be enjoyed and completed by almost everyone. I reduced the dificulty on many of the first 9 levels and 2 Finales (but they still aren't easy, mind you ;D) and added many checkpoints, so if it's above your skill level, you will only have to complete one or two short segments as a time. For those more skilled perfectionists out there, I tried to center most of the difficulty around grabbing the extra gems and yarn. Also, to balance it further for the more skilled players, I severely increased the difficulty on the 3 Encores, so mostly anyone who puts the effort in can still get their star heads, and feel accomplished doing so, while the very skilled players can still feel there was a good challenge, then head over to the Encores for some sick punishment XD Each level has been tested well over 50 times, by many people of many different skill levels and each block carefully reviewed and edited to be in the most optimal position (in my opinion) to create a fun, difficult and fair challenge. Both Normal and Insane modes are completable for sure, and A++able, as me and a friend have done so (although the Encores will truly test your skills, especially on Insane ) Also, each level has 1 cake/yarn and the full 7 gems/strawberries (I figure if we can only get gems and yarn through Furbottoms Features, for those who dont like Arena [assuming you've completed the campaign] then might as well load them up and give players the most they can earn, although you'll have to work to get them all ) Anyway, sorry if this seems braggy but I figure that's the main purpose of the self-promo playlist section hehe. I do believe this will be an enjoyale playlist for mostly everyone, and thank you very much if it gets Featured Have a nice day all, and feel free to add me if you'd ever like to play, or have any comments or opinions on my maps (I'm in the process of making more levels :3) I like making friends and having a good time hehe, so hit me up XD (My gamertag is: APS Brendles) Thanks all! ;D (Special thanks to FrostySnowman87, OzbornBlack357, and PaoGamer103 for helping me test the maps over and over and over again XD, and also thanks to everyone else who's helped test and play it - Also, check out OzbornBlack357's Solo Playlist called Ludicrous Land (2 spaces in between) for a really difficult yet extremely rewarding playlist. He's also trying to get it Featured, and his maps are genious and deserve recognition Good luck buddy )
  4. I was doing a Challenge-game in BattleBlock Theater. At the end, (I won every 3 levels) when I got "famous", he left the game. In my Leaderboard it says "27 Wins, 3 defeats" But I never lost a game.... At the last game it says 27 Wins (0 defeats)... And I think If I dont say that, it will never be fixed.
  5. Welcome to The Onslaught! I bet you are wondering what this is, let me tell you! This will be a contest starting next week which would be Monday which is December 2, 2013. The idea here is that I want YOU to give me your hardest, most challenging time challenge level and I will include it in a playlist called "Hardcore" (any empty spaces I will fill it with my own challenge levels) and number it 1-15. And then when Monday comes around I will see who can beat it the fastest time and and whoever gets the best letter grades! Whoever has the highest overall score will win over 9000 gems! You will have from Monday December 16 - Friday December 20 to submit your score. !!!RULES!!! -To participate must have photo or video evidence showing your fastest time, amount of deaths, and how many strawberries and pie you get. -No use of weapons unless against enemies, e.g. cats, robots, etc. -Levels will be in order from which are submitted so no asking for your level in a certain slot. -Level must be 40x30 and must be challenge mode and able to be completed in a reasonable yet difficult time. -Strawberries in one's level cannot be plainly given (I mean like not making it super easy to grab them all) and pie must be a difficult challenge to obtain. -DO NOT GIVE ME A LEVEL THAT HAS BEEN PUBLISHED AND NO LEVELS MADE BY SOMEONE ELSE!!! -In the result of a tie the winner will be decided in regular challenge mode, best 2 out of 3 on the last set. Scoring: +1 point for completing a scene with a C. +2 points for completing a scene with a B. +3 points for completing a scene with an A. +4 points for completing a scene with an A++. +2 points for completing a scene with the fastest time. +3 points for completing an act with the fastest time. +1 point for every strawberry you obtain. +2 points for every pie you obtain. I know for some of you 1000+ gems and 100+ yarn may not be a lot but it is all I have (will be giving away more as I get more.) To show me your level message me the picture and gamertag. If I choose your level I will post below in the corresponding number I get it and post your gamertag below. NOTE PLEASE READ: I am not taking credit for your levels, they are 100% yours and are just being used for the contest if you want it to be. Slot Number 1: Ps3guyguy Slot Number 2: UndeadNinya Slot Number 3: CMoNeYno23 Slot Number 4: BackupSidekick Slot Number 5: Slot Number 6: Slot Number 7: Slot Number 8: Slot Number 9: Slot Number 10: Slot Number:11 Slot Number 12: Slot Number 13: Slot Number 14: Slot Number 15: P.S. Great music to listen to when doing this would be the Chapter 8 Finale song!
  6. Would anyone like to make a group to create a full and thorough playlist ? i have a couple of levels to contribute but i'm willing to change them based on your feedback. This will require some teamwork though so if your someone who prefers to work alone i encourage you to branch out a little. I dont know if anyone else has ever tried this before but i believe it is very possible ! Wouldn't it be fun to challenge the level designers over at behemoth to see who can come up with the best play of all time ? I think this is a pretty good idea what are some of your thoughts on creating playlists as a team ?
  7. Win 100 gems in BattleBlock every time you beat me in a challenge. Must play through all 15 levels to earn them. Beat me in best of 15 and win a star head of your choice!
  8. Greetings one and all! I simply love challenge mode, and am always looking for some fierce competition. The problem is, rarely ever do I find it, often waiting hours for a ranked match. Also, I'm a super nice guy. So in an effort to expand the Challenge community, and feed my itching desire to give stuff away, I am posting an open challenge until the end of June. If you can score a faster time than me on ANY ONE of the 15 standard Solo Challenge levels, I will give you 3 NON-SPECIAL heads, completely free. As a consolation prize, if you play the ENTIRE set of 15 levels without winning, and without rage-quitting, I will still give you 1 non-special head. I have every single head that can be obtained with gems, and enough gems to repurchase any that I trade away, so you will always have the full range of choices EXCEPT for heads in the "star" category. I should warn you though... I'm pretty fast. How to enter the challenge: Send me a friend request on Xbox Live. (Gamertag = DeliciousPack) Start a game of Solo Challenge mode with one private slot. Invite me to your game. Be patient. I may already be in a game, or I may be out of the room, but I WILL get to your game as soon as possible. I am usually online from anywhere around 3PM to well past midnight (EST) Rules: These are just a few basic rules to ensure everything runs smoothly. 1: NEVER, under ANY circumstance will I trade you a special head / star head, whatever you want to call them. Begging me for any of mine will only make me want to block you. No, you aren't a special exemption to the rules, and I don't care what you offer in exchange. 2: You can only claim a victory prize once per gamertag. However, you may challenge me as many times as you like. The point of this whole thing is to expand the Challenge mode community, not so I can slowly buy all your heads for you. 3: No cheating/hacking. I haven't run into any issues with these, so i'm not even sure if there are hacks for this game that allow you to do things like run faster, jump higher, walk through lethal hazards unscathed, etc. But if I see any of it, the game will end immediately, and your gamertag will be blocked. I do understand that due to some latency issues, it may sometimes LOOK as tho a player can just walk though lasers and such, so you don't nee to worry about that. I will only block you if I am 120% certain that you are cheating. 3a: Anything that can be done WITHOUT altering the game in any way, including (but not limited to) using weapons to overcome otherwise time-consuming obstacles, checkpoint skipping/tactical death, etc. is still allowed. 4: No, I don't want to play Castle Crashers, Call of Duty, Minecraft, or any other game with you. Not even other arena modes or co-op story mode. Our Xbox live "friendship" only goes as far as this specific challenge. Failure to understand that will result in being blocked. If you have any questions, concerns, comments, or deep-seeded confessions, post 'em on up
  9. I'm almost done with my first arena playlist, but before I can finish I need to know whether challenges in a mixed playlist will become solo or co-op. Should I make one for solo play and have it be easier for co-op, or make one for co-op play and have it harder (or not beatable) for solo? Also if I put challenges in my playlist, will the game auto assign the playlist to be co-op and hosts will have to wait for a full room just to start, will it assign solo and the whole playlist can only have two players, or will it allow 2-4 players like any other arena playlist?
  10. More people either need to do this mode in ranked or I'm looking at the completely wrong time. This is my all time favorite mode and I love doing it solo, but when I do get a game the other person either just stands there sending me messages because I'm #1 overall . (which is very annoying because I have to wait for 5 minutes and then they aren't even trying so I don't feel like I deserve the win...) Or they just leave after I do one of the other sets of levels past the first 3 again resulting in a free set of wins but I don't feel like I deserved those if the other player isn't going to at least try :S! So the point of this I guess is that more people should queue up for this thing or I should try looking at better times maybe If you want to do a player match challenge with me you can, I don't mind GamerTag: ImoutoNyan (Same as my name on here)!