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Found 1 result

  1. Hi friends (Update: Playlist is called "Brendle Blitz", and not "Brendlefest" like the title suggests, as that is an older version that has since been updated to it's final version. Thanks!) Just made a new Solo Adventure Playlist, and it's now uploaded for everyone to download It's called Brendle Blitz and it's quite a challenge I was aiming to create a fun yet challenging yet FAIR playlist, that could be enjoyed by everyone. The skill variance in BBT, from what I've noticed, varies greatly, and it seems like no matter what skill level the playlist aims to set, many players get left out of the fun, whether it's too easy or too hard. I believe this would be classified as "Intermediate" skill level overall: Being an avid BBT player I'm the type who really likes a good challenge, the harder the better :3 My original versions of these maps were much harder, but I realize not everyone plays all the time and many people want to be able to complete the levels and Finale to get the head. I tried my hardest to reduce all luck induced deaths (or as many as I could), giving each puzzle/segment maximum satisfaction for those who complete them As said, the goal is to make a playlist that could be enjoyed and completed by almost everyone. I reduced the dificulty on many of the first 9 levels and 2 Finales (but they still aren't easy, mind you ;D) and added many checkpoints, so if it's above your skill level, you will only have to complete one or two short segments as a time. For those more skilled perfectionists out there, I tried to center most of the difficulty around grabbing the extra gems and yarn. Also, to balance it further for the more skilled players, I severely increased the difficulty on the 3 Encores, so mostly anyone who puts the effort in can still get their star heads, and feel accomplished doing so, while the very skilled players can still feel there was a good challenge, then head over to the Encores for some sick punishment XD Each level has been tested well over 50 times, by many people of many different skill levels and each block carefully reviewed and edited to be in the most optimal position (in my opinion) to create a fun, difficult and fair challenge. Both Normal and Insane modes are completable for sure, and A++able, as me and a friend have done so (although the Encores will truly test your skills, especially on Insane ) Also, each level has 1 cake/yarn and the full 7 gems/strawberries (I figure if we can only get gems and yarn through Furbottoms Features, for those who dont like Arena [assuming you've completed the campaign] then might as well load them up and give players the most they can earn, although you'll have to work to get them all ) Anyway, sorry if this seems braggy but I figure that's the main purpose of the self-promo playlist section hehe. I do believe this will be an enjoyale playlist for mostly everyone, and thank you very much if it gets Featured Have a nice day all, and feel free to add me if you'd ever like to play, or have any comments or opinions on my maps (I'm in the process of making more levels :3) I like making friends and having a good time hehe, so hit me up XD (My gamertag is: APS Brendles) Thanks all! ;D (Special thanks to FrostySnowman87, OzbornBlack357, and PaoGamer103 for helping me test the maps over and over and over again XD, and also thanks to everyone else who's helped test and play it - Also, check out OzbornBlack357's Solo Playlist called Ludicrous Land (2 spaces in between) for a really difficult yet extremely rewarding playlist. He's also trying to get it Featured, and his maps are genious and deserve recognition Good luck buddy )