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Found 8 results

  1. Starting Requests

    Hello there, the name's Dan Been drawing for years now, and I'd like to share my stuff. My style has developed from admiring Dan Paladin's art from a young age, and I'm finally in the stage where I am creating original drawings Something I've never gotten into and would like to get into is taking request. Nonetheless I will share my own spontaneous creations with all you all Here are a few examples of my work
  2. This post is dedicated on improving the existing THEBEHEMOTH forums rules or in other words the guidelines of the forums, it's our responsibility as THE BEHEMOTH fans to improve the existing rules! Here you can post new ideas for rules on this thread under the thread rules: DON'T make ANY rules that may offend other users DON'T plagiarize ANY rules made by other rules DON'T make ANY rules that discriminates any ethnic groups What is plagiarism? [] Note: I am NOT part of the THE BEHEMOTH staff team I do NOT work at BEHEMOTH, this thread is to help mods/admins to apply new and effective rules to make the BEHEMOTH forums more safer and troll-free as possible! Change Log: 11/25/2014 8:37 PM - Grammar Checks 11/26/2014 2:21 PM - Included a link to existing forum rules ​11/26/2014 6:51 PM - Capitalized Don't(s)
  3. Video Games

    Do you like video games? I do! I have a new arena playlist I just made called Video Games! I bet you'll enjoy the games! GT: RedHotSword3256.
  4. Possibility Of A Heart Star Head

    What do you guys think?I mean, I know or at least think that most of us think the valentines star head will be a heart.Though, do you think it will be a cartoony heart or an organ shaped heart (possibly with blood gushing out).So give me your thoughts and if you think it will be a heart which kind will it be?You decide! (Not really)
  5. In my opinion there is more things Behemoth can do. There could be more opportunities for star heads for one. Also looking at the Q&A I suggest doing Castle Crashers in a different time period for something new and different. Back to BBT I suggest new things to include and more features in Furbottoms. Any opinions?
  6. Game 4?

    Anyone know of a release date? Please let me know!
  7. I've created a new playlist that consists of a few muckle levels (6) and I'll release it tomorrow at 9:00 AM Eastern time. I'm planning on adding more levels that may not be muckle. Don't bother asking about the name of the playlist/levels. Most of them have little to no meaning . PS: Please post feedback/suggestions for levels. My goal is to get it featured! (Which will never happen )
  8. I love The Behemoth games, but alas! I don't own an Xbox! The Behemoth is making their latest game, Battleblock Theater, for the Xbox Live Arcade. The game looks incredibly awesome, yet I can't buy an Xbox to play it! Now, I could sit on my bed and cry for the rest of the day, but I decided to make this poll instead. So, those of you who don't own an Xbox, what do you want Battleblock Theater, or any future Behemoth game, to be for? Your PC? Your iPod? Perhaps the Nintendo equivalent to Xbox Live, WiiWare? Or any other system that isn't on this poll? Vote for it!