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Found 2 results

  1. Hey, so it's been a while since I've really been active here but it looks to me like things (hopefully) are still running smoothly. Maybe even too smooth... Anyway, I was wondering if I could request TBF community for a bit of extra-credit assistance. Basically, I would like you to read (or not read) a short essay I wrote on the children's book (The Runaway Bunny). After you read/don't read it, just make a comment on my blog. That's it! A few things, though: This is a blog for school. Please don't be offensive! Literally all you have to do in order for me to get any extra credit points is make a comment. It isn't a competition or anything, our teacher just wants us to spread our work a little bit to online sources. I'm not going to spam you in any form. You can make a throwaway account if you would like. If you have never read The Runaway Bunny and would like to, here is a PDF. You don't have to read it, but context just might help in reading the essay. Here is the blogger page (http://16aaronkohutek.blogspot.com/2015/11/beginnings-of-bigots-runaway-bunny.html) Again, literally anything you say will be an acceptable comment (school appropriate, though). I can't thank you all enough! EDIT: I almost forgot to tell you why we had to write this in the first place. Basically, I am putting this story under a "gender criticism" lens. If that doesn't make any sense to you, we are in the same boat.
  2. Lovely people of Behemoth Forums, I need some serious advice! Now I know this place is filled with a bunch of talented people, some younger than me, most older and that's exactly why I came to you for help! If you can, could you please tell me which schools are good for learning the following: 1. Animation, Both 2D and 3D 2. Game Design 3. Business 4. Writing 5. Programming I also put this list in the order I wish to know these things in first, but any school that can teach these would be nice! This could also help me narrow down my searches for a good college, as I'm gonna have to start thinking about this come next school year, but I just wanted to get an early start. I also live in New York, if that matters...Anyway, suggestions on school will be much appreciated!